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Fayette, Coweta schools remain closed on Wednesday, Fayette gov't offices open

Representatives from the Fayette County and Coweta County school systems said Tuesday afternoon that both systems will remain closed on Wednesday.

The effects of the significant icing on major roadways in both counties encounter the “Big Thaw” Tuesday as temperatures rose above the freezing mark.

But the problem for school buses may likely still exist on less traveled streets Wednesday morning.

Meantime, all Fayette County government offices will be open Wednesday.



Gene61's picture

When you call the BOE, you have 8 options to choose from, how hard would it be to have an option for latest on School closings? Given this is 2011, you would think Fayette would mordernize and keep parents better informed , instead of waiting to see the closing scroll across the TV screen!

It would require little effort and the messages could be updated easily from any location.

Personally I believe the kids could have gone to school today ( Thursday ), the roads look quite good in Fayette Co. But since they aren't it seems we'll most likely have a 1 day school week, which on the face of it is simply crazy. Go ahead and plan on having the students return on tuesday after the MLK holiday. Make teh call now FBOE, so the parents can plan ahead, or is that requiring too much thought on your part?

I am never impressed with how FBOE handles situations.

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It is posted in red at the top of the website. It's also a lot easier to check than it is to wait for the scroll on TV. There is a big red bar at the top of the home page that says "click here for school closings". Takes you to an indexed alphabetical list of all closings in metro Atlanta.

when he could have much easier check the website.

Googling fcboe will get you there Gene....Much quicker and no complaints needed.

Busy Bee's picture

Per both and

Gene61's picture

Some people do not have internet access ( this doesn't apply to me of course ), so thats why posted the comment. Before try to make me look foolish, think about all the angles next time to a situation.

We're here to comment and seek others opinions, not have smarta** replies posted to degrade someone.

purplehaze's picture

Every parent and student received a phone call EACH evening when the board made their decision. By the way, unless you traveled each and every bus route in Fayette County, your opinion in moot.

hutch866's picture

Not 1 phone call here, on any day, and never have received one over the years. Just saying.

I yam what I yam

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