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Frady, 2 sidekicks out to bamboozle

More gloom fell over Fayette County on Jan. 5. On that day, three of our county commissioners (Frady, Horgan and Hearn) proved they could care less about the responsibilities a local government has to its constituents.

On that day, Herb Frady finally reached his 18-year-long dream when he was elected chairman on a 3 to 2 vote with new commissioners, Steve Brown and Allen McCarty voting in opposition.

Let it be duly noted that Frady had been nominated for the chairman spot on multiple occasions over the years and could never get elected. That’s how confident people are about Frady’s leadership abilities.

Right out of the chute, Chairman Frady moved to defeat a proposal for term limits. Keep in mind that Frady has been in office for 18 years.

Chairman Frady’s and his two sidekicks’ (Horgan and Hearn) most despicable accomplishment of the evening was to effectively kill a proposal from commissioners Brown and McCarty asking for a policy that would have mandated that anything up for a vote by the commissioners must appear on a published agenda at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

If this proposal would have passed, it would have meant no more sneak attacks from the Board of Commissioners on the unsuspecting public like we have had many times during the past four years.

It appears Chairman Frady has taken lessons from Nancy Pelosi. I guess the people of Fayette County will just have to wait for Frady to sneak a subject in for a vote on the day of the meeting or introduce the subject after the meeting has begun. Then we will have to wait till the next day to see what was really in the motion.

Is the reason Chairman Frady and his enabling two sidekicks wouldn’t support the 24 hours notice policy is [because] they plan on continuing the effort of the last four years of trying to bamboozle the citizens of Fayette County?

My fellow Fayette citizens, it looks as if we will have two more years of the same old [stuff] we have had for the past four years. Please, please keep your eyes and ears open and let’s hold these guys’ feet to the fire until their term is up in 2012.

Harold Bost

Fayetteville, Ga.

[Bost is a former Fayette County commissioner.]



ginga1414's picture

Mr. Bost, thank you for writing this letter. Chairman Frady has most certainly taken lessons from Nancy Pelosi as well as Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell.

If Frady, Horgan and Hearn cared about their responsibilities to the people of Fayette County, they would have whole heartedly voted in favor of Mr. Brown's and Mr. McCarty's propopsal "THAT WOULD HAVE MANDATED THAT ANYTHING UP FOR A VOTE BY THE COMMISSIONERS MUST APPEAR ON A PUBLISHED AGENDA AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING."

The West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition has been requesting information showing where, when, and how the old guard commission abandoned the East Fayetteville Bypass and made the West Bypass priority #1. We and many others have requested that information repeatedly over the last two years. Many requests through the Georgia Open Records Act have been sent to the present and former commissioners with absolutely nothing to show for our efforts. THE QUESTION REMAINS WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW did the old guard commission transfer SPLOST funds from the East Bypass and apply them to the West Bypass?

Was it a secret ballot? Was it done behind closed doors in an Executive Session? Or did they meet over dinner at a local restaurant and decide on the transfer? The question remains unanswered and if Frady, Horgan and Hearn have anything to do with it, it will stay unanswered forever.

The West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition will most certainly have their representatives at each and every commission meeting in the future.

Mr. Bost, thank you for caring about our local government. THANK YOU FOR HAVING THE COURAGE TO STAND-UP FOR THE CITIZENS OF FAYETTE COUNTY.

Like the old war horse said in his letter, those guys are out to bamboozle us.

We all know the West Fayetteville Bypass ain't about solving traffic problems. Don't expect Frady, Hearn or Horgan to turnover state's evidence on their own dirty deeds.

I don't!
Thet rode will be kivered up wif develope and cars in fiv yars!

ginga1414's picture

Hey, Spear, you are absolutely right. The three musketeers are still being guided from afar by Smith, Maxwell and whoever they are playing to.

I'm not writing Mr. Frady off yet. I sent him an email requesting that he disclose what we have all been trying to find out with no success...JUST HOW AND WHO DECIDED TO SHIFT THE EAST BYPASS FUNDS TO THE WEST BYPASS? I also asked him what in tarnation got the East Bypass off the back burner at the first commissioners meeting this year I plan to follow up on the two issues, and also to bring them up at the next commissioners meeting.

I think we should give Mr. Frady time to reply, but we should not turn loose of the issues until he does.

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