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Fayette may fight EPA air quality ruling

Fayette County officials may challenge the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to declare the county an ozone “non-attainment area” for air quality standards.

Filing the challenge will cost $35,000, but if the county wins, it would relieve existing and potential businesses of various regulatory burdens that could potentially hamper or prevent industrial growth.

The Fayette County Commission will discuss a proposal from a private firm to challenge the EPA’s preliminary decision at the regular commission meeting Thursday at 7 p.m.

The county has a proposal from the governmental affairs consulting firm of Joe Tanner and Associates.

According to the firm’s proposal, its officials “are confident that we can make a case on your behalf and that we can convince the Georgia EPD to recommend that Fayette County be removed from the non-attainment area.”

EPA lacks air quality data from Fayette County because it does not have an air quality monitor that is reviewed by EPA, according to Joe Tanner and Associates. The firm’s proposal states that “Fayette County has a relatively small amount of pollutant emissions that contribute to ozone, so the proposed designation of Fayette County to be in the non-attainment area is questionable.”

According to the proposal the EPA is proposing Fayette County be deemed an area of non-attainment because it is next to Fulton County, “which has documented ozone violations.”

EPA is proposing to designate Fayette as one of 18 counties in the ozone air quality non-attainment area for metro Atlanta. According to the EPA, the final decision is expected to be made this summer.

The proposal indicates that project will be handled by the former director of the Georgia Environment Protection Division, the former assistant director of EPD and also a former high-ranking EPA official.

In other business Thursday night, the commission will be presented with the results of its annual financial audit. Also the commission will consider a request from Chief Superior Court Judge Christopher C. Edwards to adopt a probation services agreement with Judicial Correction Services.



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Sweet. As a bureaucrat you initiate regulations that cost municipalities money then retire and become a paid lobbiest to undo the damage. Wonder what kind of gravy train the current directors are setting up?

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Guy on the plane yesterday saw my i-pod and started on a rant about how they were all made in China instead of the U.S. I believe he said that was 200,000 jobs lost right there. That's probably a high number, but his point is valid. The reason for all that of course is mindless government regulations that discourage American jobs. This EPA stuff is just one more example. Let's dismantle all federal departments that begin with E - Education, Enviornmental, Education. It would be a start.

Live free or die!

Perhaps you meant to include "Energy"!

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Energy can go as well. They don't produce anything do they? I think private business does that and Energy just slows them down and makes their job harder and more expensive with excessive regulation and mindless policies. Like Obama said - he wants to make coal produced energy expensive. Good job Prezbo. That's what we need - higher bills.

I seriously think he's screwed the pooch on the pipeline. Pandering to enviormentalists instead of unions (and jobs) is going to be very unpopular. If Romney clearly says he will reverse the pipeline decision in his first 30 days like he said he'd issue 50 Obamacare waivers for 50 (or maybe 57) states and promises to close a couple of federal agencies - also during his first 30 days, we can forgive him religion and wealth and make him the nominee. Gingrich should not be eliminated because of sex scandals, but he should be eliminated because he has ADD and is not really conservative.

Live free or die!

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Yesterday, the NY Times actually did an interesting article which discusses that fact that China has acquired this so-called "manufacturing advantage" related to I-Pads at the expense of basic worker safety (and environmental) safeguards.

As consumers, we seem very happy to buy cheap products without any questions as to the real costs associated with how they are made and marketed to us. Most Americans remain sadly ignorant of the widespread costs in human and social terms of the resource and supply chains which make these products possible at such cheap prices.

R. Butler

ok,so just what is the EPA justification for the original decision--I don't hink they can just arbitrarily 'pick one' and make such a decision--gotta be some 'backup' somewhere.

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Maybe an act of Kowtow to the almighty fed to keep as much of our money as possible. Or maybe just another act of left wing bureaucratic arrogance

We seem to be "Guilty by Geography"--due to some adjacent counties being proven bad air quality counties!

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shows the increased population density of the county. More people per square mile means, more cars and trucks means, more exhaust emissions.

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

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to determine air quality. So why are we forced to have automobile emissions testing?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Because Fayette County is next to Fulton County, of course. The government has decided (in Washington, no doubt) by looking at a map and reasoning if Fulton County is not in compliance, then logically Fayette can't be in compliance either since they are next to one another.

It says so - right there in the story - 4th paragraph from the bottom.

Have I mentioned we can do without the EPA?

Live free or die!

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I should have spun my question in a factitious form.

Anyways, if the "guv" manages in a simplistic manner such as proximity to a region or area then we're all going to be much poorer soon because....well because of this "envy" mentality that seems to have afflicted a few individuals.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

some sort of combo of fact and fiction?

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