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Brooks man dies in Thurday night traffic crash on Hwy. 85 South

Twenty-six year-old Brooks resident Brian Schornak was killed Thursday night on Ga. Highway 85 South when the motorcycle he was riding struck a vehicle turning onto the highway from Porter Road. The investigation of the crash is ongoing and charges are pending.

Maj. Bryan Woodie Friday morning said the Traffic Enforcement Section of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office is investigating the two vehicle traffic crash that resulted in Schornak’s death. Schornak was pronounced dead at the scene, Woodie said.

Woodie said the crash occurred at approximately 10:31 p.m. on Thursday on Hwy. 85 South at its intersection with Porter Road. The crash occurred when 18 year-old Bobby Pye, of Senoia, was driving a Jeep Wrangler and had been driving westbound on Porter Road.

Pye, the lone occupant of the vehicle, had been stopped at the stop sign on Porter Road at Georgia Highway 85 South, said Woodie.

Woodie said Schornak was operating a 2009 Kawasaki ZX1000 motorcycle traveling northbound on Hwy. 85 and was unaccompanied on the motorcycle.

As Schornak was approaching Porter Road Pye began a left turn (southbound) onto Hwy. 85 South and into the path of Schornak, said Woodie, adding that Schornak was unable to avoid striking the Jeep Wrangler. The motorcycle struck the Jeep in the northbound lane of Hwy. 85 South and Schornak was ejected from the motorcycle, Woodie said.

Pye received minor injuries and elected not to be transported to any medical facility by emergency services personnel for treatment of his injuries, said Woodie.

Woodie said Schornak was wearing legally mandated personal safety equipment and Pye was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the collision.

The investigation is ongoing and charges in this case are pending, Woodie said.

Woodie said this was the first fatal motor vehicle crash to have occurred in unincorporated Fayette County in 2011.



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family. This is so tragic..........................

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the same Pye family as Captain Pye on the PTC PD? How awful for all.

I've been at that intersection of hwy 85 at porter, it's an ugly little intersection. If you're on porter, the stop sign is something like 15-20 feet prior to hwy 85 owing to the lay of the land. Then you have to creep forward to see what's coming up (northbound) on 85.

Very sad to see a traffic fatality there.

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So sorry to read this. My husband and I were coming home that dreaded night.A police officer had the road blocked, said we had to take an alernate route due to an accident. Sad to hear it was this tragic. Why do people take such chances in turning from a side road out onto a main highway? Can't you wait another moment, gee whiz, look what happened to this young 26 year old life.As I said before, tragic and so terribly sad.

blame has not been assigned...don't be so quick to point the finger at the driver of the car. It may very well have been his fault but I have seen too many crashes caused by excessive speed of "crotch rocket" riders (I used to be one) to jump to that conclusion. Tragic either way.

My wife, son and I, while travelling south on 85, arrived on the accident scene within the minute of the impact. Apparently the driver must have still had his foot on the brake as we approached and the tail light flickered otherwise we would have run into the black jeep which was perpendicular to the road. As I approached the driver of the jeep he was making a 911 call at the same time as my son. Sadly the motorcycle driver who was lying on the pavement, stopped breathing during the call. We were shaken by the experience and returned to the site the following day where we met with the victim's best friend and his uncle and a third man who were tring to understand what had happened. We were glad to be able to provide some answers.

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