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NAACP prevails in Fayette school board district lawsuit

MONDAY, Jan. 9, 2011 3:48 p.m. — The Fayette County Board of Education has thrown in the towel and agreed to settle a federal voting rights lawsuit filed by the Fayette Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) by instituting district voting for each of the board's five posts.

That means that only voters within one of the five districts may vote on the candidates who live within that district.

Still unresolved is the same lawsuit against the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.

The school board meets tonight to ratify the settlement.

More details coming.



about education, they certainly wouldn't be picking fights with one of the best Public School systems in the State of Georgia.

For the life of me, I don't understand they chose to pick this fight. Or maybe it's not about the quality of the education and something more, skin color maybe? Will it make the Fayette Schools better? A total waste of money ALL the way around.

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National Association About Advancing Colored People.
If that is not about skin color - what is?
So now that the school board has caved, we may get a black person on the school board next election. That's fine. Especially if Smola or Jones leaves. Of course the debate over which schools have to close will continue and now we can inject race into it. Then drag it out for years.

Real issue is on county commission and what will Frady/Horgan/Donkeybreath do? Fight the NAACP to preserve the possibility that Horgan (or someone who looks like him) get elected from up there OR roll over and let the northern district go black. I don't care and you shouldn't either.

Live free or die!

The possibility of having a Black American on the Board of Education or/and the County commission doesn't bother me one bit. The real question is just what sort of change does the NAACP think that will bring? And I've still not seen any examples of how or where the Black American citizens of FC have been ignored or treated any differently than any other citizens. It's more racial politics folks and if they're not careful, the NAACP soon won't have anything to whine about!

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Nothing will really change. Big deficit, declining enrollment (which has absolutely nothing to do with race) and some extra schools that will be kept open years beyond what a for-profit business would do. As Mitt Romney said - I'd like to be able to fire these people.

This whole NAAAACP* thing was about county commission anyway, the school board was just a gimme for them since it was obvious the school board didn't have the funds to fight. The county commission might fight it. I see the 3 shorttimers fighting, but when they are replaced and Brown is chair - they'll drop it. Besides, who cares? Let's just have district voting and have each district scrutinize their candidates to screen out egomaniacs and special interest pimps. Can't be any worse than what we have now.

BTW, don't the voters have a say in making this change? Or do we just let 2 liberal housefraus and a brand new board member who leans left (see Mom-in-law's video) make the decision for the 100,000 people who live in Fayette County? Now if the county commission really wants to fight this, do it sweetly - just say to the NAAAACP "ok, you may have a point -we will let the voters decide by putting a choice between at-large and district voting on the ballot. We will even do it this November when all the undocumented and dead come out to vote for Democrats. That good enough for you?"

*National Association All About Advancing Colored People (only). Tired old toothless throwbacks from the 1960's constantly playing the race card.

Live free or die!

The NAACP will get what they want because the funds aren't there to take it to the Supreme Court. That is how far the NAACP is willing to go.

Mixed emotions on this. Just an FYI not all who wanted this (district voting) are black and stand with the NAACP. It also had to do with the advancement of white people. Some folks are really unhappy with our county commissioners and BOE board.
They really got over on this one when you read the post filled with racial overtones.

I can see the people in the corner laughing at us for blaming the NAACP for all of this. There's more to this than we know.

I guess we need to catch-up to the rest of the world. Most places near and far have district voting. We have been able to keep it our way far longer than others.

[quote]Just an FYI not all who wanted this (district voting) are black and stand with the NAACP. It also had to do with the advancement of white people. Some folks are really unhappy with our county commissioners and BOE board[/quote]


Fine day when humans see people as people. Some thinking all Black's are the same (mind set/thinking) district voting will create another Clayton Co., shows there is still a ways to go. As a famous man said "We will get there" maybe not in our lifetime. As I too had to make a change to understand why.
It is a human instinct to visually see a person and look for similar characteristics, then the differences. Differences are where the color thing comes in play. Got to have those comfort zones.

Funny how the brain works when it has been taught to notice the difference. Very hard to erase. More work then most want to do. Unfortunately we have to wait until they die off and hopefully they have not taught another brain to see the color.

