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PTC rec dept. declines gun show at Kedron

The Peachtree City Recreation Department, after getting public input for and against, has decided not to host a gun show at the Kedron Fieldhouse.

In a news release issued Friday, Leisure Services Director Randy Gaddo said his agency would work with local officials to try and identify a suitable location to host the show in the city.

Following is the news release from the city:

The Recreation Department has decided not to pursue the idea of hosting a gun and knife show at the Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center; however, they will work with local officials to try and identify a suitable place in Peachtree City for the show.

"The department was approached late last year by an Atlanta-based company that proposed having a show at the facility. After conducting research on the company and gun shows in general, department officials decided to issue a press release in 
December regarding the proposal to gather public input on the idea. The show was also subject of discussion at Leisure Services Commission public meetings in November and December.

"We received mixed reactions," said Leisure Services Director Randy Gaddo. "We had people who were glad to see a show like this coming to south Atlanta, and there were some who were not glad to see it." Gaddo said the negative responses came from neighbors who live in the immediate vicinity of the Kedron facility.

"After weighing the pros and cons of hosting such a show at Kedron, I decided it would not be as good a fit as some of the other shows we have been hosting there," said Gaddo. The Recreation Department has been using Kedron for events such as jewelry and accessory shows last year and one coming up March 12 and the upcoming Father-Daughter Dance Feb. 5.

Gaddo said that Kedron is used for many arts and crafts classes so promoting the jewelry and accessory shows, which feature hand-made items, helps promote what is done at the facility throughout the year. The Father Daughter Dance supports family activities, which is a major theme in Recreation.

"These have been very successful shows and have received nothing but positive response from the public and the vendors," said Gaddo. "We intend to continue pursuing ideas for shows that are parallel with the type of programming we normally do at Kedron."

Gaddo noted that, in response to the many positive responses received for the gun show, he is talking with local authorities to see if there is interest from commercial sources to host the show.



Thank you for your conscientious decision making, again. Anyone who has not had the privilege of meeting or working with this man should try to see him in action. There are so few people in the world who make a positive difference, it is just breathtaking to watch this man go about his professional life. Peachtree City is so fortunate to have him here. I only wish that one day he could run for office and pass his example on there, too.

I am neither for or against this show, but I admire the concern he has for all points of view and agree that this is a wise choice. Let the commercial venues have a go at it and hopefully they can benefit from the revenue so badly needed right now.

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agree, this is the type of man that should run for public office.

Once there, he could privatize the Kedron Aquatic Center, then we wouldn't have to pay for it. It would be those that use it that would pay for it, what an idea!!

All we need is a purchasing department supervised by the unpaid elected Mayor and council.

The rest---"privatized."

That way the city employees wouldn't have to worry about supervising anything.
The library, cops, fire, maintenance, accounting, inspection, all other paperwork, recreation, everything is to be "privatized."

Halliburton sounds like a good candidate to oversee this enterprise!

They might even come up with a way to entertain and occupy the time of our teenagers and old folks.

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He'd be an excellent choice to be new city manager, but I have no idea whether he even applied or not. He's got all the paper qualifications and experience necessary for credibility, but I know him personally and think that PTC gov could definitely use what he brings to the table and his management style and knowledge.

The fact that he wasn't appointed "interim city manager" over someone with less experience all-around probably doesn't bode well for him even if he was interested in the first place, but PTC needs some more people like him. I'm not just talking about in government or elected office either.

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So PTC now promotes a double standard. We can sell jewelry on city property but cannot hold a gun show.

We either need the money or not.

Personally, I believe the city 'staffers' have totally lost the ability to think for themselves.

If it is just about money I suggest that we allow someone to sell pot and smack at the schools---we get 1/2!

A beer stand at the high school football games would make millions.

An adult toy store in the center of town would do great---with a sally port in the back for parking--would also do well.

We don't even have a pawn store or a title loan at The Avenue.

Now, illegality would have nothing to do with it if the council simply coded it in.

I was stuck in Coweta rush hour traffic at hwy 34 at Thomas Crossroads yesterday around 5 p.m. I happened to look over at that Starship adult porn store, I was very surprised to see almost two dozen cars in their parking lot.

I remember reading article after article about how porn stores were a dying industry, that everyone who wanted porn could simply find it on teh internets. Obviously, the owner of Starship knows his demographic very well...the drug store next to it had maybe 4 cars, he had over 20.

Good to see a "small business success story" around here!

