Racial slurs and Ga.’s Core Curriculum

After reading about the Georgia Dept. of Education (GDOE) adopting Common Core Curriculum, I was browsing the GDOE website and its curriculum (since taken down). I found a book titled, “Ecology of a Cracker Childhood” by Janice Ray. I was astonished.

Cracker is a racial slur for white people and very demeaning. I was shocked that the GDOE has this book as part of the reading material.

The politically correct police have taken the “n-word” from the works of Mark Twain. Why is it okay to have “cracker” in our literature? Are racial slurs unacceptable for one demographic and not another? If they are, why or why not?

I would suggest every citizen and parent in Fayette County and in the state of Georgia log onto the website: www.doe.k12.ga.us/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Curriculum-and-I....

Fayette County is mandated to follow the Common Core Curriculum.

Of all the wonderful literature available today, this is the best GDOE could do? Let’s hold them to a higher standard.

Candice Serafin

Peachtree City, Ga.

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I am white, it does not offend me

You need to get some thicker skin.

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Candice, unless you were writing tongue in cheek, please take a

chill pill. This person was writing about their life. Have you read the book? This country had gotten so politically correct that you could go crazy trying to please everybody. I am sure I am much older than you, having great-grand children attending schools in another state. How are our children ever going to learn any other views or outlooks if we are forever looking over their shoulders and throwing 'hissy fits' at the least little thing? I thank the good Lord (oops, that wasn't meant to promote religion, just a statement) that my mother let me read any and everything --she never worried about it being age appropriate or politically correct--in fact when I was growing up no one had even heard of political correctness. My mother's reasoning and one I used with my children, is that if what I was reading was too mature for me I would not understand what I read, but at least I was reading. As a result, I read about many religions, many other countries, many different ideas and some very sultry novels. My mother's attitude about religion was the same. I attended different churches with my friends and my younger sister even went to 'Saturday School' with a Jewish neighbor's child. I loved going to the black church because of the joy everyone expressed and oh, the singing! I enjoyed the pomp and beauty of the Catholic service. Every church I attended offered me something. Consequently, we learned that basically all people are the same. When I became old enough to have my own library, my books included The Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon, books on the Jewish religion as well as many others--they were and are always available for my children and anyone to read. If we close off our minds we never learn to accept others. Please do not do this to your children; you will not be doing them a favor.

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Our upbringing appears to be very similar! Except for a few people who have chosen to share on The Citizen, there are more similarities in the human experience than differences. I'm glad to see that some are not offended. I was offended at the changing of some of the classic words of Mark Twain. Exposure to good books and the guidance of loving parents are essential to a good education.

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Have you

Read the book?

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It's a really good book and I recommend it

I read it years ago and as a native southerner found her story to be a pretty accurate depiction of the way life can be in certain areas and it's also a highly praised and award winning novel. Her story of growing up mixed in with some of what she observed in the changing environmental conditions makes for an interesting read. While I'm not 100% into some of her environmentalism, she obviously has a true love of nature, even if it's the numerous pine trees we take for granted as always being here or a swamp.

Maybe it's me, but if a white author wants to use the term "cracker" in a book title, I'm not offended. Not all uses of that term are considered a racial slur to begin with, much like some people are proud to be called "rednecks" or even the "n-word."

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It was a very good book. And I agree with Mytime above that we should be encouraging our kids to read everything they can get their hands on.