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Fayette BoE restores 1.5% of school system pay

School system employees got a portion of what they wanted Jan. 18 when Fayette County Board of Education members voted unanimously to restore 1.5 percent of the 4.5 percent pay cut from 2009 that took effect in the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

The 1.5 percent restoration came at the recommendation of Superintendent Jeff Bearden.

The school board last year returned another 1.5 percent as a one-time payment. Unlike the one-time payment last year, the restoration Jan. 18 will modify the employee pay scale, something teachers depend on since it is the pay scale that figures prominently into the amount they receive after retirement.

The restoration in dollar terms amounts to just over $1 million for the remainder of the current fiscal year, said Comptroller Laura Brock.
“It will cost close to $2 million for all of next year,” Brock said of the pay restoration.

Prior to the vote, board member Terri Smith asked Brock if the restoration of pay would be sustainable. Brock responded, citing a number of concerns going into the upcoming fiscal year that begins in July, adding that the school system could experience as much as a $10 million deficit next fiscal year.

Brock also noted concerns over the loss of federal funds to the states, increases in employee healthcare costs and the ongoing reality of a declining local tax digest that generates fewer tax dollars for the school system.

“And we still don’t know about state cuts this year,” Brock added.

After a brief discussion the board voted unanimously to restore the 1.5 percent.



Typical government again. You give back a 1.5 percent in pay. So this is a pay raise. Now I realize they took a pay cut before and still are behind from that cut. I also know they deserve more. BUT, you also say next year may have a 10 million dollar deficit. Gee whats wrong with this picture

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Want to make some real money teaching?

Privatize the schools.....tomorrow. Sell all public property to private corporations, make them compete, the good teachers will be paid well and the bad teachers won't be teachers. Kids that want to learn will get a good education and parents will be happy. Oh....and taxpayers won't be on the hook for trying to teach kids who don't, won't learn. They will fill the ranks in labor left by illegals that won't be here because we protect our boarders.

It's called the free American market.

The return of the 1.5% is a start, thank you. I get the feeling the county will be fine because perhaps Mr. Beardon, will see some of the "fat" that still remains. It could be cut out to keep another deficit from occurring. That 4.5% cut put some employee's in a position of making less than they did when they started, those who started from 2004/2005 school year. There haven't been any step raises in years, so new hires from 2004/2005 also haven't moved up the scale either. This 1.5% shouldn't kill anyone, but if it does seem to become an issue, we could always look again at the still present areas that could use some trimming. Also, the employees, as with all Americans have faced increase in health care costs as well. Thank goodness for it, but it has gone up quite a bit. The teachers, bus drivers, lunchroom workers, custodians and all other personnel in the schools are taking care of our future adults, let's take care of them.

Doesn't the 1.5%, plus the 2% reduction in withholding tax, make a total of a 3.5% raise? ($60K X 1.035% = $62,100) (isn't 60K about the avg. pay for system?)
Not bad in a recession!

A lot of splost bills have to pass to keep this up however.
Looks like sales taxes will grow enormously for the next forever.

That way most of the tax increases will be paid by working people, not corporations or wealthy people.

I just hate to be specific on here when most deal in platitudes with no specifics---that is rude to them.

First, half or more of the teachers in Fayette County do not participate in the social security program. Several years ago, the school system re-entered the social security program. Current employees were given the option or whether or not to participate (per federal law, their decision was an unrevocable one). Most teachers chose not to participate. All new employees since that time (again, per federal law) have been required to pay social security taxes. So, half or more of the teachers will not received the 2% pay increase that YOU will be receiving.

Furthermore, $60,000 is NOT the typical salary in the county. Next time, do your homework.

I no longer pay SS taxes and get no raises for anything.

What are these teachers going to do when the fake retirement system they are in goes broke? That is tax paid just as is SS!

I didn't say $60,000 was "typical" pay, I said "average." This would include all whose salary is paid by taxes, and also those teachers and supervisors making much more than that.

Your "specifics" are much worse, teacher. I regret that many of you will likely be laid off or salaries reduced within the next year or so. That is a sad part of being paid by taxes.

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Average salary in Fayette county below 60k (48,300 well below state average)also less than half of teachers participate in social security and the 2.0% reduction in social security tax is for one year then back to 6.0% and let's not forget increase in insurance premiums

"Invincibility lies in the defense. The possibility of victory in the attack."

Does your 48K average include any of the other things paid for the staff by taxes?
Does it include all of the staff and the teachers?

The teachers would be underpaid and not the office supervisors were it not for their benefits now and later!

There are only two choices now to continue a good education system:
Reduce everyone's salary and benefits, or lay-off whatever quantity balances the budget.

Borrowing more or bumming from the state or federals is no longer an option. SPLOSTS are out for wage payments.

Oh, I suppose we could consider charging everyone more in cash for teaching their children or up the allowable millage rate allowed---which is hard to do with so many unemployed!

The school district's comptroller, Laura Brock, is incompetent. There won't be a $10 million deficit next year. Two years ago, she said the school would have trouble balancing the budget the next year and therefore, employees would have to take a pay cut. Foolishly, the school board believed her and approved such a cut. At the end of the next fiscal year, the district had more than $15 million. No competent CPA would make such a massive miscalculation.

She is clearly an idiot. Should have fired a couple of years ago. Hope she is smart enough to start looking for another job. Unfortunately, she is such a poor performer, no one will hire her and the school district will continue to stuck with her.

My friends in the schools tell me that no employees respect her. They say the best thing the new superintendent could do to improve morale is to send her packing.

I agree. Ask her a question, and you get a blank stare, then political doublespeak.

The school district definitely needs a comptroller that understands finances. The present one is absolutely clueless. Her miscalculations and misrepresentions keep occurring. She is overpaid, underworked, and has not been held accountable for her repeated mistakes.

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