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Sting nets two arrests for prostitution, one for pimping

Two women were arrested on charges of prostitution and one man was arrested for pimping in a Jan. 20 sting conducted by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Tactical Narcotic Team (TNT).

Tavish Sunshine Hunter, 40, of East Point and Megan Paige Johnson, 21, of Hixson, Tenn. were both charged with prostitution, said sheriff’s office spokesperson Brent Rowan.

Also arrested on charges of pimping and violating the Georgia Controlled Substance Act for being in possession of prescription medication without a legal prescription was Corey Montez Hollie, 31, of Atlanta, said Rowan.

Alexis Charles Jordan, 30, of Atlanta, was also arrested in the incident on charges of public drunkenness and violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act for being in possession of prescription medication without a legal prescription, Rowan said.

Rowan said TNT in conducting the sting was acting on a complaint that provided investigators with information of an online website that was advertising prostitution in the Fayette County area.

Rowan said investigators searched the website and discovered advertisements that were offering sexual acts in exchange for money in the Fayette County area. An undercover TNT investigator responded to two advertisements where the suspects agreed to meet the undercover investigator in Fayette County to perform sexual acts in exchange for money, said Rowan.

The sting occurred at an undisclosed location, though Rowan did confirm that the operation took place in Fayetteville.




Where is your libertarian outrage over the government's interference with the property rights of these fine citizens?

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Sometimes you just have to laugh at these events and the people involved. I've been here quite a while proclaiming legalizing drugs, gambling, prostitution and all the other really sinful(and fun!) libertarian ideals of small government and liberty, but no one wants to hear it 4-5 times a day on The Citizen and not every event to me is a grand opportunity to try and convert the masses suddenly. I guess that's where Rahm and I part ways :)

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That's surprising :)


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A State Bar investigator and the DA confirmed that this was the only instance in which a sex act was discovered, so, what the heck, cut 'em loose ! Case closed !

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That is really, really good :) The truth makes the satire even more humorous, or scary, I guess too.

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