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N. Fayette home invaders bind, rob homeowners and get away

Fayette County deputies are looking for two armed men who burst through a back door into a home on Imperial Way as the homeowners were preparing dinner Thursday night.

“The two adult victims had just arrived home and were preparing dinner when they heard a commotion at the back door,“ said Sheriff’s Detective Joshua Shelton. “Two armed black males entered the home and bound the owners.”

Shelton said, “The males were dressed in dark colored clothing and wore masks on their faces. They were in the home for a short period of time and took property from the homeowner before leaving. Once the victims were able to free themselves, they called 911 and deputies responded to the call for help. Once on scene, K-9 officers conducted a search of the area but it was apparent the perpetrators had fled the scene.

Imperial Way is in north Fayette County, off Ga. Highway 279 and just northwest of the junction with Ga. Highway 314. Deputies responded to the scene at 9:13 p.m. Jan. 10, Shelton said.



There' s an armory not far south of where these cowards terrorized this couple. Arm yourselves, folks. Buy as many guns and as much ammo that you can afford and put a gun in every room where the kids can't find them. We need to send as many of these cowards to the morgue that we can.

The joys of diversity!

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