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PTC to consider gas cart ban Thursday night

Thursday night the Peachtree City Council will consider a proposal to ban the registration of gas-powered golf carts, although existing gas cart owners will have 10 years before facing the same consequence, thereby rendering their carts unusable on the city’s 80-plus mile cart path system.

The gas golf cart ban has been applauded by residents who contend they are too smelly and noisy. But opponents have contended that the carts are a better alternative to electric-powered models since they have more range per tank compared to the electric cart’s built-in battery power.

City officials have said that roughly 5 percent of the golf carts currently registered are gas-powered.

There are concerns from city staff that a state law which prohibits any inspection relating to cart registration would make it impossible for staff to verify whether a new cart being registered is gas or electric powered.

Another concern from staff is that the ordinance would not address the time of year when most citizen complaints are lodged about gas carts: the Fourth of July holiday, when the city loosens its registration requirements to allow cart dealers to rent a significant amount of carts.

The latest version of the ordinance allows golf cart dealers who rent gas carts to obtain new decals over the next 10 years as they replace their rental fleet. It also:
• Exempts disabled drivers who have a valid disabled parking permit;
• Waives the registration requirement for certain Tourism events;
• Allows the transfer of gas powered carts that are already registered; and
• Exempts carts on local golf courses.

The last time the ban was discussed by council, there were three in favor, including Mayor Don Haddix and Councilmen Doug Sturbaum and Eric Imker. Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch and Kim Learnard have indicated they oppose the ban.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

You don't, but if you must, you should consider where in PTC there are charging stations so the electric carts can make a complete round-trip without having to be towed - or abandoned for the city to tow. So, do we have sufficient charging stations? Where are they? Who is going to pay to put more in? Who pays the electric bill. Think that through, Eric and make it another 3-2 vote against the ban.

This ban really looks like a waste of time. The next council could eaily overturn it and probably will. There are so few real issues in this town, i can easily see someone running for mayor or council on a "don't let them take away your freedom (to have a gas golf cart)" platform.

Live free or die!

MajorMike's picture

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson

Either vote for the ban or not. IF it's that big of a problem voting on it, why not just leave it alone. This Council baffles me at every turn.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Surely there have to be some real problems somewhere in this city.

Live free or die!

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