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Rep. Ramsey preps tough immigration law

Under a proposed law being introduced this Wednesday by Rep. Matt Ramsey (R-Peachtree City), employers across the state will be required to verify the residency status of all new job applicants to make sure only American citizens or properly documented aliens can be hired.

Ramsey’s bill also will tighten the process of applying for tax-paid benefits and services. Law officers also could legally check citizenship status during a traffic stop.

Ramsey on Tuesday said the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 is being sponsored by a number of House members and is the culmination of months of work by the Joint House and Senate Committee on Immigration Reform.

“This comprehensive legislation is aimed at addressing the social and economic consequences of illegal immigration in Georgia,” Ramsey said. “I’m proud of this bill, it’s the product of months of study. I’m looking forward to introducing it and starting a committee process to lead it to a vote.”

Ramsey provided The Citizen with a number of highlights included in the legislation.

The bill requires the use of the federal E-Verify Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.

“This is a critical piece of the bill to provide job opportunities for Georgia’s legal residents,” Ramsey said.

The bill will also create new requirements and parameters for verifying an individual’s eligibility to receive state and local government services and benefits.

“The intent is that no dollars coming from taxpayer-funded benefits are flowing to those not entitled to receive them,” said Ramsey, citing housing assistance programs as an example. “(Those requirements and parameters establish) what is and is not acceptable to get state and local government services and benefits.”

Another section of the bill creates new criminal offenses for the prosecution of those who knowingly induce, harbor or transport illegal immigrants.

Ramsey said the bill also creates greater enforcement mechanisms to ensure that government officials comply with immigration law. This provision of the bill would give the state’s adult citizens the capability of bringing legal action against a government agency or official who is not following the law, Ramsey said.

The bill also creates incentives to encourage local governments to participate in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “Secure Communities” program dealing with the identification and potential removal of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

Yet another facet of the bill would give law enforcement officers after a lawful motor vehicle stop the ability to pursue a check of the individual’s citizenship status and act accordingly if the person does not have proper identification and if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that the person is illegal.

Any action that follows that suspicion would depend on what resources are available to the officer in a given area of the state and whether there is a federal facility in proximity to that location that is accepting illegal immigrants, Ramsey said.

“If nothing else it will be documented that the person is here illegally,” Ramsey added.


The following is a statement issued Jan. 25 by Rep. Ramsey. It is reproduced here in its entirety.]

Rep. Ramsey to introduce “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011”

There is no country in the world more welcoming to immigrants than the United States of America. While we offer immigrants an opportunity to improve their employment, standard of living, and personal freedoms, perhaps the greatest opportunity we provide is a chance for immigrants to join the American melting pot of cultures and become American.

Only in America does the stranger become, not simply a permanent resident, but one of us; every bit as American as the descendant of a Mayflower pilgrim.

With this great privilege, however, comes responsibility. The most basic responsibility, shared by us all, is to obey the law. The rule of law is the keystone that holds together our orderly society. Unfortunately, it is clear that we have experienced a complete breakdown of America’s immigration law.

Though long ignored by Washington, Georgia literally cannot afford to ignore the economic burden created by our unsecure borders.

The economic downturn caused Georgia’s unemployment to rise to record highs and state revenues to plummet to new lows.

We continue to see huge reductions to every segment of our state budget, meaning state services are stretched thinner than ever before.

School classrooms are more crowded, our healthcare system is at its limits, transportation infrastructure is overburdened and our law enforcement community is working feverishly to do more work with fewer resources.

It would be patently irresponsible not to address the issues posed by Georgia’s estimated 400,000-plus illegal aliens.

With this in mind and after a great deal of study the members of the Special Committee on Immigration Reform are introducing the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011.”

This legislation includes numerous common-sense reforms aimed at addressing the social and economic consequences in Georgia resulting from the federal government’s inability to secure our nation’s borders.

This legislation will require the use of the federal E-Verify system by private employers in this state. This is a common sense step towards ensuring that available job opportunities are afforded only to our legal residents and that employers stay within existing law.

The legislation will also protect citizens from an unlawful burden on taxpayer-funded services by requiring the use of only secure and verifiable identification documents for any official purpose, including the dispensation of public benefits.

Further, it will provide greater incentives for law enforcement agencies to apply for participation in federal partnerships that provide for faster and more efficient identification and transfer of illegal aliens.

In addition, the bill provides important new tools for law enforcement officers and provides them greater latitude in handling immigration issues during a lawful stop or detention.

The bill also creates criminal penalties for any individual that encourages an illegal alien to come to Georgia or that transports or harbors an illegal alien once they arrive.

This is not an exercise in scapegoating. Our nation’s illegal immigration crisis ultimately represents a failure of government. The federal government’s failure to secure our borders serves as an open invitation for illegal immigration.

The employers who encourage and reward illegal immigration are certainly not blameless. Make no mistake: those here illegally did not act alone.

However, violation of the law cannot be simply ignored, particularly when the enormous costs of those violations weighs so heavily on Georgia taxpayers during these difficult economic times.

