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Key elected as chair of BoE

Fayette County Board of Education member Marion Key received a unanimous vote Monday night to serve as school board chairman during 2013 while board member Bob Todd, also on a unanimous vote, will serve as vice-chairman.

The election of the chair and vice-chair came with essentially no discussion. New board member Mary Kay Bacallao made a motion that Key serve as chair. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Key after the vote thanked outgoing Chairman Leonard Presburg for his service as board chair during the past year. She also thanked interim Superintendent Dan Colwell for working with the school system during the current transition period while the board searches for a replacement for Superintendent Jeff Bearden.

“The last few years have not been easy ones for the board of education. And while we continue to have many difficult decisions to make, I want to take this opportunity to say how gratified I am to be serving with all of you,” Key said. “In my 16 years as a board member, this is the first time that I have served with such a distinguished group of educational professionals. I am excited to have diverse areas of expertise on our new board. And while I can imagine that we may not always agree, I believe that we will learn to work together in a way that will make each of us and our community proud.”

Bacallao also made a motion that new board member Barry Marchman serve as vice-chair. Marchman said he would defer the nomination, leading Bacallao to make a motion to have Todd serve in the position. The vote was unanimous.



I hope the Board of Education will plan ahead and move the BOE meeting to a larger venue than their regular meeting place. Now that they have put three elementary schools on the closing list, along with a middle school- there will be a huge crowd. It's hard to hear anything if you get to the regular meeting spot and end up outside. The redistricting has been fast tracked to get a final vote in March, so it is time for people to get informed. The cuts are going to be huge. I am sad to see middle school sports, parapros and all the other cuts coming!

to make sure we meet our budget obligations. I forget who the inspection body is, (either the state or sacs) to make sure we will have enough surplus and be able to cover projected shortfalls. They have already decided to reduce by 400 classrooms next year.

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