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what did you buy? Or can't you tell us on this string?

What's the point of bringing this up?

Do you own this store Bacon?

You clever little devil.....

Okay, I'm busted. Let's see, I bought the following DVDs.....

"On Golden Blonde"
"Saving Ryan's Privates"
"Diddle-Her on the Roof"
"Driving Miss Daisy Crazy"
"I Know Who You Did Last Summer"
"Inspect Her Gadget"
"Intercourse With The Vampire"

and those are just the titles I can list here without violatin' the site's terms of service (unlike, say, AtHomeGym, I respect a site's TOS)

PTC Observer's picture

Bacon, you need apply to the adult entertainment folks as a writer, great title concepts here.

Or maybe I am wrong and you really did buy these titles?

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The parking lot is pretty much packed most of the time I go by and since the owner of the Starship chain lives about 2 miles from that store himself, I expect that it will be the best-run store in the chain:)He said he wanted a store next to where he lived and got it. So much for the fundie argument of NIMBY.

Coweta Co. is on an upswing right now with a lot of positives going on for the county in many areas, but how the commissioners handled the whole Starship ordeal was a total embarrassment and complete lack of leadership failure for the citizens. Never let the fact that 200-250 fundies showing up for once in their lives to a commission meeting influence your vote when you knew you would lose in court pretty soon, even when they claim "we know we'll lose in court but it's the prInciPLes! Ugh." The Coweta commissh did that anyway, lost, and whoo-hoo! At least the fundies are happy that they fought for "their way of life" no matter how ignorant it was, a court loss, everyone's tax dollars wasted, and a successful business established no matter what.

What was proposed was a <strong>"Legal"</strong> event.

As far as I can tell the selling and buying of guns and knives has not been outlawed anywhere in the U.S.

Pot is illegal anywhere in the state of GA as far as I'm aware.

As far as I know being able to buy a dildo is not against the law in GA either.

Without causing too much additional brain damage, please try and remove your dildo from your ass as your mouth seems to be full already.

Just in case you missed it, there are many of us in PTC that have guns.

As a matter of fact there are many of us in PTC that have MANY guns. (Please try and understand what I’m saying)

As I’m used to paying several hundred if not thousands of dollars for a gun one would think the taxes on such a sale would be a benefit to the area.

No one asked to be able to test fire a gun at the show and as far as I’m aware no such test firing is allowed at any gun show.

If you’re afraid of guns or the people that own them I would suggest you move to either Iran or New Jersey.

.."many of us in PTC have many guns." "(please try and understand what I'm saying)" (your threat)

I can't comment further!

It was a statement of fact.

There are many among us in PTC that have many guns. The type of gun I carry is dependent on where I'm going to be and what I'm going to be wearing.

I don't usually carry my .45 in a shoulder holster during the summer as it looks like a tree branch sticking out of my side.

Then again when visiting a local restaurant I could be warning my small frame .45 in an ankle holster.

Rest assured either one will stop a Ford F250 where it stands.

Regardless of where I am or how I’m dressed I will be carrying a weapon.

See where the guy "packing" drew down & almost shot the subduer holding the shooter's gun. He probably would have missed but I am sure he would have hit someone. It's really a scarry thought about who is carrying.

Do you think making it illegal to carry a weapon or ban handguns will somehow cause criminals to suddenly obey the law? This has been tried several places, including Ch icago where crime went UP. I watched several interviews with the brave young man that helped subdue the whacko in Tucson and he stated both times he had his hand on his weapon in his pocket, ready to take the safety off, but never did. He also said he was glad he didn't have to use deadly force, it was not something he would like to live with. He sounded like someone I would like to have my back. -GP

[quote=Georgia Patriot]I watched several interviews with the brave young man that helped subdue the whacko in Tucson and he stated both times he had his hand on his weapon in his pocket, ready to take the safety off, but never did. He also said he was glad he didn't have to use deadly force, it was not something he would like to live with. He sounded like someone I would like to have my back. -GP[/quote]

<cite>'I came out of that store, I clicked the safety off, and I was ready"</cite> J. Zamudio

Zamudio got there late, after the shooting stopped, <strong>had the safety off on a pistol in his pocket</strong>, and immediately jumped atop retired Army Colonel Bill Badger, the man who was holding the gun he'd wrestled away from the real shooter...a classic case of mistaken identity. <a href=""> (LINK)</a>

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world only unarmed men can take armed men down.

