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The Joint urges you to resolve to live healthy, happily

As another new year begins we each assess our current lifestyle and most of us commit—even if not publicly admitting—to make adjustments of one sort or another. Most of these resolutions are health-related, be it losing those few extra pounds we’ve been wanting to shed, walking just a few times a week, or making healthier eating choices. Then there are the greeting card companies who anticipate these health resolutions and customarily wish us a ‘happy—and healthy’ New Year.

Each year as the world counts down to the beginning of the New Year ahead, we look forward optimistically believing things can somehow be different. At precisely midnight, some internal clock resets, and magically we all have the willpower to try again to achieve what a few minutes ago, and the whole year prior we didn’t...whatever the reason. But what about those wishes for a happy and healthy New Year? What do you really need to do to achieve optimal health and now that the New Year is well underway? Can you really reset your body? Perhaps resetting your body is exactly the answer. It’s easier than you might realize and your chiropractor can help you get there.

Making a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle begins with resetting your body, not just your mindset. Begin with a visit to The Joint for a chiropractic assessment, and in minutes receive an adjustment that will reset your body, beginning with the core structure of your nervous system. Releasing pressure and restoring spinal alignment through routine chiropractic adjustments begins a lifelong commitment to leading a healthier life.

Be proactive about your health by incorporating regular chiropractic adjustments into your health plan and this year The Joint will help you keep your commitment to living a healthier, and in turn—happier life. Chiropractic isn’t merely about waiting for the aches and pains but rather a wellness routine that adds preventative measure. Receiving chiropractic care for a fraction of the cost of most co-pays makes The Joint the obvious choice to help you achieve optimal overall health. A properly aligned body can help to heal itself, making everyday activities more enjoyable and relieving the pain that keeps you from living that happy, healthy life you set out to live. The Joint also offers Family Plans that provide a family of four with monthly adjustments as low as $8.50 per adjustment. This plan is perfect for the active family or families with children in athletics.

So this year, don’t you owe it to yourself to commit to ‘happy healthy,’ first and foremost? We believe you do, and The Joint will make it easy for you to do just that. Remember, the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step. Just step in our direction.

The Joint is located at: 1219 N. Peachtree Pkwy (inside the Kedron Shopping center between Target and Ross). No appointments are ever needed but if you want more information call us at 678.216.3211 or visit us at


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