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PTC should support Gathering Place expansion

On any given day, walking into the Peachtree City Gathering Place, you are likely to see tables full of bridge players, a circle of seniors doing arthritis exercises, and a meeting of the PTC Pioneers Club.

At other times, the Gathering Place hosts community meetings, blood drives, election forums, wedding receptions, educational seminars, and civic club meetings.

The Gathering Place is our community center. Yet it was built 16 years ago when PTC was a much smaller community. In the past few years this wonderful space has simply become too small to hold all the events requested.

And our community – especially our seniors – risk losing the programs that help them remain happy, healthy, and living in their own homes.

Peachtree City knows the value our seniors bring to the community. Neighborhoods designed for seniors, the cart paths, and the activities at the Gathering Place have made our town one of the best places in the country for people to retire.

And with these retirees come the added benefits of more home sales, tax dollars, and local spending. Predictions show that the number of retirees coming here will increase and Baby Boomers living in the community will retire to greatly swell the number of seniors.

We must plan for the future and act now to expand the Gathering Place to insure PTC remains an active and healthy place for seniors.

This week, the city plans to distribute a survey to residents asking if they support expanding the Gathering Place. I urge you to vote in favor of expanding the Gathering Place. Let’s help our community center continue to make Peachtree City a great place to live.

Bonnie Mullikin

Peachtree City, Ga.



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...You very well may be right, but the powers that be think it more important to spend $707K to expand an existing fire station. Their priority is not with those of us that live here, but with their expansion and job security.

Monies spent they have borrowed at your and my expense.


Part of the Fire Station expension is to modify a facility designed on the cheap when built, originally built for one, maybe two personnel - and that would be stretching it, but presently houses four or more personnel in very cramped quarters. The combined kitchen, dining area and living room is about 12' x 12' and that only was accomplished by members removing the storage room a few years ago to expand the living space. The kitchen has all of about 24" of counter space and like three cabinets.
Heavy trucks must enter and exit out the back of the station due to a design flaw built into the original structure years ago. This is also eating up expensive tires and pavment as well. I could go on, but you guys seem to know more than most of us so it's probably pointless.

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The rationale for the expenditure of the $707K was not the point of my post, the timing was. It's obvious you favor the expenditure, but can you cite your rationale as to why it could not have been delayed? I'm sure the inconvenience experienced by members was worth the debt to the city.

By the way, would you be a city employee? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that.

I think they can live with the ones they have until we are rich again!!

This new station, new cars, new fire trucks stuff has got to stop!

If the rest of us are going to be able to feed ourselves and help our families who are out of jobs then costs need to be cut not added.

It has reached the point of illogical stupidity!

As far as the Gathering Place is concerned.......we have ALREADY voted on that issue, and it was decisively defeated. And it will be again. We don't have the money and we don't need the debt. Will the RECREATION LOBBY please stop hounding us over this issue. NO, NO, NO!

And since I haven't already mentioned it......
Auburn-22 Oregon-19
National Champions
Alabama - you DON'T rule this state!

I think one commentator said it best:

<em>Congratulations to Auburn University for winning the 2011 NCAA Football Championship...and congratulations to the University of Oregon for winning the 2011 NCAA Football Championship retroactively in 2013.</em>

I have to admit I was mightly conflicted during the game: as a lifelong 2nd Generation University of Georgia Bulldog, I found it impossible to root for Auburn...but on the other hand, I would (and ultimately DID) win my Yahoo Bowl Pool if Auburn won.

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So, that explains everything.

UGA, that is. One of the better Business Colleges around. Great Vet school too.

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need Vets for the Animal Farm.

True about one of the better Business Colleges "around".

They play football too, should please Ninja.

Lex is so uninformed it’s embarrassing. I've seen the survey question. It asks for an expansion for $850K. The previous vote in 2007 was for $2.7M. It was NOT decisively defeated. A couple hundred votes the other way and it would now be part of the debt we're currently paying. This time it’s a MUCH scaled back endeavor. Council is asking 'what if' it cost $35 one time to do this expansion. Not adding to any debt but, and get this, pay for it without adding to the city's debt. Compare your new sewer rate of an average of $30+ a month for the next 20 years ... every single month! Now compare a onetime $35 for this needed expansion. There is no comparison. Where's the outcry on the sewer rate increase? Get your perspective back on track will you? Go after WASA and the pay raises they gave themselves that we the sewer users are paying for.

The GP is so full right now they're using the amphitheatre building as additional temporary space. Imagine a few more years from now when there are many more adults wanting/needing this simple recreational service. I find it refreshing council is actually thinking ahead on this one, and doing it right by paying for it up front without adding to any debt. Come on, can't you skip a dinner out one time in the next year to help literally thousands of adults who will be using the GP in the years to come?

Are you tone deaf, Della?
No, not in this economy. We cannot afford it, whether its $850K or $2.7 million or whatever.
And comparing this with the rise in sewer rates if counter-intuitive. We don't have any alternatives with sewer rates. What else are you going to do with sewage? It has to be treated, and state and federal regulations must be followed.....
Unless you want to send your sewage back to the politicians and BIG SPENDERS who send it to us in the first place....

How about another firestation?

Your ignorance is beyond tolerance.

Yes we do have options on our sewer rate. The equivalent 11% pay raise plus benefits increase over the last 2 years can be rescinded. There's 1/2 a million bucks for you right there.

Then the city can take over management of WASA. Restructure the high priced employees who are way out of proportion to salaries city employees make.

The city, if it had control, could restructure the debt bond for a more favorable rate and again lower the overall bill. WASA cannot do this because they have no collateral other than their already mortgaged fixed assets.

I'd like to actually pay less for sewer service than I do for the rest of ALL the entire city services combined (Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works, Rec, etc.). Wouldn't you?

So you're argument is, you're OK with paying an extra $30 a month for 20 years but not OK for a onetime $35 charge for thousands of adults who want and will use the GP. You're OK with not trying to reduce that $30 a month for 20 years to say $20 a month for sewer. You're OK with the way WASA has managed operations over the last 5 years by giving pay raises every single year during that period while revenue was going down every single year. You're OK with them not gradually increasing rates and explaining it every year so that folks could understand.

Sometimes a little money spent up front pays big dividends later but you don't have any experience with that type of thinking do you? The GP can be a real asset to the city for not only adults but a possible larger revenue generator. Come on. Give up that steak dinner just once and have a nice stew at home.

...Is Beyond Tolerance? Really, Della? REALLY?
You need to go back to knitting and sewing and changing diapers and home making. I think that's more your speed. You know nothing about finance and infrastructure and capital improvements and EPA regulations and bonded indebtedness.
You already seem to be tolerating an ocean of ignorance.
Get back to ironing and cooking, and stick to something you understand.

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