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Is this the next Fayette Commission chairman?

Steve Brown’s position in play as critics challenge his leadership

If Commissioner David Barlow can get another vote next week, Commissioner Charles Oddo (in photo at right) will take the chairmanship from Commissioner Steve Brown.

As custom for the first meeting of the new year, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners next week will vote on who will be its chairman for the 2014 calendar year.

Due largely to behind-the-scenes political sparring, current commission Chairman Brown will be facing a challenge for his leadership role when the agenda item comes up at the commission’s Jan. 9 meeting.

Commissioner David Barlow confirmed Monday that he will support Commissioner Charles Oddo for chair this year, in large part because he feels Brown lacks true leadership skills. Barlow noted that his first preference was to have Commissioner Randy Ognio as chair, but Ognio is far too busy with his electrical business to have the time to handle the role.

While Barlow was complimentary of Brown’s work as a county commissioner, he had harsher words for his work as commission chairman.

“I have said publicly to a number of people that I think that Steve Brown is a dictator from his keyboard and that he is not a leader,” Barlow said. “... I’ve said that publicly bunches of times.”

Barlow’s keyboard comment stems from his unease with Brown writing letters to the editor and blogs which Brown signs at the end as “Fayette County Commission Chairman.” Barlow contends if Brown wants to publish his title with such writings, he should get input from his fellow commissioners before sending them, or instead simply sign it in his individual role as “Fayette County Commissioner.”

Below, left, Commissioner David Barlow.

“It gives the indication that we are in agreement with him, when actually we may not be in agreement with him,” Barlow explained.

Barlow said he has asked Brown to stop that practice “and he refuses to honor that.”

Barlow claims that Oddo already has experience with handling public relations duties for his company and will handle that portion of the job very well.

Brown contends Barlow’s problem is more of a personality conflict that developed early this summer when Barlow vocally supported then-Water System Director Tony Parrott in the middle of the weeks-long crisis involving foul smelling and bad tasting water delivered to homes, restaurants and businesses in the county.

Brown on the other hand was publicly critical of Parrott and urged for him to be fired, but ultimately with the support of the commission Parrott initially was disciplined instead of demoted, and several weeks later he was demoted for failing to make adequate progress on recovering from the foul water problem.

Parrott weeks after the incident admitted that he had incorrectly guessed at the cause of the smelly, foul water which was later attributed to equipment problems and improper procedures undertaken at the Crosstown Water Treatment Plant.

While the commission chairman’s role largely involves running the meetings, whoever is chairman by law is a voting member of the Atlanta Regional Commission, a planning agency for the 10-county metro area which controls the purse strings to federal and state transportation dollars.

Brown contends that he has been able to successfully lobby for $8 million in land acquisition funds for interchange improvements at Interstate 85 and Ga. Highway 74 just across the county line in Fairburn where many Fayette residents meet a choke point during their daily commute.

Brown said he is still pushing for a partial cloverleaf design that would allow southbound traffic leaving the interstate to spiral up to Hwy. 74 so it could merge into the southbound lanes, but the Georgia Department of Transportation hasn’t made a final decision yet.

Barlow, citing unnamed sources he has spoken to privately, counters that Brown is despised by his counterparts at the ARC to the point where they do not want to work with him on Fayette projects.

Barlow contended that Oddo would be a better fit with ARC in terms of working with other regional officials, and he added that Public Works Director Phil Mallon is really the county’s point man for transportation issues in the region.

“He understands the road conditions, the road needs, what the Georgia Department of Transportation will do,” Barlow said. “... Brown actually interferes with our ability to get along with, and potentially make long term arrangements with, the ARC.”

Brown said if Barlow’s goal is to agree with every cause advanced by ARC, then it would be counterproductive for Fayette County, in large part because Brown contends that attitude is what got Fayette included in a regional mass transportation plan several years ago.

Barlow also claims that Brown is interfering with regular county government operations, and he pointed to a push Brown is making to install a four-way stop on Redwine Road at the intersection of the Whitewater Creek and Highgrove subdivisions. Barlow says Brown promised the four-way stop to residents, even though it doesn’t meet the county’s regulations that require proof that a four-way stop is necessary.

Brown says the county should look at changing those regulations to accommodate a four-way stop, particularly because there have been close calls with golf carts crossing Redwine Road from one subdivision to the other. There is no room to put a tunnel under the road, Brown noted.

Below, left, current Commission Chairman Steve Brown.

