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New PTC agricultural industry will employ 42

A Japanese company is preparing to build its first U.S. production facility in Peachtree City off Ga. Highway 74 south near TDK Boulevard in the city’s industrial park.

Calpis Inc. is expected to employ 42 people on its 11.84 acre campus, according to a project description submitted to the city from InSpec Group of Atlanta. The company’s development plans were revealed to the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night.

Calpis will use the facility to “manufacture additives for animal feed utilizing a process of culturing, drying and grinding a soybean-based product into a probiotic additive in powder form,” according to a memo from city staff.

Calpis wants to build a 36,370 square-foot production building along with a separate 10,136 sq.-ft. office building. The site plan also includes a potential expansion of the manufacturing building in the future at the rear of the property, according to city staff.

According to its website, Calpis manufactures products such as “uniquely flavored beverages, health supplements and animal feed additives.”

The animal feed additives are designed to increase the health of farm animals including laying and breeding hens, pigs, horses, dogs and more. Calpis has offices in Torrance, Calif.

Because of the proposed use, the city’s fire marshal and the Peachtree City Water and Sewer Authority have been working with Calpis on the project, according to city staff.

The company has been working with the city’s planning staff for several months over several issues surrounding the site plan, and those issues were taken care of to the point where city staff recommended approval of the plan at Monday’s commission meeting. The parcel is zoned for industrial use and thus the Calpis project qualifies under the city’s zoning ordinance, according to city staff.

Of the 42 projected employees, Calpis calculates that 30 of them will be plant operators while four will be in research and development and the remaining eight will be office personnel.

Calpis estimates it will spend $15 million in building the facility, which will be located just south of the Lawson Mardon packaging plant.

Calpis will have a 150-foot tree save area off all of Dividend Drive except for its two access drives.



i really need a job. background administrative. thanks

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As the mayor's sole supporter, I'm surprised he hasn't hired you as his executive assistant or something.

and nothing ever good to say.

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I think that you are overly gratious in your response.

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I am unaware of any at Calpis at this time.

For anyone looking for a job, two good place to look are:

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Anyone curious about Calpis:

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<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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What kind of city is this that the mayor is unaware of a company moving in and buying land for a big building?
How about Pat Heaburg Did he not tell the mayor about the land sale? Or has he been cut off as well? Or does he not trust the mayor to keep a secret? Who knows.

I guess the staff working on this without the mayor's knowledge is going to be the new normal. That's fine with me. I do think Planning Commission is capable of moving on this without the mayor or council.

We have a real leadership problem here.

Live free or die!

I suggest you reread the first line of the mayor's comment again. He is responding to pumpkin's request from anyone about Calpis having any jobs available.

I'm putting it out here now. Falcons Patriots in New Orleans Feb. 3rd. It's destiny. Mattie Ice from Boston College, Tom Brady from Foxboro. Fantasy football at it's best.

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Correct. I have known about this from the beginning.

As to why RWM mentions Pat Heaburg, I do not know. PCDC and Pathways are gone.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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He came late to the Calpis party - staff held him off as long as they could (see below where he doesn't even know that Pat, Peachtree Brokerage Group and the industrial land he sells are still here).

And the Falcons? Boy would I love to see Falcons/Patriots in the Super Bowl, but a lot can happen this Sunday with that fantasy.

Live free or die!

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You keep trying to make real estate people the key people in everything.

Fact is FCDA is where I got my information on this one. I knew about it when they were first approached to look for locations.

With others I have been the first contact and then it went to the FCDA or DAPC, before they were dissolved. On others DAPC was first contact.

You just don't seem to be able to got out of the PCDC mindset, Morgan. Those days are gone.

Staff doesn't even enter into the equation until it reaches a level requiring their involvement.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

wouldn't it?

That's not happening.

I will say that if the Mayor doesn't think there are still movers and shakers in the Real Estate industry, he is sadly mistaken.

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I have worked with people in the Real Estate market to great success. The point here was Morgan just does not seem to be able to get passed PCDC is gone.

