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PTC strains at gas golf carts, swallows trash trucks

I am an owner of a gas cart and live in Peachtree City. I’ve lived here since 1987, and have had my Yamaha cart just about the same length of time.

I am amused at all the justification for the elimination of the carts. Most of the talk settles around the fact that they are noisy and stinky.

There is an element of truth to that, and I agree that we would probably be better off without them. The burning coal at some far off stinky Georgia Power plant is not in our back yard, so that is okay ... right?

The opposition claims that the banning is a violation of our constitutional rights, and there may be a smidgen of truth to that as well.

I can agree that fossil burning is bad for our health, and there is a whole lot of truth in that.

What I find ironic, however, is when I have brought up the issue of the superfluous barrage of garbage/trash trucks that invade our streets striving to keep our households clean.

When it is pointed out that there are too many of those large and stinky vehicles, which burn a heck of a lot more fossil fuel and pollute the air a heck of a lot more than the few golf carts, to say nothing of the damage their weight and hydraulic oils do on our streets, our political leaders go numb. They say that we need to preserve our right to choose who we want to pick up our trash.

Instead of ONE truck, making ONE run on our ONE street, we have four or five trucks running up and down preserving our freedoms. What is wrong with this picture?

I would gladly give up my gas cart if the city would take the leadership position in demonstrating a solution to a more costly and polluting factor over which they have control.

Playing politics over a nuisance and ignoring or ducking a serious health and infrastructure issue is ludicrous.

Juan Matute

Peachtree City, Ga.



Mr. Matute makes a great point about coal burning... but I don't smell any of that trolling down the cart paths whereas gas carts pretty much choke me everytime they go by especially if I have to walk/run/ride (you pick) behind one.

The city attorney was asked and he answered that it was within the council's prerogative to manage the public cart paths. End of that argument.

As for the garbage trucks, get off your duff and talk to your neighbors about unifying to one provider. Why must gov't do this for you? Beside, you'll find out you can get a better rate with a whole group. Duhhhh!

Mike King's picture

It's your option to walk/run/ride behing a gas cart. Surely you do not remain downwind from flatulence, do you?

It is a private property issue, plain and simple.

Is your cart gasoline or diesel?

....about gas golf carts and sure enough there it was!

It read:
Thou shalt not allow any female to vote or drive a gas golf cart--if they can't vote they can't outlaw them.
Also, No slave can drive a golf cart, they surely will run away if you do--if they have a gas cart.

also, no person will be allowed to vote on gas golf carts unless they are a substantial property owner, substantial meaning 1000 acres.

And, what is this stuff about taxes on TEA? Just switch to coffee and deal with Juan Valdez. Beer is even better from Germany.

And if anybody ever tries to outlaw our home brew (to cover up this terrible English cooking) we will soon enough rescind that law.

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You put your stinking gas golf cart in the back of one of those stinking garbage trucks and I will promise you that I will force my neighbors to push for one garbage service provider per street. OK?

You first. Let me know.

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