When the matter is brought up for a vote by the commission, Barlow is free to vote against it, Brown said.

“I think everything I’m going to do from this point forward, he’s just going to kick sand at it, I guess,” Brown said.

Earlier this year, a provision of the county’s ethics ordinance prevented commissioners from becoming involved in dealing with county staffers; instead a previous informal policy was to have commissioners take issues to the county administrator to be handled appropriately as he saw fit.

But the current commission eliminated that restriction from the ethics ordinance earlier this year, citing that it prevented them from doing something as mundane as informing staff that a restroom was out of toilet paper, for example.

“It is what it is,” Brown said of his conflict with Barlow. “Unfortunately it’s more of a personality thing than an issues debate.”

Brown said he has tried to be “very civil and very professional about the way we conduct our business, and we have been extremely open and extremely transparent and have tried to reach out to the public whenever possible and I think we had a lot of productive results to show for it.”



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Steve Brown was mayor of Peachtree City after his 2-year term of local gadfly.
He acted like a horrible little child with a learning disability and caused some problems here because of his excessive ego. Now he is all yours.
So, don't act surprised.

Oddo is a good choice for Chairman
Barlow and Ognio will vote yes, Oddo will abstain because he is a gentleman. 2-2-1
McCarty will nominate Brown and they will both vote for Brown, because Brown is an egomaniac. 2-3

Then in a final attempt to settle the issue of who will be the chairman, Oddo will nominate Brown as he must and it passes 4-1. or 3-2., Brown voting for himself, of course. What a dip.

Or, Oddo swallows his gentleman gene and apologetically votes for himself to prevent the letters signed by the "Chariman" going out every week to the newspaper.

Or, more improbably - Alan McCarty grows a pair and votes for Oddo in the first round - Ha - like that's gonna happen. He's a Brown toadie all the way. Of course with District voting - they both be on their way out the door in a year - or maybe earlier.

Live free or die!

He campaigned on the horribleness of everyone else in any government nearby and the fact that they run a nice dog park in PTC.


Lets take a look at the issues Mr. Barlow has and discuss.

County ethics - Mr. Barlow is annoyed that Mr. Brown pushes the envelop. Well Mr. Barlow, you voted to allow this knowing full well what would happen. All because you wanted to be able to ask the custodian to refill the toilet paper.

Tony Parrott - He should have been fired. Wait until we get the report from the engineers. You will find he neglected his reaponsibilities for years. We're still waiting for you to throw the stone you promised.

Mr. Brown signing his letters with his title - Are you serious? Jealous? It is his title and I for one don't think he signs for everyone on commission. Steve's a good self promoter. We know you can also write letters to the editor providing your thoughts. Seems like a petty problem you've got.

ARC.- Have you ever heard the saying, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. A nice and inexperienced quiet guy like Mr. Oddo will get nowhere with state officials.

Now lets talk about your recommendation for Chairman.

1. Mr. Ognio is too busy with his electrical business. He isn't a good choice. We need someone who can string a full sentence together without stumbling. Since he is too busy with work, I was wondering if his electrical business profited in any way by Pinewood? A lot of people are wondering.

2. Mr. Oddo - real nice guy, but not a leader. Let him take care of his day job.

I really think you are taking these stances because you crave the chairman position yourself. That would be a mistake for the county.

It seems to me that perhaps your memory isn't that good. It was Mr. Brown who worked tirelessly to get you, a two time bankrupsey filer, elected in a conservative county. He alone stretched the truth, worked the system to get you elected. As a former Army man, I would have thought you would have more loyalty to your mentor.

I have not been a fan of Mr. Brown, but I have to call a spade a spade. He and you are the only ones that answer my emails. He however has a response, while you offer nothing of substance. Which is much better than the other 3, who choose not to reapond.

Whether I like his politics or not, Mr. Brown has my support as chair, due to the rest of you lacking any leadership skills at all.

After reading this article I had to respond.

First: The article says "Barlow contends if Brown wants to publish his title with such writings, he should get input from his fellow commissioners before sending them, or instead simply sign it in his individual role as “Fayette County Commissioner.”

Since when does someone with a title have to ask others if he has permission to use it? Is this in the rules somewhere or is Mr. Barlow just making up things as he goes? He was not saying the board agreed or disagreed with him...just posting his title..which he has every right to do! Why does Mr. Barlow think that anyone needs his permission or his approval? Has he brought this up in a board meeting where other commissioners have a voice or is this just what Mr. Barlow 'thinks' should be which case Mr. Brown is under no obligation to comply.

