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Search still on for missing 12-year-old girl

Investigators with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office are still searching for 12-year-old Isabeth Yanez who was last seen on Dec. 27. Investigators said the Fayette County girl may be with 20-year-old Simon Quintana Guiterrez near Acapulco, Mexico.

Det. Ethan Harper said that Yanez was last seen at her home on Dec. 27 and was reported missing at approximately 6 a.m. on Dec. 28. Yanez is a 12-year-old Hispanic female, 5-feet-2-inches in height and weighing 115 pounds. She has long brown hair and was last seen wearing light colored blue jeans, white shirt and a black jacket.

Harper said Yanez may be in the company of 20-year-old Simon Quintana Guiterrez, of an unknown address, who was likely driving a loaned red 1996 Chevrolet Camaro convertible with a black top during the time Yanez went missing.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Brent Rowan on Monday said the Camaro was recovered Dec. 30 at the Publix grocery store on Ga. Highway 74 South in Peachtree City.

Investigators believe that Yanez and Guiterrez are currently located in a city near Acapulco, Mexico, according to Rowan. Fayette County Investigators are working with the local Mexican authorities, the United States Marshals Service and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to locate the missing child, Rowan said.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Yanez or Guiterrez is asked to contact Det. Ethan Harper at the Fayette County Sheriff Office at 770-716-4763.



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My daughter knows this young lady, she also lives in my community. We've used this as a teachable moment. Rumors surround this, but we do pray she is found alive and well.

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and reunite her with her family soon.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Los Angeles, especially, is crowded with teenaged girls and boys who left drudgery for anything considered better.
Atlanta also has it's share.

I'll just bet that they aren't in Mexico though! What is there?

It is certainly nothing to brag about but the USA is somewhat better at handling this situation than many other countries. Our problem is that we ignore the situations until something bad happens.

Thank you for sharing. Please let the family know that others are also concerned about her welfare and hope 'good' news is received soon.

For some reason, can't post on the 'wonderful Obama' site.

Regarding the Arizona thing: The governor has funded a research study for ALGAE. There are 96 citizens needing transplants now. Is the study of Algae more important than the lives of 96 citizens? IMO the algae study can be postponed until funds become available. Lives are more important that a debate on 'free market' consequences. I always thought that was the American way.

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DM, I am not sure if you are aware of why they are studying algae. It falls under the aegis of finding renewable energy and is heavily supported by this national administration. It is actually quite a fascinating study that could potentially save many more lives in the future and help give the US energy independence.

The lives argument is one that is a bit problematic. It falls under choices. we can make our roads safer and defintely save lives if we reduce the highway speeds to 40 mph and require reinforced steel for automobiles. We will not do it because of other balances.
Personally, I have a brother that is gravely ill that requries close to $200,000 per year of medication to prolong his life. Personally I am glad he can take it, but is it something that is sustainable in the long term? I do not see it possibly can be. It is heavily subsidized by the orphan drug program.

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God himself shut that thread down.

I don't know the reason of the algae study but according to the web it amounts to about $2 million. The total cost of medical care for that one lady that needed double lung transplant - featured on ABC - is estimated by health authorities to be around $800,000. As you can see, $2 million sure doesn't cover much and there are 97 others that need organ transplants.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

After years of mismanagement and unwise spending - I guess this is where some conservatives and some liberals don't see eye to eye. No one should lose their life because their concern doesn't figure into the 'bottom line' at this time. Certainly there is a solution - and I bet the politicians find one - soon. Let's see how this turns out. Two people have already lost their lives. One man spoke today - and he was very gracious and understanding about the situation regarding being taken off the list for his life saving transplant. I'm, believe it or not, a fiscal conservative - but my liberalism is having a very difficult time with this situation. Palin claimed that Obamacare would cause this situation - and here it is a conservative governor dictating who should live and who should die due to a budget decision. Other governors have solved this problem - which exists throughout the US. I think this situation will be solved - regardless of politics and/or budget. We'll see.

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The liberal in me hopes they solve it too.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

It all depends on what poll you use:

and what day is being 'polled'. The point is - since the 'new' Congress has been seated, the approval rating is going up. Interesting.

A 50% approval rating 2 years before the next presidential election is very good news indeed.

Consider that President Obama will be facing the weakest Republican Presidential field in memory when 2012 rolls around, and you have to start thinking that the Republicans are in for a Goldwater-class drubbing.

Normally by now the Republican establishment has basically selected the candidate they wish to lead the ticket. Generally, it's the oldest candidate who gets the nod. The silk-stocking Pubs get one slot, and the religious bigots generally claim the other.

Normally, you have the business Republican in the top spot and the Fundie in the VP role, this got turned around in 2000 because Cheney basically told Bush what to say and do. Things reverted to form in 2008 with McCain as the establishment candidate and Palin as the mouthy Fundie.

This year the business elite desperately want Mitt Romney to lead the ticket, but the Christian Reich will rebel (he's a Godless Mormon, y'know). So they're left with Shuck 'n Jive Mike Huckabee, a poor second choice. Obama would annihilate Huckabee in the general election.

I still think Palin is so delusional as to attempt some sort of Presidential campaign, a non-traditional celebrity lookee-me sort of deal. She just might be able to pull it off, and I'll pray she does: Obama just might carry all 50 states if she is the Republican candidate...her negatives are that high.

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"I still think Palin is so delusional as to attempt some sort of Presidential campaign, a non-traditional celebrity lookee-me sort of deal. She just might be able to pull it off, and I'll pray she does: Obama just might carry all 50 states if she is the Republican candidate...her negatives are that high."