I can just imagine about 100 people at the Arizona Congresswoman's speech all drawing their 9 mms and firing away! Some would even shoot out the TV cameras and high pole lights, I'm sure.
Plus 15-20 more innocents.
How would you know whom to shoot? They all would have guns drawn!

How stupid can we get? Be worse than 12 year old deer hunters.

Mike King's picture

The melee would resemble a homecoming of all your aliases, armed and stupid.

Good "political" way of saying something, but say it plain: Do you wish they all had guns to draw, or not?
Not interested in a bunch of yes, buts!

Anyway, If I thought the congresslady and her bunch had guns, I would attack from 200 yards or more! Such a stupid idea just to go along with the second amendment which meant an "organized" army, under control.

I never "carry" one of those things, but I do have one at home.

The 2nd doesn't mean an "organized" army, under control, the Heller decision by the Supreme Court cleared that misconception. -GP

Almost all cops never fire their weapon. I wonder how many actual crimes they witness while doing nothing but riding around looking for crime & burnt out bulbs. I imagine most carry off duty and some are required to do so. How many times have you ever heard of an off-duty cop witnessing and stopping a crime? Much less just sitting in a restaurant and in walks the event for him to draw down on. Now there was that time the bank robber in ATL picked the bank that all the FBI agents were in on payday. Too bad for direct deposit. Now further think that all these POST trained officers are made to qualify, once or twice a year.

Read about it here: Pick state (GA) in the search and hit enter. Many former military and law enforcement carry and have saved lives, I think it makes us safer. I wish we didn't live in such a dangerous world but we do. -GP

Do you think making it illegal to carry a weapon or ban handguns will somehow cause criminals to suddenly obey the law? This has been tried several places, including Chicago where crime went UP. I watched several interviews with the brave young man that helped subdue the whacko in Tucson and he stated both times he had his hand on his weapon in his pocket, he took safety off, but never drew his weapon. He also said he was glad he didn't have to use deadly force, it was not something he would like to live with. He sounded like someone I would like to have my back. On a side note, whether or not I engage a safety depends on what I am carrying and how, CZ75(DA) no safety but hammer down, 1911(SA)/safety, usually just I throw my S&W Chiefs Special in my jacket pocket. Personally I think all cities should pass a law like Kennesaw's -GP

Just stopped in to say Goodbye. Am I leaving? No, YOU ARE! For my part, you have crossed the bounds of human decency. Since I have no way of policing you, I will police myself. Therefore, from now on, you write what you want, I WILL NOT READ ANYTHING YOU WRITE! Got it? You're no longer Bacon, YOU'RE TOAST! Gym out.

hutch866's picture

I see a couple of scenarios here, the first is that he will wait a couple days and come back as if nothing happened, but most likely will just do a bonker$ and come back under a new name. If someone else had said this he would have been crying to Cal about the terms of service like he did about you, but of course he saw nothing wrong with GAltant's use of an obscenity because it agreed with his position, not a word to Cal. Another case of HIS OWN situational outrage, and yet ANOTHER case of his hypocrisy. Even thought the name might change, his message will stay the same and it will just a short while until his identity is clear again.

I yam what I yam

You may be right but he can reinvent himself all he wants--to me he will be a nonentity!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

"The Pima County Sheriff's Office said J. Eric Fuller, 63, was involuntarily committed to an undisclosed medical facility, NBC News reported. The Associated Press said he was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.
He faces charges of threats and intimidation and disorderly conduct, according to Tucson TV station KGUN"

You don't have to be crazy to be a liberal, but it helps.

Live free or die!

Observerofu's picture

Granted I have not been on this board that long, but I have noticed that he has become more vitriolic and down right hateful. His personal attacks not withstanding his hate has become more evident to those that he disagrees with. His Cancer comment was beyond the pale.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

Robert W. Morgan's picture

He is at the Falcon's game below the broadcast booth whistling like an idiot. Why the broacast people can't remove him is beyond me.

Live free or die! you say, but if YOU aren't BANNED/BLOCKED or REMOVED with your rhetoric, bacon has nothing to worry about! He seems pretty sharp and factual to me.

Do you think this is strictly a forum for right wingers?

This country wasn't built with only one-way thinking! Leave bacon alone.

hutch866's picture

Bacon isn't the person bonker$, that's you, but Bacon is an ass, of course, that's you too.

How's that lawsuit of your coming?

I yam what I yam

Wasn't it the dollar fellow who was being intimidated and banned? Not me.

