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NAACP wins settlement: District voting for education comes to Fayette

Fayette County is about to get district voting after all, at least when it comes to the Fayette County Board of Education.

A resolution to the portion of the redistricting lawsuit filed by the Fayette County Branch of the NAACP that pertains to the Fayette County Board of Education has been settled. The Dec. 15 Consent Decree awaits formal approval from the school board tonight (Jan. 9). Preliminary indications are that the vote may not be unanimous.

Both parties in the case agreed to avoid further litigation and settle out of court.

The paperwork indicates the proposed settlement was agreed upon Dec. 15, but was not publicly revealed until today in an obscure posting on the school system's website.

There is also no indication in the paperwork who directed the school board's attorney to draw up the proposed decree back before Christmas. But the publishing of the proposed decree indicates that the school board attorney knew the school board had at least three votes in favor of settling with the NAACP. How and when that preliminary decision occurred is not on the public record.

The Consent Decree states that “The parties have agreed upon a single-member redistricting plan that provides an equal opportunity for Blacks to elect candidates of their choice to the Board of Education in District 5, in which Blacks comprise 48.68 percent of the total population and 46.2 percent of the voting age population.

The decree also states that, “Each member of the Board of Education shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast by qualified electors residing within the boundaries of each respective single-member education district.”

The decree also notes that candidates for election to the school board must have resided in the district at least 12 months prior to the election date.

A further condition in the Consent Decree states that newly appointed District 5 board member Leonard Presburg will be up for election in November. The winner of that special November election will serve two years, the remainder of the Post 5 term through December 2014.

Presberg was appointed Nov. 14, 2011 to fill the unexpired term of the late Sam Tolbert.

School board members Terri Smith (District 2), Marion Key (District 3) and Janet Smola (District 1) are also up for reelection this year. Qualifying for the seats will be in April with the primaries coming in July.

The decree also requires that the Fayette County Board of Education, as defendants, must pay the defendant’s attorney costs and expenses amounting to $5,000.

The remaining defendants in the lawsuit — the Fayette County Commission and the Board of Elections — have not announced a settlement.



This will begin the end of the high quality education that Fayette residents have long been accustomed to having. The infiltration from Clayton County is here to turn our county into the dump they turned Clayco into.....SOOOO SAD!

PTC Observer's picture

The only way this can happen is if voters take no interest in the make up of the BOE.

Why did Clayton County Schools implode? Because the bulk of voters didn't care to study the qualifications of the people they elected. They took no action to correct the mistakes created by this lack of interest....for years.

Peachtree City Council is in disarray , Fayetteville elected a new mayor and a 'black' council member, - the embarrassment is that some of you don't even know who your 'black' neighbors are - but think that they are all section 8 residents from Clayton County. You are an embarrassment because you think that the skin color of a person designates how they think and what their desires are for their children. You're wrong! Let's see what happens in the next election - and the qualifications of the candidates - regardless of color. You just might be surprised. Why? There are qualified candidates of color who live in FC; Blacks may elect a 'white' person who will represent them on the Board of Education. Let's see. No one outside of Fayette County is surprised at the resistance of SOME citizens in this county to change - but from my observation, if your current teachers and administrators are supported by the community - the education will continue to be among the best offered in Georgia. The difference in thought regarding this issue is based on 'education' and 'class' - not 'color'.

citizenal's picture

then we don't need district voting. I'm not sure who you are trying to chastise here. Did anyone say they would not vote for a qualified black candidate? No. The issue is having district voting crammed down our throats by legal fiat instead of a voter approved process which only has one purpose - to promote the power of a group in a specific district. There is a reason that this comes ONLY from the heavily black portions of our county. It is not an attempt to unite but to divide. And our school Board has sold us out. This should have been fought to the end.

