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PTC wants survey results

Residents and business owners are being encouraged to respond to a survey initiated by Peachtree City staff.

Among the questions on the residential survey, the most telling answers might be found on the section about the 2010-2011 budget, which is facing a potential $3 million shortfall.

The survey asks if residents would prefer to cut services and avoid a tax increase; retain existing services and increase taxes “as needed” or a combination of both: cutting some services to reduce a tax increase.

Residents are also asked that if taxes were to increase, what is the maximum they would consider ranging from .25 mills (equivalent to $25 a year on a home valued at $250,000), 1 mill ($100 on the same home) or “as high as required.”

The survey also asks residents to rank a priority listing of services that should be considered for cuts. The options listed include:

• The library

• Path maintenance

• Public swimming pools (Glenloch and Kedron)

• The amphitheater

• Sports fields

• Special events (such as Shakerag, July 4th)

• Right of way maintenance

• Recreation classes

• The Gathering Place

• Kedron Fieldhouse and multipurpose skating rink

• Subdivision entrance landscaping

• Street resurfacing and maintenance

The surveys have been mailed out to residents and also may be taken online via the city’s website at www.peachtree-city.org.

The survey also inquires about satisfaction levels with a variety of city services, perception on safety, and residents’ shopping habits both here, in Coweta County, in Atlanta and online.


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