Like every other industry and government there are good and bad people involved.

I am very aware some on here are in Real Estate. Also very aware I have some backers who are in Real Estate and considered shakers and movers.

The issue was the claims Morgan made vs the truth.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Are you nuts? Please don't answer that. No one in their right mind has a PCDC mindset. Those people were evil and took the city for $28million for the sewer system - the same sewer system you are going to have to repair (or at least listen to the details of the coming repair debacle)- and then blame it all on someone. Suggestion would be PCDC, Lenox, Pace, etc (the real villains). You could blame it on George, Eric or Kim, but you won't because you have no guts. Instead you will take the Steve Brown approach and blame the whole sewer deal on Vanessa because she is part of the real estate cabal. You are an evil little man and I am embarrassed beyond belief that you are mayor. City staff despises you, city council dislikes you a bunch and no business locating here would ever respond to you in a positive way. Just go away and stop screwing up our city. We were here long before you were.
I will work against you big time in November. $10,000 minimum to the right candidate.

Live free or die!

Haddix announced today to the Rotary he is running for re-election.
Time for a PAC.

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Lesson learned from last time. DirectPAC had good membership, strong leadership and many visible supporters but many more (myself included) kept in the background and away from actual membership because of the very real fear of reprisals against local businesses - I was running one at the time. True, back then Brown had a couple of lackeys that supported him on council and they did in fact push some anti-businesses stuff and currently Haddix has no support whatsoever on council or staff, so retribution from him is unlikely. Nevertheless, it might be better to identify one strong candidate and use the PAC to support him or her. The alternative is an "anybody but the incumbent" PAC and that almost enables and energizes clowns like Brown and Haddix. In fact Brown was able to attack DirectPAC as a special interest group for developers because of the real estate and banking people on their board. God knows what Haddix would do or say if faced with an "anybody but Haddix" PAC, but it is not worth the risk to find out.

Either way, I'm fully supportive. We must not allow this city to deteriorate further.

BTW, I have attended every single "State of the City" address by every mayor back to Herb Frady and never once (not even Brown) have I heard one make a reelection announcement in January - until yesterday. Consensus was an eye-rolling and head shaking - worst mayor ever, but we already knew that.

Live free or die!

When and where can we arrange the first meeting? Strategies to be determined. Totally open to the approach.

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If a Randy or one of the Terry's or Scott emerges as a candidate early in the year, best strategy is to use their PAC that they set up, fund it, support them and try to guide well-meaning, later emerging candidates to one of the 2 council seats. No need to have 6 or 7 people running for mayor - as amusing as that may be, it actually favors the incumbent.

Of course if no one viable emerges by March, you have to set up a "anybody but Haddix" PAC and that is fraugt with problems, but not impossible. I'll have the guy who set up DirectPAC e-mail you - oh, wait, I can't, he's in the State legislature now.

Either way, I'm in financially as long as others are stepping up financially as well. No meetings for me, but you'll see my wife and a couple of our neighbors. They don't post here, but boy are they ever ready for new mayor.

Revised Sat AM. When asked by my neighbor about Scott, I gave him a long affirmative answer about Bradshaw. He was assuming I was talking about Rowland. Confusing for a while, but I would support either of these fine men if they were to run for mayor.

Live free or die!

But he has found out how to use Google.

Bless his heart.

you two must be miserable lonely old son of a guns, the nasty things you say; you are just so darn mean. mike the mayor, if you will read was responding to my posting, he does not know of any jobs open at this company. thank you mr mayor for the postings you referred me to. i am so sorry you have to deal with people like these two.

Your heart

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The other day Cal issued a warning against the use of all caps due to it being the written equivalent of shouting. But I don't believe that he banned the use of caps entirely. In fact, the use of capital letters at the beginning of sentences and in the first letter of proper names is both grammatical and enhances readability. FYI...

use an existing empty building. what's up with that?

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welcome to PTC!

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