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Gunman fires shots at north Fayette gas station

Fayette County sheriff’s deputies are looking for a black man who shot a clerk at the BP/Amoco gas station at the intersection of Ga. highways 138 and 279 around 2:15 today.

The suspect was described as 6 feet tall wearing a black coat and carrying a black handgun.

The gunman also had forced the clerk into the store bathroom and threatened the clerk, according to initial reports of the incident.

The suspect left the store on foot and was believed to be on Ga. Highway 85 headed toward Hwy. 85 and Clayton County, officials said.

A sheriff’s K-9 unit is on its way to the scene to attempt to track the suspect.

The initial report was that the clerk was grazed by the shot and was not seriously injured.



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A few photos of the robbery scene moments after it happened. I was there when the Fayetteville PD K-9 team arrived and IMMEDIATELY went into action. Within a couple of minutes of arriving at the scene, the officer and his dog were already headed east on GA-138 when the dog found the track!!


Let's face it, Deputy Bernslay doesn't have the best track record handling his dogs in extreme temperature conditions....

Another unsuccessful time wasting dog story? Who was the cop photographer?

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[quote=roundabout]Who was the cop photographer?[/quote]

Not sure what you're asking here. Are you asking who was the cop that took the photos? Or are you asking who took the photos of the cop?

Who was the cop who took the pictures of the cop?

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[quote=roundabout]Who was the cop who took the pictures of the cop?[/quote]

OK, gotcha now. I understand the question. Actually, it was not a cop that took the photos of the cop. It was me.

When I'm not downrange/overseas on assignment, I string for several newspapers here locally. I'm a retired military journalist/photographer. I have never been a cop and have no aspirations of becoming one.

I just love shooting local stuff around Fayette County when I am home.


Thanks for sharing some excellent action shots! -GP

What kind of action---the guy is gone!

If you click the link at the bottom of this page you will see a shot of a K-9 and handler acquiring the trail. I personally love to see dogs working and many years ago raised German Shepards, some of which went to military duty. I enjoyed the photos and hope they catch the perp. -GP

But we don't pay cops to enjoy dogs picking up a female dog's trail!
No perp was caught-- dog never does by himself.

If you are talking about fox and coon hunters trespassing on everyone else's land at night with a bunch of dogs bellowing, that is an excuse to get out of the house and drink moonshine. Then sleep all day because most of them don't work.

The cops have so much dog, water, air, and vehicle gear they spend most of their time fooling with it. Hawk 1 = 0!

My comment was about the photos, I am not sure what you are talking about. -GP

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Hey, tough guy, Deputy Benslay has more class in his pinky finger than you ever hoped to have. You know not of what you speak. Why don't you suit up in your tough guy costume and get out there and try his job for an hour? This man serves his community with honor and valor, his job is to protect us. All you do is make funny comments and hide behind your computer. I hope that somewhere deep down, you feel terrible for your disgusting insult.

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He can't help himself, he is what his is.

Ingore these inappropriate comments, that's what most do on this board.

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