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Irony and the state of the PTC Council

I read the statement the mayor gave to the City Council on Jan. 19 in The Citizen last night. I had to chuckle a little bit in the irony of the situation. But the more I thought about the current state of the City Council it bothered me.

First the irony: The basic point of what the mayor said is that the City Council had a double standard. The council libeled and slandered the mayor by saying he was not to be indemnified based on the lawsuit filed by H. Logsdon. The council felt Mayor Haddix should be liable for the lawsuit and later reduced his salary to cover the expenses.

Later on, the mayor states: “Bottom line here is if the council members had backed the full and proper handling of this matter at the beginning, the Logsdon lawsuit would have gone away quickly and cheaply ...“

The irony to me is that if the mayor would have done the right thing upfront and admitted he made a mistake in his reference to previous Mayor Logsdon and apologized to him there probably would never been a lawsuit. There would never have been a need to have things go away quickly and cheaply.

Let me share one thing I have learned in life: I know it is hard to admit when you do something wrong but it is far better to do that and apologize and move on.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying the actions of the council were correct.

Here is what bothers me the most, as a taxpaying member of Peachtree City it is pretty discouraging to watch the current leadership work in this manner. Everybody is pointing the finger at the other blaming them (that is what children do) for what has happened.

I suggest each of you look in the mirror for your portion of blame because you are all at fault to some extent in my opinion.

I don’t care if one person or another is difficult. True leaders will find a way to work together in extremely difficult times.

I think PTC is in difficult times based on our finances. Can you all be leaders to get it done and somehow work together?

P.S. I am not looking for an article responding back by any council member. I am watching the council actions because their actions speak louder than any words/article.

Michael Chrzanowski

Peachtree City, Ga.



You are absolutely correct. All need to look in the mirror and own part of the discord.

Their actions until Nov will be closely watched.

Let's hope they learn to play together.

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I will overlook the obvious factual depiction of what did and did not happen with the Haddix apology for fear that I would be confused as a Haddix supporter for which I am most assuredly not.

Your central premise is correct--- this entire Mayor and Council is a failure. They get concerned over several thousand dollars, hire all kinds of outside lawyers and then ignore our $30 million dollar budget and just do what staff wants. Utterly dysfunctional.

There is a very appropriate acronym, popularized during WWII: SNAFU.

of leadership. Two appear worthless in all aspects of leadership qualities and one is on the fence.

Just my take on it.

I would love to see each mayoral & council candidate PLEDGE to:

1-Work together, as a unified team.

2-Agree that leadership is not fighting for what you believe in at nauseum but agree to find the common core to move the city forward. Maybe executive sessions should occur at the beginning of each meeting so they can exchange information and communicate.

3-Never write Letters to The Editor attacking each other.

4-Stay off the blogs unless they are providing information, not fighting with each other.

Most citizens are fed up and suspect every incumbent running for re-election will be voted out of public office.

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