[Representative Matt Ramsey represents the citizens of District 72, which includes portions of Fayette County. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 2007, and was elected by the House Majority Caucus to serve as their Caucus Vice-Chairman in 2010.]



Not much was said in the open sequence of President Obama's State of the Union speech, relating to the mass invasion of illegal invaders. He described the crash of the Dream Act not being enacted, but nothing about the undercurrent of who pays for it, or immigration law allowing millions of more family members entering under the Chain Migration sponsorship. My attitude on illegal immigration doesn't really matter as a blogger, however my deep rooted investigation of the truth does? There are hundreds of authentic reports on the Internet with a reality view of Congressional spending that includes States. Politicians like Sen. Harry Reid are the main cause of this nation’s demise through catering to the occupation of foreign intruders and stifling the use of a mandatory E-Verify employee verification program. These reports and articles come from not only Liberal sources, but the commercial and government archives.

The American people complain all the time about the porous border, the Dream Act, Amnesty, Sanctuary cities and the mass emergence that are straining our welfare system for the instant citizenship of babies of illegal parents. Sanctuary states like California are truly in a terrible way, because the Sacramento Lib-Democrats have done nothing to stop welfare fraud and financial support of illegal immigrants. The majority of law abiding naturalized Americans and residents, who came here are honoring the laws of this great country. They have freedom of their religion and whatever their color, race or creed are not being hunted by ICE agents. Generation of legal people from South of our national border have joined the TEA party and other organization, because they too are frustrated since the illegal alien population explosion and do not deserve being connected with the illegal wrongdoer's from whatever part of the world they hailed from? Legitimate Americans, green card holders, permanent residents of every kind are being branded with the same reputation and looked upon with disdain and anger. They too want no more amnesties or any special privileges from their indigenous countries people who entered illegally as they themselves have already assimilated, speak the common language, adjoined our culture and live amongst us, as one America.

In the past two years, as unemployment remained near 10 percent, more than 1 million immigrants, of whom 35 percent were undocumented or illegal, have gotten work in this country. The story is that in the past two years, U.S. business owners have chosen to go for discount immigrant help, while the economy as a hole has shed millions of jobs for U.S. workers. California has a 26 billion dollar drain in this once flourishing state, caused by the malfunction of ICE and homeland Security to remove the infestation of illegal families. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that the cost of illegal immigration to the states stands at about $113 billion, with nearly half that amount going to education costs. It’s easily explained as one illegal worker slips past the border patrol, rents a home and then the whole family comes over the border. Then there is the problem with entry via a tourist or student visa, but with no intentions to return to their nation of birth.

The main culprits in entitlement programs are education for infants through k-12, the birthright citizenship law of the 14th amendment, the free hospital emergency room that has become a visit for sore throats and common flue. These subsidizing public services are by no means the limit to pandering to the illegal immigration invasion. Another massive disbursement is the criminal sewer rats, which also have made their way from our Southern border and even European countries. Last month, the Los Angeles County supervisor , Michael Antonovich, , released new statistics showing welfare costs for the children of illegal immigrants cost the county $600 million last year, up from $570 million in 2009, as reported by Fox News. Going beyond the cost of food stamps and welfare-style benefits through the state program CalWORKS to include the expenses of public safety and health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to Los Angeles taxpayers for 2010 was more than $1.6 billion, not including education costs. Last week, the California Department of Education released data demonstrating that for the first time Latinos now make up the majority of California's public school students, cracking the 50 percent barrier for the first time in state history, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Illegal aliens are reducing the retirement payments, pensions to our old folk. At According to the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 10 Number 1 spring 2005 (the report on Illegal Aliens and American medicine) defines the issue as a monolithic non-reimbursement concern of hurting hospitals across the United States. Illegal aliens are costing more than the prior Iraqi war as seen here, There reports are just the tip of the iceberg. Removing illegal immigrants from America that we are feeding, housing and giving free hospital access, would go a very long way in saving bankruptcies in state treasuries and the federal failure of placing American taxpayers before nationals of other corrupt countries. Call your Senator or politician about illegal Immigration, and Amnesty at Washington switchboard to be connected at 202-224-3121.

Not one Georgia citizen that I have ever heard speak about immigration has had a solution for our 30 million Mexicans and others here; and, always say well that proposal (Dream) isn't PAID for, so we can't do that!
Do you think it can be resolved without paying for it?

Let the House introduce a bill to solve the problem and say how THEY will pay for it without violating the law about MANDATED spending!

I thought the last general election & Obama told people like you that that kind of "double-speak" won't be tolerated any longer. Even the house seats won by conserves the last election are still talking trash!

........have already said Georgia doesn't wasn't this law due to lawsuits it will bring!

The sponsor of this bill knows that and is just putting on a show for Fayette votes. Just more of the hypocritical crap thrown out to fool ignorant voters.

This sort of politics doesn't fly anymore, we all aren't dumb.

Remember when the pressure was put on Georgia one summer not long ago to go to the Fields and construction sites and check cards and arrest and export them, and the Governor said----not until the crops are in!

As if there would be no more crops next year!!!!!!Disgusting.

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