One must ask Why?
That's my rant for the day.

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AT least know the correct name of an organization that you fear.

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anything will change if we have a black northern district with a representative on the BOE or CBC? Well time will tell. Simply watch the SAT scores overtime.

In the meantime park your fears and work to make it work.

Can someone please tell me what the name of the white version of the NAACP is? Oh right, there isn't one because that would be racist. Yes, let's throw in the towel again, back down to them. I guess Gwinnett county is going to do the same thing up there. If you saw the story there, the man said he had to explain to his son why he was so upset. Yes, because the child was not thinking "racism" - this is taught to them. They learn it. The NAACP and all the followers will keep this race game going forever. They had that intent when they came up with that organization to begin with. Well yes, let's just sit back and wait, see how soon Fayette becomes another Clayton.

Do you really think that the NAACP is concerned about education? Of course not! They are only concerned about installing a black person on the BOE. They will not stop there. They will continue to cry "racism" at every turn until the corruption of Fulton County government and Clayton county government is installed in Fayette county. They will not stop until Fayette County schools lose their accreditation.

Another non-racist comment from the peanut gallery. You are truly entertaining - and predictable. LOL! Again, for clarification, Riversdale's complexion changed during the preparation for the Olympics in Atlanta when so many neighborhoods were taken over by the 'committee' for the beautification of Atlanta. (Some in this discussion may have rented to Section 8 tenants) The bulk of the 16% of minorities that reside in Fayette County came here to live in Weiland-like Homes without having to move to the Cascades - a historical prosperous 'black' community. or drive the 400 to Alpharetta or Buckhead. The majority came from areas where they were accustomed to living in integrated neighborhoods with intelligent American citizens who truly judged persons by their character; by how they kept their lawns; by how they took pride in their neighborhood. With the coming of the Porche factory, realtors just may steer many of their engineers, technicians, office personnel away from a county with limited tolerance for those who are not 'white'. What a shame that will be. Ignorant attitudes and no transportation is not exactly inviting to 'newcomers' - especially those who are looking for an excellent public school system. Unless your neighbors 'rent' to Section 8 tenants, you really don't have to worry about a Riverdale transformation for most of Fayette County. However, as we did, newcomers will take a look at some of the comments or editorials in the local media because Fayette County still has remnants of a past reputation, but they will see the pictures of activities, read the Fayette Woman, and realize that this is really a wonderful community to raise a family.

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The Olympics tale of the influx of section 8 people into Clayton isn't true. Atlanta and Fulton County weren't allowed to pay the rents on people in another county. That story has been around forever, but the truth is that over the years Clayton made a point of building apartments and low end subdivisions with parts of them reserved for the section 8 crowd. There was no way Clayton could have housed all the people displaced by the Olympics in that short a time.

The demographics in Clayton slowly and surely changed over a long span of years with people fleeing from the high taxes and cost of living in Atlanta and Fulton County. As the schools declined it hastened the flight of people from Clayton who cared about their kids education. We hung on for an extra year because my daughters teacher looped with her class. The gifted program in Clayton was a joke, at least for the elementary kids. The sad part was even though my kid went into kindergarten knowing how to read, she wasn't allowed in the gifted program until the third grade and then like I said, the program was a joke. She flourished here in Fayette, we had no problem getting her into the gifted program and she excelled from the time we moved here. Actually she excelled in Clayton too, but it was more in spite of the schools then because of them.

I yam what I yam

[quote]but the truth is that over the years Clayton made a point of building apartments and low end subdivisions with parts of them reserved for the section 8 crowd.[/quote]

Thanks for the clarification. We can't blame Romney for that!!

Just a question Hutch. Were these apartments and low end rentals for 'white' people? Where did the planners think these people were coming from. Why did they feel the need to build low end apartments, etc.?

Counties do not issue Section 8 housing - I thought it might be different in GA - but it isn't.

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Might be how it is now, but we're talking 20 years or so ago.

I yam what I yam

27 years ago. Section 8 - Georgia is always a little different - so maybe. Some who worked in HUD are checking. It appears that there was even a problem for minorities at that time to get Section 8 certificates either from state or county. A long time ago - agreed - but quite the issue in minority/poor communities.