Anyway those things take time and research and money, don't they, which I suppose is the time consumer. I don't know.

Need more opinions from you other than people being asses and idiots for having them.

Mike King's picture

Let's see now, stopping an F-250 where it stands? Most that are stopped are in park or the driver is on the brake pedal. Just how fast (or slow) can it be moving for one of your 45's to actually stop it?

Now should you be refering to a bullet penetrating the engine block, 45's simply don't have the mussle velocity.

"Regardless of where I am or how I’m dressed I will be carrying a weapon."
Now, that's sad.

Now why didn't a 9mm stop a 40 y/o woman? I believe she was the 1st hit. I wonder if we will know how much target practice this nut case had out in the desert. Maybe we will if it's recorded how many bullets he bought. I'd like for one of these "Everyone (like me)" should be entitled AND should carry..ALL the time; would compile a list of law enforcement that actually want this "well regulated militia" unleashed on the streets to help fight crime. Crime evidently they believe is running rampart. I've lived in CT, Chicago, Dallas, here. I've traveled frequently to ATL, NYC, NOLA, Houston and here and I have never witnessed a serious crime. I bet I've driven a million miles & seen Not one.

If you see me looking down the muzzel of a perp or we happen to be in a restaurant; just keep 'em all holstered. This is the type of person, who like yourself, can just go out & buy a handgun under the No Rules 2nd Amd, gawd given right & to belong to a well regulated militia that ya'll yammer for:

Most of us quit playing Cowboys & Indians and have come to realize we don't live in the Wild, Wild West.

Saving me and mine from someone intent of hurting us is my first consideration.

The rest of you can fend for yourselves for the most part.

Having a weapon and knowing when and when NOT to use it is key.

Having a gun and not taking the time and making the effort to get proper training on how and when to use it is the problem.

I'm all for mandatory gun safety training and I would suggest taking tactical training as well. Then take the classes again.

I agree with many on here that just having a gun and no training is NOT the right thing to do.

No we're no longer in the 'wild west' but were not in Kansas anymore either Toto.

P.S. Mike King

As has been shown to be the case a 9mm can deflect off a windshield where as .45 wont. As a matter of fact a 9mm will deflect off of a human skull.

If you're going to pull the trigger than at least kill what your aiming at.

I would have hoped a military veteran, such as yourself, would have known at least that much. But alas, it was years of taxpayer money that was used for your training.

Mike, please try and remember it’s ‘Ready’, ‘Aim’, ‘Fire’ and not ‘Ready’, ‘Fire’, ‘Aim’.

Mike King's picture

Granted, we each have experienced weapons training. There is one thing markedly different, however, and that is one of us keeps bringing it up. I've lived on several continents and have never felt the need for being 'armed' in social settings such as restaurants. Further, I would expect only one of us to have used a weapon against another, but that's not my point.

My point, sir, is that rounds as high as a fifty calibre will deflect off surfaces with the correct angle. Your characterization of 45 not deflecting off a windshield is bull. As far as a 9mm being deflected off someone's skull means little if the guy is incapacitated. You are merely showing your preference.

You are correct in that we are not in Kansas, but we are a long way from Mexico's northern border.

That said, have a great day and watch some football.

One of the fiercest gun-control advocates in Congress, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), pounced on the shooting massacre in Tucson Sunday, promising to introduce legislation as soon as Monday targeting the high-capacity ammunition the gunman used.

Observerofu's picture

that is at fault.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

PTC Observer's picture

to believe that by outlawing guns tragic events like this can't happen. As long as there are deranged people and sharp objects things like this will happen.

Attacks and death happens often in countries that have outlawed or restricted gun use, it is a fact.

Cyclist's picture

proposes something like this - <strong>Why should an average citizen be able to have that?</strong> - it's not good.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.


TinCan's picture

[quote]As far as I know being able to buy a dildo is not against the law in GA either[/quote]

Other than going a bit vulgar there you may have hit upon the next manifestation of Bonk$.

That was <strong>NOT</strong> appropriate and disrespectful to Cal and all others that read the blogs.

ptctaxpayer's picture

He didn't say no--- he just said maybe someplace else. And he is cooperating with them. Gaddo is a former Marine, presumably a weapons guy and did nothing wrong. You jerks keep it up and they will replace the good crew with some past nightmares--- Basinger, Williams and that old lady clerk.

Spear Guy's right-- lighten, get an enema or something.

or don't. But make a choice and stick to it.

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