I will vote for the best qualified candidate regardless of color. Any candidate that feels that, because of color, they need special rights or help or preference of any sort, including a white one, will not get my vote because they are promoting the very thing that we say we are working to eliminate. Wake up and vote these corrupt and incompetent FCBOE members out of office!

kevink's picture

The NAACP and even President Obama (???) to see that race matters very much to some here. I find it amusing. Classic end of the Earth gloom and doom from you guys. And somehow, in your estimation, the President started it?

If the case brought by the NAACP had no merit, it would have gone nowhere. I suspect that when our school system does not collapse the mea culpas will flow from you non-racially focused bloggers.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

Citizenal, why are you against district voting for BoE? If you think at-large voting is such a fine system, would you welcome it for the election of state representatives? Why not let everybody in Georgia vote on all running for state representative not matter where they resided? S'plain that one to me!

BTW, do your kids eat Poptarts?

Before you rupture something, why not wait and see what the BOE vote is on this issue. My bet is that somewhere down the road(maybe two election cycles) the NAACP may, just may, realize that while they may have won the lawsuit, they gained NOTHING for their supporters/contributors (and that's partly what it's all about). Real question remains: Where are Black Americans getting short shrift by not having a Black American on the BOE? I haven't seen any examples yet.

I have been in the company of long-time Fayetteville citizens who are 'white' who have been talking of 'DISTRICT' voting for the last three years! Those who felt they were in power MAY have wanted it to be a racial issue. There are those of all 'colors' who are glad to see an opportunity for citizens in FC to have representatives who represent their community needs, . . .and that has nothing to do with 'race'. We need district representation in Fayette County just like we have our 'state' representatives and 'county' representatives in our state and national government.

What a sad irony that in 21st century America it's black people who can't see past skin color. The Fayette County NAACP should be embarrassed.

As another poster commented, the fact that they would even broach this issue and pick this fight with one of the best school systems in the country shows that their real motives have nothing to do with improving education and quality of life in Fayette county.

PTC Observer's picture

Could it then have something to do with representation? That is, representing those that live within a district? I believe they call this representative government.

darrylwd's picture

I'm sorry, where did I read in the U.S Constitution, the Ga. State Constitution or any local or county document that states we must be representative by someone of our own skin color? Good grief.

PTC Observer's picture

the heck are you concerned about? The people of each district can vote for any candidate they want to regardless of skin color.

The fact is the NAACP is like any other special interest group, it uses government (force of law) for its members' own self-interest.

The U.S. Constitution, starting in 1791, has been re-written by special interests, get use to it.

Good grief indeed.

This is one of the sad consequences of a policy that excluded based on skin color. Would 'district' voting be viewed with such suspicion if it was proposed by a neighborhood association? Just asking. Georgia is still one of the states that is being monitored by the VRA. To my understanding there have been two blacks elected in FC since the enactment of the VRA. (the '60's) What do you fear from a black citizen in FC? 'New' arrivals would like to know since we feel our money is welcomed in your businesses, the 20% of businesses that we own appear to be welcomed, you don't refuse our taxes, we have felt welcomed in your churches - just what is it that you fear? Voters in FC do not live in Clayton County.

you was black! Me too! Well, at least when I'm wearing my Ninja suit! I was just thinking about GA being monitored by the Feds for their past exclusionary behavior in schooling and voting! Them Scots-Irish don't give up easy! Takes at least 10 generations to work stubborn ideas out of those rock-hard noggins it does! Yeah, what's the fear? Who says that Pressberg fellow won't get reelected in District 5? Seems to be sticking up for his constituents already! And, I can't tell if he's black, white, or Druse militiaman under that woolly beard!

Such is life in the FC!

My kids still refusing to eat Poptarts. I'm thinking of getting them tested for an eating disorder!