[quote]1974 Housing and Community Development Act consolidates programs into Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Section 8 tenant-based certificates increase low-income tenants' choice of housing. Gerald R. Ford becomes president following Nixon's resignation.[/quote]

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"With the coming of the Porche factory, realtors just may steer many of their engineers, technicians, office personnel away from a county with limited tolerance for those who are not 'white'."

With a comment like that You really don't know to many Germans do you?

You are so limited!! I have four relatives who have worked for Porche for years!! Not all employees are German!! Please tell me you are not a product of Fayette County schools!!

I was here in the late 80's early 90's. I had just relocated from up north for a job here. I watched Clayton County fall into a train wreck of bovine manure.
This is what I saw: I first moved into Clayton County because at the time it was the most desirable place to live on the south side of Atlanta. They had low crime and good schools, it was still close enough to Atlanta so going out for a night wasn't a hardship. East Point was a crime filled train wreck. Fayette County was a cow pasture, nothing to do, low crime, but still nothing here. Newnan was even more of a sleepy pasture.

1 the naacp was issuing a daily barrage of whining and false cries of racism. They need "their people" in charge of Clayton county politics. They said "their needs" couldn't be met with "whites" in control of everything. They had to have "their people" in charge to make things "better" ???? The naacp leaders were going to "improve" ????...everything for everyone.

2 The naacp slowly got more of "their people" elected. Those good people started to change the landscape of clayton county by approving cluster homes, section 8 apartments and the like. As these changes took place from 1989-1994 crime went up, test scores in the schools took a nose dive. The demographics started to change as soon as the crime started to go up. Which in turn precipitated a higher crime rate and white flight.
As soon as white flight started it was like a runaway train. It couldn't be stopped. This happened before the olympics ever came to town.

I'm surprised that the naacp doesn't want to clean up the mess they made of clayton county. They got "their people" elected. That was supposed to improve everything over there for everyone.

I have many friends that are lifelong Atlanta residents they say that what happened in clayton county is the same thing that happened in East Point and DeKalb county also. The naacp was going to "fix everything" ???.., if they could just get "their people " elected and in charge it would take care of everything. They said they were the solution to the problem of low crime and good schools that clayton county enjoyed. They were going to save the county from their own success.
That is why many people including myself don't have any respect or trust for the motives of the naacp. The naacp in the Atlanta area has not demonstrated good faith or good motives over the years. They come to destroy communities that are clean safe and have good schools. They don't come to join us in our success, they come to destroy.

The demographics, crime stats, and test scores have all changed in the last 4 yrs. in Fayette County. The naacp has done much whining and sniveling about what they need. They changed clayton county to high crime , and a county with low performing schools so I guess that is what they think they need. Everything the naacp has touched since I have been in the Atlanta metro area has turned to bovine manure.

Here is what I and many other people who moved to Fayette County need:

1. We need low crime safe communities to live in

2. We need a good school system

3. We need to be free of people who gratuitously play the race card just to destroy peaceful, successful communities.

Time will tell if Fayette county will continue to be a success story, or if it will follow the way of Clayton County.
I hope for the best, but have already planned for the worst.

A question for all of our citizens:

1. Why did you chose to live in Fayette County over Clayton or Fulton Counties?

2. How much change will you tolerate if that change is not for the better?

Thoughtful post. We had the Clayton experience 77-83 and found it just fine. And yes, some don't understand much about PorSche! I lived in Germany 15 yrs and never saw any outright racial prejudice---not when black Americans acted ugly in their cities, they did respond--and not unexpectedly. When we returned in 86, we settled in rural, unincorporated Fayette, with more deer & rabbits as neighbors than humans. After negotiating a BA & MS at WGA College Frau Gym had a career teaching in the Clayton School System and she's the one with all the stories! Hey, watch for news about our next coffee or bev of choice meet and try to come---and be cautious on the Active!

Good to hear from you. Hopefully one of these times I will get some free time so I can hang out with the gang.

Your wife saw all of the changes from the inside. It's a shame that it happened, but history doesn't have to repeat itself.

