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More businesses interested in Coweta

Recession or not, the Coweta County Commission is scheduled to hear a proposal in mid-February to rezone nearly 30 acres for a commercial development along the north side of Ga. Highway 34 at Hollz Parkway a short distance to the east of Walt Sanders Memorial Drive.

The proposal by JHP Family Investments, LLC for Jackson Place, will be presented at a public hearing on Feb. 15.

Included in the proposal is a request to rezone 22 acres from Rural Conservation (RC) to Commercial Minor Shopping Center (C-6) and 7.5 acres from RC to Heavy Commercial District (C-8) for a 40,000 square-foot automobile dealership.

The proposed C-6 property would include 149,000 square feet of businesses. A breakdown of the proposal shows 43,5000 square feet of offices, 69,500 square feet for a shopping center and 36,000 square feet for a medical/dental office building.

Coweta’s Planning and Zoning Department is recommending approval of the proposal and is recommending that commissioners consider 19 conditions.

County planners project that, if approved, the traffic flow for the development will generate 6,098 weekday trips, 4,740 Saturday trips and 2,272 Sunday Trips.

Portions of the proposed development are located in the Hwy. 34 Quality Development Corridor.



Getting their way. The last thing Coweta needs is yet ANOTHER car dealership building. We have one sitting empty on Bullsboro near the proposed development. Why do we need another one? We have empty shopping centers that are NOT getting filled, why build more?

I will tell you why, the investment company - JHP Family Investments, LLC is <strong>a family trust of one of the oldest Newnan families - Dr. Jack H. Powell. Dr. Powell, III is the orthopedic surgeon</strong> at The Summit on Bullsboro. He is a sixth generation doctor in Newnan.

If a 'normal' person tried to do this development, it would be shut down immediately, but since it is old Newnan, they are recommending that it be allowed. The development had to file a DRI - Development of Regional Impact - with the state of Georgia. Did the county not fight with Fischer's Crossing because it was a Development of Regional Impact? They are not fighting <strong>'Powell Business Park'</strong> - code named <strong>'Jackson Place'</strong> for the approval process. Here is the link to the DRI:

<a href="">Click here to view the DRI</a>

Just more crap development from our old Newnan families getting pushed down our throats.

I agree with everything you said. That empty car dealership is a real eyesore.
Unfortunately, I'll just take a guess here, you will only have a relocation of an existing car dealership to this new spot, a relocation of an existing doctor's office to this new spot and possibly only a relo of an existing retailer, too.
So, Newnan will end up with more empty older commercial parcels that will sit empty. Where have we seen this before? The Claytonizing of Coweta.

Ok you all get your signs together and march on over to The doctors office and his home and PEACEFULLY picket and try to get him to back off. Sounds like there is never enough money for some families. American greed

Hey, I'm against more commercial development as much as the next guy. And anybody who actually tries to build more commercial development right now is clearly an idiot.
But you can't deny a rezoning because there is other vacant commercial property around. This property is clearly meant to be commercial and industrial. Do you even realize where it is?
Denying the rezoning would be a flagrant violation of the property owners' constitutional rights. The county would get sued, and it would lose.
We definitely don't need another shopping center. But offices - especially medical offices, would be pretty cool.

As for comparing this to Fischer Crossings. . I guess you really are that stupid. But I figure most people have sense enough to no to pay no attention to the ramblings of a deranged nut.

My family recently moved from McDonough to escape the botch zonning practices put in place by Henry County. We know live extremely close to this proposed "Jackson Place", and are furious that Coweta County's Planning and Zoning Department is recommending approval for rezoning an RC zone to a C-8 Heavy Commercial. Until September 2010, our backyard was shielded by hundreds / thousands of trees and was visited nightly by various wildlife (deer, wild turkey, etc..). Now, the trees behind us have been plowed down and the animals no longer are present. And for what? A new Jeep-Chrysler dealership and more strip malls. This "Jackson Place" will depreciate all homes in the area, cause excessive traffic, noise pollution, and excessive lighting.

Newnan claims to be "The City of Homes". Why not protect the homes of Newnan? If they keep this up, homes will diminish, and we will become the next Clayton County.

Commercial creates taxes, homes donate very little. It is amazing that anything is being built in this great economy. You better appreciate it. It Should keep your property taxes from going up.

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