Yup! My family has proudly been identified as black long before the census!! LOL! I wouldn't be at all surprised if Mr. Pressburg has already received the support of the 'black majority' of District 5. It would be interesting to get the education/income/ etc. comparison of District 5 and some of the other districts in FC. Skin color just doesn't tell the whole story in FC. I didn't know that some here were against Smola because of her concern of FC being too 'white'. Interesting. I've learned so much participating in the blog!! LOL. I found it interesting that one of the contenders for an office last year utilized pictures from Clayton County as scenes from Fayetteville. Sometimes honesty is hard to come by in the world of politics. Michelle Obama has gotten to your kids!! Maybe it's in the DNA!! :-)

stock in what Sugarfoot has to say on Smola and race! She got much Scots-Irish blood in her that one does! About the Pop Tarts, we don't have TV so my kids wouldn't know Michelle Obama from Michelle Wie! Maybe if they came up with a sushi flavored variety I could get my kids to bite! Still a pity--perfectly good junk breakfast food going to waste! I bet Dunta Robinson's kids eat Pop Tarts!

Oh - I think Dunta just may prefer fried pork rhinds! I don't know. :-) LMAO. No TV - and prefer sushi? Hmmmmm. LOL! To each his own! My grandson prefers raw apples and carrots! (But I bet if someone offered him a Poptart, he'd take it!

suggarfoot's picture

now that comes as a surprise to us all! I'm just simply amazed she is black!

As for your comments about Scot just shows again how ignorant you are. Read something sometimes...

S. Lindsey's picture

Forced Sterilization of hundreds perhaps thousands of "undesirables" i.e. black people.

Wow I wonder who thought that up.. Oh yeah Margaret Sanger the founder and poster child for Planned Parenthood. Sniffle where are youuuuuuu!!!

[quote=Chris P. Bacon]Let's see here...Planned Parenthood, the organization that Margaret Sanger founded, is an "apologist site"?

People are laughing at you, bigot.

You've countered my argument with wild accusations from tin-foil hat websites?

People are laughing at you, bigot.

Margaret Sanger was a proponent of eugenics in the 1920s. That's beyond a doubt. Nonetheless, you attempt to conflate her with the very worst elements of the eugenics movement, simply because it fits your preconceived political notions. [/quote]
[quote=Davids mom]

Sanger's involvement with the Eugenic philosophy has been documented and not denied. . .but your continued attempt to say that she founded PPH to control an 'inferior race' - is incorrect. Sanger wanted to control the size of ALL PERSONS SHE CONSIDERED INFERIOR - regardless of race. [/quote]

Mark would be proud that once again he was proven correct. Sniffy was always just a blowhard anyway.

btw-DM you need not reply I understand...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

If Eugenics were practiced here - you would be the first inferior person in line!! LOL

S. Lindsey's picture

I am white so in your mind I am inferior....Nice.

btw... You were wrong then... and I see still are.

I love the very first picture in the story...

"We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population" Margaret Sanger

Nah DM you have to be right.. She was just a women rights supporter.. that's all.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Your being 'right' and 'white' has nothing to do with your inferiority!! (I think that concept will go right over your head) LOL!

S. Lindsey's picture

I expect nothing less from you....

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

NUK_1's picture

You are taking a quote way out of context from what was actually said.

Sanger was definitely in favor of sterilizing all of the "unfit" or "stupid" but that was hardly limited by race. She was also a big proponent of strong immigration restrictions that followed right along with her eugenicist views in general. Sometimes I wonder if maybe she was way ahead of the curve.

No matter how bad Planned Parenthood has become way after Sanger's death or some of her archaic and elitist views were, her legacy of birth control advocacy is a major plus. She basically felt that contraception was a lot better than abortion, something that only some hardcore fundies or some goofy guys in lavish robes that want you to kiss their ring in a show of servitude would disagree with.

S. Lindsey's picture

Nuk I am not going to argue the point. It is clear Sanger was part of the Eugenics movement and Eugenics targeted black women for forced sterilization.

You can defend it if you want to.. As for me I will not.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

How did your parents/grandparents escape the eugenics boards back then?!

S. Lindsey's picture

and did not come from "White Trash stock"...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

I guess your ancestors are pretty upset about how you have let the family DNA stock go to pot then! Talked to Jared lately?