Oh, well gotta go .

forward to meeting you. I can understand if you do not wish to answer here but did you ever work in the Miami (FL) area? It would really be interesting to get certain people to meet in person--and see what transpires--there are a few I believe will never attend. Interesting.

I look forward to meeting you too. I have been to several coffees, nice people good conversation. Right now I don't have much free time. Two days off a week just isn't enough anymore.

I moved here from up north. I love the south and will retire here. You people have best manners and true hospitality of any place I have lived. The weather is a plus as well.

Have a good weekend.

[quote]A question for all of our citizens:
1. Why did you chose to live in Fayette County over Clayton or Fulton Counties?
2. How much change will you tolerate if that change is not for the better?[/quote]

We did our research - and choose Fayette County seven years ago. We have not seen any Section 8 housing established in Fayetteville. Believe me, when and if we do, we will protest. We have relatives and friends who lived in Clayton County - and they moved to Alpharetta, Buckhead, and Marietta. (Possibly when you moved to Fayette) The flight was not just 'white' flight - but middle class flight. There are still nice areas in Clayton County (Hampton) - and an area by a lake that blacks/whites find pleasant. The change that I have seen in Fayetteville is: Improved Main Street, Disappointment that proposed housing developments fell through due to the 'bubble burst',
and influx of 'newcomers' who do not equate lower living standards with the color of ones skin. When some here equate ALL crime with ALL blacks - I call that playing the race card - and politicians use that fear to the hilt. Thank you for taking the time to share what you have experienced here. I have no personal knowledge of the personnel in the local NAACP - but I really find it strange that here in the heart of the south, the NAACP has such power. I will do further research on that issue. Interesting that there is still fear of the law of equal representation/opportunity. Blacks/the NAACP were/are not the only citizens in Fayette County who are happy about the change in voting here. District 5 may just elect a 'white' representative. I have no idea - I don't live there. However - thanks for putting in writing your concern for Fayette County. Remember, the black citizens of Fayette County do not live or vote in Clayton County. We have invested considerable funds here in Fayette County, and are just as concerned about our investment as 'white' citizens. If the leadership here does not protect our investment - we will leave. We want good neighbors, attractive homes, good business opportunities, good schools.
To assume that citizens who have worked hard, studied hard, and invested wisely do not want the same because of the color of their skin is ludicrous - but some tell me this is a remnant of the old south and American racism..

FYI. And it's not nice.

Just returned from a function at a home in Hampton - beautiful 5/6 bedroom home; view of a lake; met their wonderful neighbors - Americans of all hues. Geez - I thank my 'luck' that I have not seen what you see. (Yes, I do see poverty in many counties in Georgia - citizens of all hues are not living the American Dream. I feel you see all blacks as poor and uneducated. Sad. Thanks for the correction, Too many counties in Georgia!!

I'm dealing more with the culture that is cultivated in certain communities.

Like I said, I grew up in Clayton County when there was almost ZERO crime. What changed? Let's not skirt the issue. The culture of the new residents is nothing like it used to be. If you want to make it about race so be it, but that's not the entire story.

I do not want the culture that has taken over Clayton in Fayette County.

What attributes of 'culture' of the current 'newcomers' to Fayette County (who are not coming from Clayton County) are you fearful of?

Of falling test scores for one, as far as schools go. Facts are facts, it is not cool to do well on said tests. It is part of the culture. Ask Cosby, he will agree.

If you read his book - and the criticisms that followed, you will see where he equated a culture that included fatherless homes, crime infested environment, drugs, as well as parents who don't know how to parent. He was speaking to the 'black' community. I can show you the 'culture' of the Hollywood area in Los Angeles where the schools had the same problem because of the 'culture' of the 'white' population that inhabited this community. He was not speaking of ALL BLACK PEOPLE - or he would have to include himself, his parents, etc., etc., etc. Did 'blacks' raise the Lohhan (sp.) actress? The 'culture' of her environment has certainly caused her problems. In the 60's and 70's , the top scoring school in LA was a school of 'black' students in an upper middle-class community. Middle class blacks have left the urban schools of LA. Not many middle class 'whites' are in the 'Hollywood' area. My point. STOP THE GENERALIZATIONS. All whites are not racist; rich, highly educated, make high scores on tests. Right? A higher percentage do because they enjoy a higher percentage of middle class opportunities. Right? Individually - there are some blacks who achieve more than some whites. MLK saved this nation when he encouraged 'black's to acknowledge that not all 'whites' are racist, cruel, unfair, etc. - and this saved this nation from a terrible blood bath. The continued 'we' are 'better' than them - therefore we are superior and they are inferior is going to continue to split this country right down the middle. We know the facts - but some have problems recognizing the progress of Americans living peacefully together in a southern town with equal opportunity. Geeez. STOP FIGHTING THE CIVIL WAR!

