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Cops cuff man for battering woman

A Fayetteville man has been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and family violence in a Jan. 5 incident involving his girlfriend after he assaulted her while attempting to prevent her from leaving his home, police said.

Alex Marshal Drew, 25, of Chase Drive, was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, battery-family violence, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct, according to Fayetteville Det. Mike Whitlow.

Whitlow said the incident occurred in the early morning hours on Jan. 5. According to information provided to officers by Chase’s girlfriend, Chase had friends visiting and, at one point around 4 a.m., she and Chase began arguing, said Whitlow.

The woman subsequently called her father to come pick her up, said Whitlow. The woman left the house and was followed outside by Chase. At that point the argument continued, Whitlow said.

The woman began to walk away and Chase then forcibly brought her back into the house, said Whitlow, adding that once back inside in the house the altercation became physical.

The woman alleged that during the altercation she had her hair pulled, was grabbed by the throat and was struck in the face, Whitlow reported.

The woman suffered minor injuries due to the altercation and sought treatment on her own, Whitlow said.

Whitlow said Chase was very intoxicated and was transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital for a blood test. While at the hospital Chase was loud and profane and became a disturbance to other patients, Whitlow said.


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