I totally agree with this statement. Mr. Obama better hope she's the one.

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Romney to me is obviously the most competent and sure isn't going to be carrying any personal baggage along, but you're right about the Huckabee-idiots that sabotaged him already before in 2008 by switching their votes in the SC primary just to spite him and they'll never accept a Mormon candidate. Huckabee has an intense dislike for Romney-probably due more to the fact that Romney has shown proven successes many times in life and Huckabee is a Bible-thumping twit of huge failure with nothing besides the typical "social values and spend huge money", but I don't see "Huck" being that much of a factor.

Palin? I think Michele Bachman will probably upstage her pretty quickly simply due to the fact that Palin has an IQ around room temp and Bachman looks like a genius in comparison and also doesn't have the baggage of being a money-grubbing, publicity-ho that Palin has shown over and over.

The wild-card could be Tim Pawlenty who is definitely running and getting into position to make some noise. His problem is that Repub voters can have the same philosophy in Romney, but the fundies like the fact that Pawlenty is one of "them" and not a Mormon.

Ideally, the corporate interests of the Republican party would like to find an "amiable dunce", the gold standard of course was Ronald Reagan. The corp. interests don't care one iota about the so-called "moral values" issues that are social conservative hot buttons. They just want an incurious spokesperson capable of articulating their policy.

Reagan was a master of that, and Dubya, although a pale imitation of Reagan, did a perfectly serviceable job.

The problem for the Republicans is that incurious chuckleheads are far and few between. Virtually the only nationally known candidate who fits that bill is Sarah Palin, who will say anything to anyone if the price is right.

The Republicans know they will have to go against the grain and find something novel (minority, woman, etc) to fill at least one of their ticket slots in 2012...old white men in both slots just won't cut it. I'm thinking Bobby "I lurve exorcisms" Jindal might be the veep pick, but he's had a steadily downhill career trajectory since his botched state-of-the-union response a few years back.

I agree that Pawlenty looks good on paper, but for whatever reason he seems to get next to no national traction. The right wing punditocracy rarely promotes him, which is tantamount to a "kiss of death".

Romney doesn't have personal baggage, true, but he has that enormous albatross of Romneycare in Massachusetts, which would be viewed as an election between two strong proponents of government guaranteed health care.

I'm thinking right now that Obama will be re-elected with around 57% of the vote.

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about making rash predictions.

we have seen the R nominee yet. If R's are smart they will lie low as long as they can, state run big media(propoganda machine)will demonize whomever it is. Chris Christie has a pair and is pretty good at sweeping out the trash though. -GP

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but you guys can keep using off the wall polls. It works for you.

btw-Bacon got the topic "Our Wonderful Obama" shut down. He made a play to the moderator and it didn't work out to well for him.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

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Is there any update on the whereabouts of this missing child? <Crickets> since 1/3.

It seems that this community - with the exception of some family friends and a few folks who have posted here - don't really care what happened to this girl. People, she is a 12-year-old child. She is in the middle school band with my son who is a classmate of her brother and cousin.

And why not replace this "provocative" picture with one that other news agencies are using - that of a 12-year-old child in a band uniform.

I guarantee that if she were a blond like Natalee Holloway, this would continue to be the top news story of the county and perhaps the state.

Let me ask all those who DO care about this child to consider replacing your online picture here with the one I use of Isabeth in her band uniform. It states "Isabeth Yanez 12 years old, Missing since 12/27/2010"

Perhaps this will help counteract some of the images portrayed here and get her picture in front of more people.

And Ben, how about correcting/deleting the comments at the top of this group that clearly don't belong with this story?

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If this girl was a blonde like Holloway, you wouldn't care. Am I missing something? Did she run away or was she abducted from her home?

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Concerned Citizen (which can't be your real name or state of mind), are you telling me I wouldn't care if she were blonde? If so, I'm here to say that you are mistaken.

Is she a runaway or was she abducted? I don't know the answer to that. Do you? If there is a doubt (and she's a 12-year-old child), doesn't the benefit of that doubt go to the child and her family?

I'm asking for an update from this publication and the community.

Are you missing something? Yes, either a heart or a brain. I'll leave it up to you to determine which.

but I'm not sure what I can do.

As far as the comment about the other "blond" girl...there was nothing I could do in that case either.

The question is, "what can we as a whole do?"

The answer is "Zilch"--the proper authorities in both countries are all over it.

That's my plan.

Roundabout/$$$aday/knuckleheadchangemyhandledaily can pound sand for all I care.

I didn't mean NOW!

I meant let us not raise future generations to have so many defective minds brought on by parents, circumstances, and relatives.

Don't wait for a horde of cops to try and find them after the happening.

Leave your children in better shape than you ever were!
Insist on laws to that purpose.

I'm not sure what a picture of a 12 year old with an "alluring" look has to do with the publicity the Holloway woman got---she was shown in short-shorts and tight around the rear many times, and was "vacationing in a "fun" place with no lack of money, and a total lack of supervision.

She was a woman and not a girl. She was upper middle class and had a family able to raise an uproar nationwide. She may be in a middle-eastern brothel or harem, which upsets many.

I'm simply trying to clear up why publicity is so much greater for one than another.

Often it doesn't matter how much publicity is done either way as to a successful outcome. (little Ramsay girl).

This sort of thing is happening thousands of times a month in the USA, boys and girls. The solution is similar to gun control and robbers.

"It Takes A Village to Raise....."

Until braveswin mentioned it (and even after), I never associated "provacative" with that picture. Another case of much ado about not much. Talk about someone's sensitivity antenna being fully extended, now that's a prime example.

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