Second: the quote "Barlow, citing unnamed sources he has spoken to privately, counters that Brown is despised by his counterparts at the ARC to the point where they do not want to work with him on Fayette projects."

Unnamed sources...really? Is this third grade? Unless you can present a complaint that is legitimate then you have none! Unnamed sources do not qualify as legitimate! You have given no examples of problems you say he’s caused with ARC, so this is another example of Mr. Barlow trying to make one of his coworkers look bad. Mr. Brown disagrees with Mr. Barlow, and Mr. Barlow takes things out of context to make Mr. Brown look bad. I cant imagine any one of us that would like to have people in the shadows accusing us of things and we have no way to defend ourselves. Mr. Brown should not be put in this position either. The only time I've seen people use this type of attack is when those saying these things are cowards, using someone else, or there are no “others” at all.

It has been my experience that there is a personal issue between these two. For Mr. Barlow to use the paper to air that is what is not professional. I had an issue where something was approved, a commissioner went out of town and Mr. Brown was trying to help. Mr. Barlow jumped in and said all kinds of things that was not true, and misrepresented other things. All because Mr. Brown was involved and he was trying to make him look bad. Again, a personal issue between these two, that appears to be quite one sided, that was being played out in the public arena.

Why dont we look at Mr. Barlow's record. What has he done in 2013? What about the water issue? Mr. Brown was right, Mr. Barlow not. Did Mr. Brown, by being right, insult Mr. Barlow's ego? Is that what this is about?

I would suggest that Mr. Barlow do what the bible says, since he is so fond of quoting scripture. You wont see anywhere that taking pot shots at people in the shadows or using anonymous sources is ever condoned. If Mr. Barlow thinks that Mr. Oddo would be a better chairman, fine, he has a right to support him. Mr. Oddo is a fine man and would do a good job, that’s not the issue. If Mr. Oddo votes against Mr. Barlow, or if Mr. Oddo is right and Mr. Barlow wrong, will he be out talking about him like he is Mr. Brown? There is no need to attack Mr. Brown on a matter of opinion...just support who you want. Using this to show the world personal bad feelings about a coworker is not professional at all. Now, I'm sure I'll be on the hit list next, but Mr. Brown has been more than helpful to a lot of people and doesn't deserve this at all.

websterptc's picture

Steve wants his citizens to know what is being done and what needs to be done. So he writes letters to the editor. I guess, as usual, some want things done on the sly so the good old boys can continue business as usual. I enjoy Steve's letters. He has become a much better writer and he tells me what I need to know. Never once have I thought that his signature with Chairman of the Fayette Commissioners meant that he was speaking for all the commissioners. If it has come to complaining about that I think we know how
bogus this guy is. People don't like Steve because he rocks the boat. Anyone who objects to that should be the one to go.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Sometimes rocking the boat is good. Sometimes it is not. It is never a good idea to rock the boat at ARC or DOT where we as a county are sometimes openly and usually privately ridiculed and excluded from many things because of Brown's antics as commission chair and an actual voting member of ARC! Does everybody realize he's a voting member of ARC? Just because he was selected commission chair by 2 or 3 other commissioners, he is automatically a voting member of ARC. At least when Haddix was on ARC or something like that, the other mayors voted to fire him - quickly too.

It would be better if someone other than Barlow brought this up, but what matters is somehow getting 3 votes to make Oddo our public face at the state level. Brown is out anyway when district voting kicks in and the next year or maybe 2 is going to be dedicated to his running for some other office - at least that will be his focus. How is that going to help the county and its interaction with ARC and DOT. Who has a better chance of making the 74/I-85 interchange friendly to Fayette County? Brown or Oddo? Think people. Be practical.

And you are correct Mr. Webster, his writing has improved. That is something that comes with maturity, so maybe in the next 10 years he will actually mature. Next step would be to limit the number of words used so they fit on 1 page. Cal should be policing that, but it is his paper and he can do what he wants. Come to think of it, he can also endorse political candidates. Maybe his weighing in on Brown vs. Oddo would shine a spotlight on the issue. Oh yea, he already did that on page one yesterday. Godd job, Cal. Now it is up to 3 county commissioners (probably the 3 new ones) to give us the leadership and representation we deserve.

Live free or die!

It has been a full year. Which one other than Brown has shown any leadership?

That right, none, nada.

