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PTC lauded for fixing icy roads

Praise was heaped upon Peachtree City’s Public Works Department at Thursday night’s City Council meeting.

Specifically several compliments were aimed at the fantastic shape the city’s roads were in following the recent ice storm.

Councilman Doug Sturbaum said he had several co-workers who drove from other areas to work in the city, and they noted that the difference in the city’s road condition compared to other jurisdictions was evident as soon as they crossed the city limits.

“We got so many compliments from residents and business owners who came in from other parts of south metro Atlanta, and they said it was amazing ... that it was like night and day, so public works did an awesome job,” said Interim City Manager Nikki Vrana.

Councilman Eric Imker noted that the Sany Corporation, which is building a heavy equipment assembly facility in Peachtree City, offered the use of a motor grader to help the city with ice and snow removal.

“That was very appreciated,” Imker said.

Councilwoman Kim Learnard complimented Vrana on making the tough decision to close the city for two working days due to the rough road conditions as many area roads were iced over.

Vrana noted that the decision was made after communicating on multiple phone calls with Police Chief Skip Clark, Fire Chief Ed Eiswerth and Public Works Director Mark Caspar.



xie xie!

Memo to Public Works....brrrr....thank you!

.......but so icy according to skip. etc., that we had to close up for two days?

Several paragraphs of the amazing job done on the streets, then two sentences about it being too bad to stay open!

Sounds just like the Georgia Transportation Head who kept saying, "our people did a wonderful job, just magnificent!"

I can't say about any streets but mine and it got no attention. Didn't the state have to do 54/74?

Why is it necessary all of the time for the PD, FD, Public Works, etc., to publicize, often incorrectly, about such things? Budgets maybe?

Does anybody know why cops are getting shot lots of places the last few days? Federal people last week in Tucson?
Is it the Recession? A guy in Atlanta shot two cops yesterday, or today, when they tried to get him out of his house! It had been foreclosed!

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