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Ga. DOT chief speaks at PTC Rotary

Vance C. Smith Jr., commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation, spoke to the Peachtree City Rotary Club Thursday about the future of transportation in Georgia. Citing an unclear future for funding, Smith also spoke of the need to improve access to job centers, more transit, and improvements for port connectivity and commuter trip reliability. Photo/Gwen Griffin.



in charge of Georgia's "commuter trip reliability"......hahahahahahha

Put this munchkin on a real snow plow for about 24 hours in an ice storm, and then invite him back to talk about his plans for "the future of transportation in Georgia".

Or drop him off at the truck stop in Fairburn with a sign around his neck that reads, "Hi, I'm in charge of the highways here, can I get you some coffee and a blankie?"

Or better yet, invite him back to talk to his hastily arranged plans for his early retirement to a state that never has snow or ice.

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