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Lake Peachtree being lowered for maintenance

If you’ve taken a peek at Lake Peachtree over the past few days, don’t let the lower level cause alarm: it’s being done on purpose.

The lowering of the waterline will allow property owners along the lake to maintain their shoreline and docks along the lake. It’s expected the lake will remain low for approximately two months, with the lake level set to rise back up in late March, officials said.

The lowering of the lake will also allow the city to take a look at the Battery Way boat dock, which will be considered for a future upgrade as part of the city’s focus on infrastructure.

The photo above by Ben Nelms was taken from Drake Field looking northeast toward the Ga. Highway 54 bridge over Flat Creek and Lake Peachtree.



They must be all screwed up around here. First, the fish kill on the Lake Peachtree inlet, then the massive Lake MacIntosh comes in, now Lake Peachtree gets sucked dry. They must not know whether to (*&^ or go blind.

Do remember the lake being drawn down this far in the past?

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the "maintenance" excuse is a ruse, maybe it has something to do with what was in our stinky water a few months ago.

You never know but I haven't seen many crews out their cleaning up the lake bottom (edge) now that it's drained.

In the real world, outside of the gubment, the dredging and the lake property owners dock repairing would have been scheduled to be done at the same time. I know, I know, that sounds just too efficient, too synchronized for gubment folks, so this is how it plays out in the gubment world.

First, you have the Lake Peachtree Association who have had their agreement with FC water system to lower the lake every 5-7 years so they can check their docks and do needed repairs.

You also have FC water system which is mandated by law to maintain the mean level of the lake at a certain height. When the silt comes in the inlets from a certain unnamed golf course and other runoff, the higher level of silt eventually reduces the mean depth of the lake (from the bottom up), so the FC water system has to go in (usually every 10-15 years) and suck the sludge off the bottom of the lake to restore the depth.

In the last few years you have had the confluence of the stinky water, the brown water, an former inept water manager revealed to have neglected our water system with the help of past BOC and county manager who refused to allocate money to maintain it, a drought of historic proportions for a few years prior to that, a water committee board that has been overhauled to actually have people on it to address lake issues, and a city council who have gotten into the mix requesting exceptions such as: don't do it now, we have out of towners coming in to run around the lake and it won't look pretty for them 2) don't do it now, we have these dragon boats that have to go out on the lake 3) don't do it now, at least one PTC council member wants to dredge the upper pond on the north side of 54...key word here, wants, not need to,(which you will find out very shortly, is going to be borne by the PTC taxpayers with more debt or drawing down of our reserve money if we don't say no to it). Oh, there is also a new mayor who continually states the lake property owners need to be able to shore up their seawalls, too. Yes, you heard it right, seawalls.

So, when you throw all the above in a pot and mix it together, you have at the least, a lake lowering schedule that has been thrown way off schedule for the property owners and freezing cold, rainy weather while it has been lowered. Come next year, again and separate from this current lowering, you will have the lake lowered to do the silt dredging as a separate project from the current dock repairs and seawall shoring. And, unless taxpayers say no in the next 2 months or so during budget talks and planning for 2015, you will also have the inlet pond above 54 (which has NEVER been drained and who knows what is lurking beneath those waters..aka money pit) drawn down at the same time, but worked on with PTC money, not water system money.

Finally, you have the boat dock which is going to be replaced and the railings on the path bridge on 54 across from the Wyndham are going to be replaced when the parts come in. Both will cause some short term disruption this spring and maybe into summer, but are long overdue and will enhance the look of the lake. We now have a competent, professional FC Water System mananger, Lee Pope, awesome engineering consulting firm (CH2MHILL) and a proactive BOC and county manager (Steve Rapson) who are fixing our neglected, broken water system and that is the best thing to come out of all of this.

Now, I am going to get a long, cool glass of now sparkling clean H2O with a twist of lemon, hop on my golf cart, and putter on over to Lake McIntosh to enjoy the sunny, warming day we have unfolding before us.....ciao for now.

for quite a while...I'm getting kind of worried, not a sign of a new dock down at battery way.....what gives with that?

The lake is supposed to start filling up again this coming week, unless something has changed recently.

The dock is separate from the lake lowering. It is going to be done as soon as the weather clears and will be done whether there is water or not. Maybe soon, as looks like a nice week coming up.

Thanks Mo

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