I am in no way a Brown fan, but out of the 5, he is the only one that has shown leadership. Oddo is a nice guy, very diplomatic, but not one you want pushing to get the job done. Ognio, really? Can't put a coherent sentence together. McCarty doesn't want it. Barlow? come on now.

Do we really want a political neophyte representing us on the ARC?

Despite my dislike for Steve due to past issues, he is getting better and is certainly a better leader than the others who have shown no individuality.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Or anybody listed on the first 100 pages of the Rotary phone book.

As to your point of "showing leadership". He's the appointed leader or elected by 3 of the others, so for better or worse he has been the actual leader all the past year. When and how exactly do the others exert leadership? When he has called in sick or is on vacation?

Oddo will be fine. He will be businesslike, professional and truly have the best interests of the county above his own. Try that last sentence out on Brown or any of the others and see if they can hit all 3 of those points.

Live free or die!

Certainly the others on commission can demonstrate leadership, but none have besides Barlow bringing in various religious leaders for the prayer, or his standing up to Brown on the Parrott issue. Parrott should have been fired and Barlow just likes wants everyone to get along.

Oddo, is truly a nice guy, but he hasn't shown me that he has accomplished anything to date. He also voted to extend his and fellow commissioners power to intervene in county doings.

We all know Steve wants to catapult himself to bigger and better, and I don't like him any more than you do, but I'm afraid to say, he's probably the best we have as a leader.

You will see at the end of Steve's letter, every commissioner signed off on it. They all agree the county is on the upswing and that we are in line for $8M upgrade at 74/I85 in 2015.

Putting any of the 4 in front of the ARC or DOT will just slow down the process in my humble opinion. They are just too inexperienced.

He is a divider, and a very good one I must say.

How long did it take for him to divide this Council?

Which one of the 4 has actually led a real initiative this past year?

They all follow Brown and acquiesce to him. Have any of them really stood up to him?

I'm no Brown fan, but who else is there, really?

I just do not like his style. Only official in the County who has been worse lately in my opinion was Haddix.

Say someone new is named chair.

Do you think 2014, will be a good year in FC politics?

I believe, if someone new is elected chair, than Mr. Brown will go back to his old tactics and commission meetings will start to be acrimonious again.

Just a thought.

He will try and take it out on someone in some way. It is just his style. His way or the highway. The County can't say they weren't warned.

If he isn't elected chair, there will certainly be some in-house problems since the county administrator and Steve are pretty tight.

Barlow has to remember that he opened this up by agreeing to alter the ethics rules allowing commission more leeway with the county employees.

Just because Steve brown was a mayor in PTC doesn't make you better than others from other areas. His opinions are that, citizens didn't vote him back for a reason.

That would be interesting to know when pondering this.

Happy New Year

I'm afraid he sidesteps and dodges these questions.

The Fayette Vision is important, but I am afraid that commissions promise to get citizens involved is only for the non-important items. The Vision has commission written all over it and they just won't admit it.

If you look at Dawn Oparah's letter, while she forgets to mention that she is a VP with the NAACP, she does say the orignal trip was organized by the Chamber which she is part of.

Again no problems with visioning. I do these exercises as part of long range planning and budgeting but.... There seems to be an agenda that is not shared with the unwashed masses of Fayette County.

But facts by pulling of a thousand hairs never works. This thing is starting to smell worse and worse as we are fed selected facts and people forget to disclose affiliations that may shade their information.

The letters to the editor by members of the committee. And I have no issue with any of them. The issue I have is that the county promised to be transparent, and when none of them deny its really a county initiative, it chaps my butt. Citizen Bob is a close friend of the commission, so we know he's taking orders from them. The way the committee just fell from the sky is way to suspect.

The county has their hands all over it, but just won't admit it to us unwashed folks. Some of us who care and would have liked the opportunity to have a serious say instead of some token survey and last minute notices of meetings held the middle of a work day.

In addition, they still don't have enough money raised to pay for the consultant, so where is the balance coming from? You think Market place is really doing this on an IOU? (I know the county is listed on their webpage as a client and not Fayette Vision)

The ESPLOST committee that become Fayette Citizens from Children formed after a public FCBOE briefing where a few citizens decided if the ESPLOST were to pass we couldn't trust the BOE or the usual suspects especially after the presentation we saw as it was way to wonky and dense. We tried to be open as possible to the point of me posting our quarterly report on this blog. I have really come to appreciate the power of transparency maybe not the rocks that come with it, be so be it.