Yes, I'm yelling!! Do you honestly feel that the current residents of Fayette County who are 'black' are inferior to you? I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE RESIDENTS OF CLAYTON COUNTY!!

it's in Henry County.

I relocated from up North. Everyone worked hard and we ALL worked together. We lived peacefully, and worked together peacefully. We ALL had the same goals, and we were ALL proud of the community we worked and lived in.

The difference between the north and the south is that I really didn't see people pull the race card when they got caught doing something wrong. I see that on the evening news here in Atlanta every night. None of my friends or family members could believe it so I had to record the evening news to show them what was going on here. Where I come from no one of any race expected to be given a free pass because of race. Racist blacks like you have served as an educational experience for me. Thanks, you opened up my eyes to an ugly side of America that I didn't know.

Why has the naacp not made an attempt to clean up clayton county? They have all of "their people" in place, so by their own logic clayton county should be a wild "success story".......and yet we see crime and failure....

[quote] Racist blacks like you have served as an educational experience for me. Thanks, you opened up my eyes to an ugly side of America that I didn't know.[/quote] You're so welcome. If you acquaint yourself with the history of Atlanta and the south, you just may understand why there is still a distrust of some people actually 'working together' to achieve a peaceful community. By the way - do you really think that I will excuse a 'black' person if they rob me, kill a relative, rape a friend? Come on - silly assumptions hide your racism. You can't believe that my DNA makes my emotions less human than yours. I admit that some of my experiences have caused me to have racist attitudes. They were formulated in the NORTH - and corrected in the SOUTH. HALLELUJAH!!

WHERE DID YOU LIVE IN THE NORTH? Idaho? None of my friends in LA believe that whites in Georgia are living peacefully with blacks in a little town called Fayetteville. Why aren't some celebrating this instead of running around saying the sky is falling because the 'blacks' are coming? (Another version of the 'race card') Unfortunately, their (my friends in LA) reaction is - what do you expect from the current Republican Party. Sad. There are those of us here in Fayette AND ATLANTA who continue to rejoice in the progress that has been made since the '60's. I have lunch with 'white' and 'black' ladies in public places in Fayetteville, PTC, Newnan and Atlanta - and no one gives us a second glance. For me, at my age, this is progress and most encouraging about the future of our country. You don't enlarge an airport and prepare for a growth in population if no one is coming to a city because of the 'blacks' who live there. There are those who try to insult my thinking, and my sex, and my education, and my race - but don't waste your time. At my age, I've heard much worse - and still I rise!! LOL Nite!

First of all I never said you would excuse any criminal if they hurt you.

2. I have lived in many places Mpls/St. Paul Chicago, Seattle, and I have also lived in England and Germany.

I have many friends from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and different levels of education. Every one of my friends is surprised at the way the race card is used and abused in Atlanta.

3. People are comparing this current naacp lawsuit to what happened in Clayton county because it does parallel what happened. The naacp wanted district voting there because they could not get one of "their people" elected without district voting. They were being harmed and damaged by living in a county that had white people in public office. Even though at the time Clayton county had very low crime and good schools, they were being harmed by not being represented by "their people". They are the ones who pulled the race card to get their own way.

naacp guideline and principles:
1. if you don't get what you want, pull the race card and bully people into giving you what you want.
2. if you get caught doing something wrong, pull the race card, and bully people into forgetting and excusing that you did something wrong.

