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Lake Mac starts filling up

Construction of Fayette County’s new 650-acre drinking water supply reservoir is complete and officially coming on line.

The new water source will ultimately provide 10 million gallons of drinking water per day to current and future residents of Fayette County, according to a press release from one of the firms involved with the design and construction of the project.
A 35-foot tall, 850-foot long dam impounds the reservoir. The dam was designed by engineering firms Piedmont Geotechnical Consultants of Alpharetta and Mallett Consulting, Inc. of Fayetteville.
Once the reservoir is sufficiently filled, a pump station will convey the water to the Crosstown Water Treatment Plant for distribution throughout Fayette County. Lake McIntosh, as the reservoir is known, is owned and operated by the Fayette County Water System and will provide additional flood control for a 70-square mile watershed.
The aerial photo of Lake Mac was provided by Jodi Schofield, who said, “I am a commercial pilot but also fly general aviation at Falcon Field. I was out flying today in a Piper and snapped this picture of the lake starting to fill up nicely. Just a few weeks ago the lake was empty.”
“I use the plane for sightseeing with my husband Mark and 15-year-old daughter Emily,” Schofield said. “It seems that a majority of local citizens are unaware of this huge project of the reservoir.”


Come to think of it, if those bulldozers had been a little more creative, we could have had F C islands out there in the middle, instead of T O or T .

Perhaps if we diverted some water to the existing 900 acre reservoir that is presently dry as a bone (Lake Horton), we wouldn't have needed to spend a huge pile of money to build a new one.

Now, explain to me again why FayCo has financial problems and needed to enact a new Watershed Management Tax?

Below is a picture of Lake Horton in late 2011. All boat ramps unusable. Believe it or not, the situation at Lake Horton is MUCH worse now.

This is all rainwater and nothing else. this is a good thing

I took a ride up to Planterra club house and then up above there to the office building parking lot today. Man, that lake is gigantahugeous. I bet the property value of that office building has just gone up substantially, too.

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