I do not have any problem with the people or thought of visioning. But as you said consultants do not take IOUs. Consultant contracts have deliverables, timelines, KPIs, and project goals. These should be public. How the consultants were selected should be made public. Who else was considered? Until we figured out he was not a Fayette Citizen. We had a person from the company who sells bonds to FCBOE trying to help us. We got rid of him when we figured it out in the first two weeks.

Too many people think if they were open they would be subject to personal attack as we have seen before. It is very interesting that the usual vast conspiracy theroy people are real quiet on this one.

Take Care


ginga1414's picture

The 2013 accomplishments listed in that letter are the result of leadership and cooperation. That can't be denied. The end of the letter states that it was "reviewed/approved by each commissioner."

This wouldn't be a discussion.

zoes's picture

that Brown will not be a puppet and Oddo has experience in doing as he is told.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

I think FC Citizens would be best served if you ceased 'reading between the lines'. You have succeeded in mischaracterizing Commissioner Oddo, I assure you. Why not stop by and have a chat with him--that way you get info straight 'from the horse's mouth' and won't have to interpret someone else's rambling.

I fairness character bashing is great if true but a man with great attitude and for the people not ego is what will be great for this county. CHARLES ODDO... No harsh words needed for my opinion. I enjoy and respect reading but the negativity or bashing is a cowardly path.

Commisioner CHARLES ODDO...he will be great!

ginga1414's picture

I have to say that I am extremely upset and disappointed in the latest turn of events in the divisiveness within our county commission.

I worked tirelessly on the campaigns of all five commissioners. It was very apparent that each gentleman had the best interest of Fayette citizens at heart. However it seems there is a personality conflict among the five.

My goal in working on the commissioners’ campaigns was to install the people who were committed to the welfare of Fayette citizens.

The year 2013 saw a dramatic change with our county commission. Under the leadership and guidance of Steve Brown, our commission meetings were brought from two dictatorial heavy-handed chairmen to all encompassing inclusion of Fayette citizens in the spending of our taxes and the voicing of our opinions.

I was among a group of citizens who were screamed at by a previous commission chairman when the group just wanted to briefly and silently stand for one second to show the commission how many people supported our position. Before we were even completely out of our seats, we were immediately ordered to sit down. Our money was paying for a project we didn’t agree with, but the commission chairman dictated that we could not even be seen, let alone heard.

Steve Brown changed all of that.

When a group of citizens asked one of our former commission chairmen, as our representative on the ARC if he voted to bring mass transit to our county, at first, he said that he had not. Then when another citizen pressed the issue, that chairman said, “Well I was just one vote.” In other words, he “went along to get along” with the ARC!

I worked on Steve Brown’s campaign because I wanted my representative with the ARC to be someone who had the courage to represent what the citizens of Fayette County want. He was the only one who had experience working with the ARC.

Over the last forty-five years of living in Fayette County, I’ve not seen another commission chairman who has accomplished all that Steve Brown has for the citizens.

I want a commissioner and a chairman who will work for all the citizens of Fayette County, and I sincerely hope and pray that our commissioners can care enough about the people who elected them to put aside their personal issues with each other to continue to work for us. On June 16, 1858 at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, U.S. Senate nominee Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” More recently and within our own county, we have seen the wisdom in Abraham Lincoln’s words.

For all who read this article, I ask that you also take the time to read Steve Brown’s Letter To The Editor in this edition of The Citizen titled, “Year of change, cooperation.”

The accomplishments listed within that letter are the results of cooperation and leadership.

Please note at the end of Mr. Brown’s letter it states that the letter was “reviewed/approved by each commissioner.”

At the Commission Meeting on January 9, 2014 the Commission Chairman will be selected by the entire Board. You may present Public Comments on this subject and any others at that meeting.

Ginga Smithfield

So his role as chair is not in play then. Right ?


When you elect contentious commissioners who run AGAINST people and ideas instead of FOR anything, should it surprise you that they don't really get along?

BTW - Lincoln is quoting a man of much more gravity than than he when warning against a divided house.

NUK_1's picture

Every now and then, leaders have to be for something instead of against this/that/everything else. Brown has no idea how to do this besides touting "TRANSPARENCY" non-stop. The actual acts of governance have confused Brown since he has only been elected twice now by running totally against everything and demonizing his opponents, while also getting slaughtered twice in other elections.

The irony is that Brown stuck his neck way out(and stomped on the truth) to help get Deadbeat Dave Barlow elected and now Barlow turns on him. If this is a reminder of what happened to the Brown Council in PTC also....congrats for paying attention, people.

