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Only in PTC: Golf cart sledding

Putting Peachtree City’s signature vehicle to a novel use, Bruce Powell tows Cassidy Powell and Yuri-Grace Ohashi along an ice-covered neighborhood street in Braelinn Village. Photo/Kathy Hasse.



I would like to see on CNN today. And Fox, and CBS and NBC and ABC and on the cover of every publication our city puts out for recreation and relocation..where else in the good 'ol USA is the quality of life this good?

...Yippppeeeeeeee.....! Go daddy, go!

Did this earlier myself with a motorcycle strap and broomstick for a handle.

It's great to be reminded of why we love where we live.

I agree.

Did you get some photos?

It's a lot of fun until the golf cart stops and the kids go face first into the back of the golf cart. Hope they have insurance and a good dentist.

Good God dont you have any better sense? Great thing to teach a child, surely it must be against the law as well. You people in PTC are friggin idiots. Are the kids such idiots too they dont know how to slide down a hill? Idiots

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This is so dangerous, not to mention stupid, and is in no way for the good of the child, therefore child endangerment. Dear God the children exert any energy. Another annoyance with the golf carts in PTC is watching people walk their dogs while driving their golfcart. LAZY!

Really your complaining about hitting the back of a golf cart? You mean to tell me that you never made a ramp for your snow sled(unless you lived in Fla all your life)and tried to jump it?
We are getting out of hand with being way too safe. This is why we have health insurance or hospitals in the first place. It would be boring if everyone followed the rules and not had any fun. Seriously, live a little. I gave my kids anything that would slide to go down a hill. Not baby them if they got hurt. It's all about the learning experience. You don't get it if you don't try it!

I watched as some teens were pulling each other down a cul-de-sac on a golf cart. They were having a good time until a car at the end of the cul-de-sac started driving up the road, as the cart was pulling the sledding teen down the road. When the driver of the cart and the car saw each other at the curve, both stopped. The teen on the sled slid down past the cart into a parked car, trying not to get hit by the car. Everyone was ok. Stupid Teens? Yes. Having fun, good. Not having a spotter, bad.

This photo shows a gentleman pulling two young kids on a street. What would have happened if a car came the upon the cart or car couldnt stop on the ice? Where would these young kids end up? The back of the cart, the front of the car? Adults should know better than to put kids in harms way.

I let my elementry kids go out and play with thier friends. They had a blast, making ramps, sledding, falling, ect... They were supervised, but on thier own to make thier own fun. Came home to change thier wet gloves and socks a few times, but the fun was a result of thier imaginination and physical assertion.

Yes, I took them to a hill on the golf cart, but I parked it once there. Even pulling them up a hill was dangerous due to the ice and slipping backwards. Let the children have fun, exert the energy to walk back up a hill. It makes going down much more fun and gives them the exercise they all need.

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Don't sound like idiots to me. Golf carts are used to pull back up hills, DUH! - you can sled much faster than a golf cart can pull you going down hill. Saves energy and makes more sense. The idiots are the ones walking back up hills hauling sleds.

I saw a lot of vehicles slipping backwards on hills. Would hate to see a golf cart slip backwards onto some kids being pulled up a hill.

Let the kids get some exercise and walk back up the hill. It may not be the instant gratification that they want, but its safer and gives them the exercise they all need.

Why would any parent put thier kids at risk.

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