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Senoia police win state certification

The Senoia Police Dept. recently went through the certification process with the Ga. Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP). Members of the department attended the Jan. 6 meeting of the Senoia City Council where the three-year certification was announced.

Making the presentation was Lake City Police Chief David Colwell. Obtaining the certification involves compliance with 129 standards across eight certification areas, Colwell said.
Colwell congratulated the department, adding that the Senoia department had received a three-year certification.

In photo at right above, officers and staff of the Senoia Police Dept., along with consultant Beverly Trainor at far right, were recognized at the Jan. 6 meeting of the Senoia City Council for obtaining a three-year certification from the Ga. Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP). Photo/Ben Nelms.

Colwell noted that of a total of 700 law enforcement agencies in Georgia, Senoia’s police department is the 109th agency to become certified.

Police Chief Jason Edens in accepting the plaque signifying the department’s certification noted the efforts and professionalism of the department’s personnel in obtaining the GAPC certification.  

“There’s been a lot of hard work from these men and women. I can’t say enough about who they are and what they mean to the city. They are the heart and soul of what goes on here,” Edens said of the effort of the members of the department. Edens also noted the contribution of consultant and former Fayetteville officer Beverly Trainor who helped the department obtain the certification. “Without Beverly Trainor and without these guys doing what they’re doing day in and day out and buying in to (the certification process) it would be a waste of time.”

Certification status represents a significant professional achievement. Certification acknowledges the implementation of policies and procedures that are conceptually sound and operationally effective, according to GACP.

Colwell during the presentation said the benefits of certification include confirmation that agency practices are consistent with progressive professional standards, greater operational and administrative effectiveness, enhanced understanding of agency policies and practices, greater public confidence in the agency, recognition in the field of outstanding achievement, reduced liability potential and greater governmental and community support.

Edens after the meeting said this was the department’s first attempt at certification.


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