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County looking at 3 options for location of proposed East Bypass

At its workshop meeting Wednesday afternoon, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners will look at three different options for the proposed East Fayetteville Bypass.
One question still unanswered is whether the east bypass will become as hot a political potato as

the controversial — and still unfinished — west bypass has proven to be.

Called a “road to nowhere” and “a developers’ highway” by its detractors, the west bypass figured prominently in the July Republican Primary in which two supporters of the bypass — incumbents Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell — were defeated for reelection by two opponents of the road, Allen McCarty and Steve Brown.

The east bypass as proposed would extend from Ga. Highway 85 north along Corinth Road and County Line Road, linking to Inman Road, South Jeff Davis Drive and North Bridge Road in Clayton County.
Option 1 is for the bypass to have two lanes in each direction, while option 2 trims it down to one lane in each direction.

Both of the first two options would involve construction of a new road between County Line Circle and Corinth Road so the bypass could intersect with Corinth Road at Ga. Highway 54 on the far eastern side of the county.

The third option would have one lane in each direction, but instead of using a new road path it would follow McDonough Road and McElroy Road to reach Hwy. 54 and ultimately Corinth Road for the northernmost section of the bypass.

A 24-page analysis of the three various options for the East Fayetteville Bypass was conducted by the traffic engineering firm Street Smarts and has been presented to commissioners for review.

The study indicated that roundabouts along some intersections of the bypass may be more effective that a traditional intersection that applies stop signs to side streets.

The commission is not expected to vote on a particular option, as the matter will be discussed at its workshop meeting Wednesday that begins at 3:30 p.m.



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"County looking at 3 options for location of proposed East Bypass."

There is a 4th option. Leave well enough alone.

The first two options will set you up for the same problems with the West Bypass. Going through farm and wetlands and even through Clayton County. The third option uses the second to most common sense by utilizing existing roads - cheaper and less controversial.

The fourth option is the best. Development along this proposed bypass is currently NIL. It is residential and agricultural and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with leaving things alone. Building this Bypass would be most helpful to Clayton County to get in and out and do nothing for Fayette County except allow more development where no one wants it. Things are good in East Fayette. Leave it alone.

Please keep this in mind at your meeting. Learn from the other commissioners mistakes with the West Bypass. No Bypass is the way to go.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

The EBP will also be built and we could do without the incessant squalling! It is also needed for the future.
Have any of you ever learned a lesson by reading "Don Quixote?"

anyone know who was voted in today as chairman?

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Our new Commission Chairman is Herb Frady and the new Vice Chairman is Robert Horgan.

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I was so hoping that Horgan would turn and support the brown clown for chair, but I guess he went with Gramps and the seniority way of voting in chairperson and his vice (good name for the misdemeanemor, doncha think?).

Looks like birdman and mudcat and others won't have as much entertainment out of this county commission as they had hoped.

Live free or die!

All I gotta say is...I was afrady this might happen. But, I guess it's high time(s) Horgan got some publicity.

Way to go, men! Now make us all proud....zzzzzzz.....

East Bypass & West Bypass Free the town squeare to re-vitalize Fayetteville town center. Then revitialization like that of Senoia will follow. Brillant idea. It helps to preserve our pastoral roots, improve quality of life in the county, makes the county a more attractive and desirable place to live.

The only think left is to connect the county town centers with nostalgia street car lines, and a commuter line to the state capitol building.



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Now that's real vision, are you on the planning commission? ;-)

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