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Healthcare put on ice here

Ordinarily, the superior, readily accessed medical services in Fayette County, from 911 emergencies to specialist care, give us a warm, fuzzy, protected feeling.

You know, someone else is ready to take care of this, we don’t have to worry?

Well, Friday morning, my husband and I both felt ill. We were nearing the weekend, doctor’s offices were closing, perhaps it would improve by itself, if not we would see our doctors Monday.

On Monday we were worse, with severe bronchitis. And functioning doctors’ offices seemed to have vanished with house calls.

Don’t believe “Urgent Care Anytime” and “Immediate Care” advertising. This should be removed from outside such offices unless it is in fact true.

We finally found one facility open, obtained an antibiotic, and are on the mend, thanks.

Lois M. Speaker

Peachtree City, Ga.


Comments a bad time to need a doctor. The numbers they provide to call when closed are: "go to the emergency room!"

Unless you are flooding the floor at the emergency room with blood or are twitching on the floor, that is a 6-8 hour misery with a lot of other sick people.

They stop the bleeding and twitching and tell you to see your doctor when he opens.
The bill is generally between 1000 and 4000 dollars.

So, the 104 weekend days, plus about 12 holidays, subtracted from the 365 and 1/4 days in a year become 249 days available out of 365 1/4 days. About 65% of the daylight hours.

Now there are also about 16 hours out of a 24 day (another 35% availability!) At the doctor's office.

I didn't count vacations by Johnson & Johnson, nor sick time, nor seminars.

This boils down to a doctor being available about one-half of the time in his office, day and night. I have no objections with the doctor for this, all American work that or less.

What I can't understand are those who say we can't improve on our system, not even considering the costs!

We have so few long-term thinkers, especially on here, that I don't expect any kind of a plan to better those times available.

I have many suggestions and have said them here before---but no one seems to want it except the sick and poor.

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