You think the Broncos can put it to the Pats?

SPQR's picture

The NAACP is just one example of a special interest organization that has an honorable and beneficial origin but has degenerated into a self serving group that now just looks after itself. They harm everyone by inciting separatist feelings. They continue to attack an adversary that really doesn't exit and because it doesn't exist there attack merely results in collateral damage. I see no end to it.

citizenal's picture

There is no future for the NAACP unless they can retain an enemy and incite followers to fear that enemy so they need the NAACP to protect them. Obama has taken the lead on inciting a class war and there seem too few to lead us to reconciliation and unity. District voting will only create more division, or so it would seem. Looks like we will get a chance to see.

Another wake up call to free our education system from government control and return it to the rightful place - the parents. Education Choice is our only hope to make schools accountable to parents who control where the tuition goes. Parents, not education elites, are the only ones charged and qualified to direct the education and rearing of their children.

RWM said it best "National Association About Advancing Colored People.
If that is not about skin color - what is?"

Not all blacks supprot this so getting a block vote in that area maybe hard.
You may not be aware but our BOE is $10 Million in the hole for next school year. Fighting a losing battle and spending money we don't have doesn't make sense I think the board made the proper decision.

darrylwd's picture

Looks like another nail has been hammered into the Fayette County coffin. Give FC 7-9 years and it will mirror Clayton.

kevink's picture

And move south now. I think I'll stay however, because I've found the predictions of those sharing your school of thought to not be worth the ink used in their expression.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

darrylwd's picture

It's your ignorance and others like you that are putting this country to it's deeper depths. I know, I'm already stuck and surrounded by the high crime rate and low property vales, the higher unemployment and low graduation rates in our horrible government schools, and not to forget the lazy to corrupt politicians, I'm in Clayton Cty. Moving south is not an option for me... so don't shoot the messenger of fair warning.

[quote]I'm in Clayton Cty. Moving south is not an option for me..[/quote]

CLAYTON COUNTY IS NOT FAYETTE COUNTY! The Blacks who live here did not necessarily come from Clayton - and like you, probably can't afford to come here. Stop the envy - and deal with your own county. Bye!

darrylwd's picture

Hey, if you don't want advice, suffer your choices.

My neighbors and I get along just fine (7 years) - we feel we made the right choice. You can keep your advice.

kevink's picture

Still no race war :-D

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

I know about two years ago I said I wasn't going to engage you on these boards anymore because 1) you're simply too stupid to debate with and 2) no matter what you say or how you try to color your true feelings, you are a racist who despises white people and 3) you STILL don't know how to use quotation marks.

I personally cannot freaking wait to be culturally enriched by the brothers and sisters flocking to the county like rampaging black youths looking for the new Air Jordans. I can't wait until Hwy 85 is dotted with pawn shops, liquor stos, Popeye's, Jamaican restaurants, hair braiding shops. Sound extreme? Perhaps, but that is without a doubt where we are headed. You pretend like you know history but you don't even recognize what happened in your own backyard mere decades ago. How hyperopic of you.

I honestly don't even care anymore. There's no escaping the Black Undertow. I hope you and your ilk transform this once serence, peaceful place into an urban wasteland. Time has shown again and again that left to their own black people cannot sustain civilized society. Look to Haiti, Detroit, hell even Clayton County if you don't believe me.

and watching the current residents of Fayetteville disavowing the racial ignorance and insecurity that you express . Bye!!

All educated, forward thinking Americans 'run' from the 'poor white undertow' that continues to bring this country down!! That is why education is so important for all Americans - and true Christianity needs to be taught and practiced. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Jesus didn't put a 'color' qualifier in that directive. I love ya PTC AVENGER. Enjoy your travels.

kevink's picture

How little you care anymore about this topic. That was quite a laugh line, man! Brazilians are pretty brown, and Brazil seems pretty organized to me. Even had a commoner black president, Lula de Silva. How do them brown folks do it without the help of an Aryan master race?

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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