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PTC looks at 1-way road solution

The Peachtree City Council has once again postponed a decision on whether or not it agrees with Fayette County paving Sims Road, which links directly to Astoria Lane in the Kedron Hills subdivision.

The road is in the unincorporated county, and some city residents are concerned that the road might create a shortcut sending vehicles through the neighborhood.

Other positives, however, are a more reliable shortcut to Piedmont Fayette Hospital for ambulances, and also a paved road for a school bus route going to Bennett’s Mill Middle School.

One potential solution is to allow the county to pave its portion of the road, but to make the city’s portion one-way only. City Engineer David Borkowski, who proposed the concept, said he has not gotten any feedback from the county about it.

The city’s one-way portion could be changed back to a two-way segment once the proposed northeast collector road is fully built. That road, which would be built by developers, would reach as far as Ga. Highway 54.

A survey of the neighborhood’s residents yielded 53 homeowners against the road paving, 17 in favor and 5 undecided, though the survey did not record votes from all homeowners in the area.

Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark said the police department is concerned that paving Sims Road will create a shortcut that could add more traffic to the Kedron Hills neighborhood.

Clark pointed out how motorists use the Planterra Ridge subdivision as a cut-through to avoid traffic on Ga. Highway 54 west, and said the same could happen if Sims Road were to be paved.


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