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McCarty, Brown propose term limits for county commission

They were just sworn in last week and will not attend their first Fayette County Commission meeting until 3:30 p.m. Jan. 5. But commissioners Allen McCarty and Steve Brown have inserted an item in the agenda that — if approved by a majority vote of the board — would impose terms limits on board members and another that would require a 24-hour public notice on issues that would require a board vote.

On the topic of term limits, Brown in a weekend email said he and McCarty included an item on the Jan. 5 agenda that would limit the service of commissioners to two consecutive terms.

Only one member of the current County Commission has served more than two terms. Post 2 Commissioner Herb Frady of Peachtree City is in his fifth four-year term, with this month marking the beginning of his 18th year of consecutive service on the board, having first been elected in 1992. Frady is the longest serving county commissioner in Fayette County history.

The second agenda item calls for a new policy that would prohibit commissioners from voting on any issue not on an agenda and that has not been made available to the public and the news media at least 24-hours in advance.

“The latter agenda item is absolutely vital if we are going to ensure open government,” Brown said. “Some fiduciary votes came out of nowhere over the past couple of years with no advance warning.”

The Fayette County Commission will meet Jan. 5 at the county offices at 3:30 p.m.



It's really too bad we didn't have term limits earlier so we could have a competent replacement for Herb Frady sitting on the commission.

NUK_1's picture

If the voters don't give a crap, then they get what they deserve. If the other people out there don't like the fact that a bunch of ignorant and apathetic non-voters don't care; it becomes our job to educate these unwashed masses of "DUH?" that maybe there is a better way. No one said that this all comes easy and in a nicely-wrapped package.

What frankly disturbs me is that the people like you think that the era of Logsdon built a bunch of big boxes and destroyed PTC, which is a direct quote from one of your posts here despite it being completely 100% false.
So, maybe you want term limits to protect yourself from the fact that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about?

"Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is permanent."

Nuk_1 you love giving people on this web site one verbal beating after another. I'm glad some people who care actually keep your foul comments in check.

By the way, it's not the "voters [who] don't give a crap" I'm worried about.
I worry about the honest people who get regularly dumped by their elected officials and blasted by mean people like you.

Of course you don't like term limits because otherwise Harry Reid would be out of office ( What would the Sons of Reid do without their leader I wonder?

One thing is for sure and that's if we depend on you to "educate these unwashed masses" I can see why we're in trouble.

NUK_1's picture

At least I am informed/educated/awake enough to know when the big boxes were built in the city I live in and who was/wasn't responsible for it them, and if it in fact matters at all since I totally am glad they are here.

You, on the other hand, don't. You said Logsdon ruined PTC in some way by approving all the big boxes WHEN HE DIDN'T. Do you understand the total BS you posted about big boxes and how totally inaccurate you were? I haven't seen where you posted anything about "uh, I had no idea what I was talking about, sorry." You posted a complete fabrication of reality. Own up to it.

You seem to make a solid case for term limits with your posts here(the citizens are stupid!), but you make a better case for disenfranchisement of that very voting right(the voters are EXTREMELY STUPID!!!)

Alleged "Foul comments" are >>>> than your scary ignorance, Doug. Admit that you were 100% wrong about Logsdon approving "all the big boxes" as you stated here and maybe I'll cut you some slack on your goofy opinions about other things like term limits and love for Steve Brown.

EDIT: It makes me LOL u referencing anything about Harry Reid. Pay attention already, something you obviously don't do at all if you think I any way support someone like Reid or a replacement like dimwitted-idiot Angle. Yeah, that would be a great case for term limits......not.

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People who can't argue based in fact simply accuse based on innuendo ( witness Brown's entire political career). Doug simply implies you "love" Reid because he thinks it takes away your credibility. Obviously anyone who has read your posts regarding national issues would conclude you are hardly a Reid lover. Besides anyone who even has a basic knowledge of our political system would realize that Reid is elected by Nevadans, not Georgians.
But that would assume Doug has even a basic knowledge. In 4 years he'll have a working knowledge of Brown.

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