No one in my neighborhood or the 2 other neighborhoods close by have ever even been elected to city council, let alone county commission or the school board; sooooo we need to have our own district so that we can be represented also. I'm going to follow the example of the naacp and tell you that if you don't agree with me you are racist. We have been harmed and damaged by not having a representative in local politics. I'm just following the "logic" and example of the naacp.

[quote]the race card is used and abused in Atlanta.[/quote]

Abused? Using political leverage is POLITICS. Thurmond, Talmadge, KKKetc. used it well until the Civil RIghts Act put a stop to that

Clayton County was harmed by their own politicians who accepted the location of Section 8 housing and low rental apartments to be established in their county. They walked away, knowing what would happen when a certain element would reside in a county - the poor, unemployed bring their problems, regardless of the color of their skin or the language they speak Many 'blacks' - so I'm told - left Clayton County also. Our realtor wouldn't even show us homes in the county. Racist? maybe - but one invests a sizable amount of money in a 'home' - so these questions are asked/answered before investing.

[quote]naacp guideline and principles:
1. if you don't get what you want, pull the race card and bully people into giving you what you want.
2. if you get caught doing something wrong, pull the race card, and bully people into forgetting and excusing that you did something wrong.[/quote]

Interpretation according to insecure/racist 'whites'

Intelligent participants in the democratic process find ways to have 'equal representation'. If you and your community members feel you aren't represented - use the law to do what you have to do That's what the NAACP has always done. No 'old boy' tactics; hanging nooses; Klan parades, etc. Use the law. . .which when it threatens your so-called 'white power, you call it ' reverse racism;. Just my opinion. You're entitled to yours.

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I'm always amazed that you are Completely blind to white racism, even from your own words at times, yet so quick to push the 'whites are being victimized by blacks and/or the NAACP' narrative.
We live in a country where the former Speaker of the House refers to President Obama as the 'Food stamp president'. You still have Republican buddies calling him a Kenyan who hates whites and is not a legitimate president.

Here locally, many are spring loaded to put black faces on every crime even when perps are not black.

We see all of this gloom and doom from poor victimized members of the majority over district voting.

District voting is the most prevalent type of voting in our country. Whites still get to vote.

Every day you wake up the majority will still control the VAST majority of our nation's wealth. Nothing wrong with that.

You will have better healthcare, a longer life span, and a higher quality of life than your average minority.

Nothing wrong with that either, but PLEASE save the 'woe is me' victim act. How dare a minority group use the legal system to seek a goal they desire to achieve! Who do they think they are?

The NAACP brought a suit. They won. If you want to be mad, be mad at our legal system, not the group who acted within the law to affect a change they felt was just. Poor poor disadvantaged downtrodden victimized majority affluent citizens. When will their pain be eased?

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

The positive in this discussion is that we know that there are people in Fayette County who are not part of the 'woe is me' crowd. This has nothing to do with Conservative vs. Progressive. Conservatives and Progressives both want the best for their country - regardless of the color of the citizen. It only took me to 75 before I answered some of these participants. . With age comes a little bit of patience. . . but still necessary to 'calm down'! LOL!

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We live in a country where the former Speaker of the House refers to President Obama as the 'Food stamp president'.[/quote]

Let's examine.. Food Stamp President. Are you contending only Blacks receive Food Stamps thus somehow this equates to a racial slur?

Now under this administration has the amount of recipients of Food Stamps increased? Yes it has.. so isn't it a proper critique of ANY President to examine poverty in America?

You still have Republican buddies calling him a Kenyan who hates whites and is not a legitimate president.[/quote]

Again here criticism or even horrors "name calling" is racist? Just because President Obama happens to be Black kev does not equate to racism when people make statements, yes even stupid statements, about him.

You guys keep throwing out the race card however kev. More people are getting immune to it. Sort of like the "Boy and Wolf" story.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

kevink's picture

Both Newt and Santorum addressed food stamps as related to Blacks, even though more whites are on the dole. The conservative attempts to link blacks and food stamps is obvious. To all but you.

The Kenyan digs are obviously rooted in racism, and you whistled passed the local issue I brought up didn't you?

So tell me, Steve. What's wrong with a group using the legal system to attain their idea of what is just?

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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The NAACP isn't the only organization to petition the courts.