We need a leader that can try to do his best but to put someone that demoralizes other officials just shows he is weaker than what he utters. A commissioner with a positive outlook is better than a Commisioner with a mouth full of blame game rants and negativity is not what Fayette county needs. So as far as for me Charles Oddo! Just my opinion, don't attack me for this.

When mayor of PTC Brown was famously condecending and arrogant. He routinely denegrated the people who came to speak at the meetings there.

Read the long string of articles in this fair newpaper and understand the history.

He positions himself as the champion of righteousness, the champion of great ethical conduct. He got office talking about the previous commission members like the were dogs. He bad mouthed half of the Fayette county administration just after taking office like they were a pack of criminals.

But what about the east and west bypasses and the splost money ?

Really he seems like a guy who wants to be king..... the king of fayette county.

Maybe it wears thin in the council chambers.

Even if he survives in the lead role, like humpty dumpty it is sure to come down around him soon after.


ginga1414's picture

Would you care to go back to the days where citizens were screamed at by the commission chairman for wanting to stand in silence for one second?

How about having a commissioner arrested for possession?

What about a commissioner misrepresenting his cousin as a church acquaintance to serve on the Elections Board?

How did you feel about a former commission chairman serving on the Board of Directors of a local bank that was, by the bank president, stated to be "for developers?" While our former commission chairman was serving on that Board, he was also making development decisions for the county.

Did it not look questionable that our former county administrator set-up the county employee retirement plan and immediately retired?

Then, there is the little matter of our former county attorney removing his county issued computer and hard drive and returning them with all county information erased. By the way, our former county administrator, in an interim position, supposedly gave the county attorney permission to remove the county owned (taxpayer owned) computer/hard drive from the county offices.

He has tried to wash off his spots, but they keep coming back.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Fayette County Commission just met and elected David Barlow as Chairperson. The vote was 4-0. Everybody was there except Steve Brown. They told him the meeting was next Thursday. Go figure, I didn't think Alan had it in him. Good job, dude.

Live free or die!

suggarfoot's picture

"They told him the meeting was next Thursday. " You are joking aren't you? I have no respect for them after that.

Just being funny

ginga1414's picture

Bad try, RWM.

SB the divider. If this is true, the County is ahead of the game.

suggarfoot's picture

I would be very disappointed to see someone else as chairman.

He was for that too before he was against it. Among other things.

Yes, I agree that Steve Brown is a dictator from his keyboard. During three meetings regarding the stormwater tax, all he could talk about was a SPLOST. Look how all that ended up.

Like I said early last year. All 5 are weak leaders. They wanted to please the loud people because they all promised to open up the dialogue and allow everyone to be heard. The town hall meetings were a lynch mob, while those who didn't object stayed home. The pitchfork wielding folks won the battle and lost the war.

All were weak and all touted the splost as the next best thing to sliced bread.

ginga1414's picture

The recommendation for a stormwater SPLOST came from citizens attending the Town Hall Meetings that were conducted by our BOC.

Although the county personnel issues were touched on, there are a number of improper dismissals that were not mentioned. Most all were replaced by personal friends of Mr Brown or ones that align themselves with him. Do some research and you can see for yourself.
This is not good for the county.

If Mr. Barlow lives up to his campaign promises:

Leadership by Example with Integrity
YES to Accountability with Transparency

He would make all of this public and file an ethics charge. Until he does this, its all speculation. Present the facts.

And remember, Mr. Barlow approved the changes to the ethics rules that allow he and all other commissioners to get involved.

30yearresident like the other Brown haters keeps trash talking but never backs it up. Who are those personal friends??? Why do we have to do the research because you should tell us. More nasty trash talking!!!

I just got through writing this under another story. They just multiply like rats.

I am not too impressed with either of these gentlemen. But Barlow hit a low point when he defended the Water Director by saying that Tony Parrott was "one of the County's finest". His comment indicated that he either did not know what he was talking about or that he was deliberately trying to mislead the public on Mr. Parrott. Either one would mean his opinion is either not meaningful or is dishonest. Take your pick. I personally would like to see somebody else get a chance to be the Chairman; but Barlow comes across as somebody that needs to be replaced asap (his next election).

Read an article the other day that pointed out that while still the most popular form of governance, the commission form is on the decline. More counties are now hiring an administrator because of the different and often complicated duties and services to be provided associated with the running of a county government. It makes sense to me in that you take the amateurs like we have on the county commission now out of that process.


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