What a bunch of bed wetting conservative crybaby’s suffering from “ballot envy!” 8 - )

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

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as in I don't want to give them a hand out I want to give them an opportunity.
“I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money. I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money.”

So by saying they want to help blacks that's racist now?

Buddy you need to lighten up... Next thing you know you will be see guys in white sheets everywhere you look.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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a GOP primary single out blacks when talking about welfare? Are they running to be black folks' president? Spin spin spin dude. You're half way to florida on your spin cycle. Then to South Carolina........

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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If a White Guy running for President says I want to help black people....That's Racist.


If a White Guy running for President ignores the topic of helping black people....That too is racist?

Is that your argument Kevin....Really?

Don't worry Keven you don't have to answer we understand.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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What race card tricks were they playing? Aces of spades?

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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How is saying I want to help blacks racist? That was YOUR contention.

So again Kevin... Is your argument that if a White man running for President mentions blacks at all now racist?

Since you yourself criticized President Bush isn't that therefore also racist according to YOUR standards?

Addendum: Kevin are you saying you can read their minds and know their intentions and what is in their hearts?

What gave you this God like power?
I'll be waiting right here for that answer.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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Of course you have no answer for why two white republicans in a GOP primary would choose to single out black people, specifically and exclusively, when discussing welfare. You don't want to say they are playing the ultimate race card trying to get the white vote. That's why Santorum lied when confronted and said he got tongue-tied, and it just happened to come out as "Blacks." A pathetic excuse. Newt at least owned up to his ham-fisted treatment of racial issues.

You simply ask a completely meaningless question equating racist axioms with criticism. Quite a lazy argument. Nothing new when you try to defend the indefensible. Speaking of mind reading, is that what you did when you brilliantly determined liberals want to make slaves? I think the occupiers have finally sent you over the edge.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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I don't have to answer for them. I don't care. You can keep dancing and dodging the issue if you want to. YOU MADE THE CLAIMS.

I just want to know why you think it's racist to mention helping black people.

[quote=kevink]Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich specifically singled out BLACKS last week when speaking about government assistance. What up with that?! Santorum later said he meant, "Bluhbluh" something, but that's horse crap. He said "Blacks."[/quote]

Again how is this racist according to you?

I would like you to answer this simple question. Why is Criticism of Obama considered racist by YOU.

How is being called the "Food Stamp President" somehow racist? When did facts become racial slurs? <strong>THAT WAS YOUR CONTENTION</strong> Now don't play the sniffle game.. It was you not I that made the charge.

We live in a country where the former Speaker of the House refers to President Obama as the 'Food stamp president'.[/quote]

If you yourself called Bush "names" wouldn't that be racist as well then using your standards?

Or is it really all about you wanting to throw the charge around hoping it sticks to something much like a hooker claiming rape every time she doesn't get paid?

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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Because you consistently try to equate racist acts or statements with 'criticism', then you pout if no one plays your game.
1. Food stamps:

Racist elements have for years pushed the falsehood that the majority of welfare recipients are black. If I say "welfare queen' in Georgia folks probably think black woman. You know this

If santorum and Gingrich did not want to perpetuate this myth, they would not have assigned ANY race to the discussion. Racial politics in S.C. are only a secret to you.

"McCain fathers illegitimate black child." That was a conservative add from South Carolina. Why? Cause the politics of race still works in the South. Don't play ignorant Steve. You know this. As a presidential candidate, Santorum and Gingrich both know this. And they played the blacks and welfare game anyway.

2. Criticism

Criticism of someones performance and racial prejoritive terms are two different things Mr conflater. Calling Pres. Obama a Kenyan who hates white people is not a criticism. It is racial politics. Photos of the rose garden changed into a field of watermelons is not criticism. It is racist. That picture was sent around by a Tea Party leader in Florida. Barrack the Magic Negro, Rush's favorite song, is not criticism.
Saying the crimes committed locally were surely committed by blacks before even knowing is pushing racial division. You can play ignorant all day, but find one instance where a conservative called Bush the food stamp president? Don't think you will. But continue beeing aloof to the racism in your party. Suits me fine, as I've said.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!


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