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Roads continue to be slippery; multiple stores closed

With ice and snow clogging local streets and a number of Fayette highways facing the same fate, citizens are being advised to stay home except for an emergency.

Ga. Highways 92, 279 and 85 have a number of icy spots, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. A number of Fayette residents reported on Facebook that it took seven hours or more for their commute home yesterday afternoon, with some stretching past the 12-hour mark.

Even if you decide to venture out, you won't likely find an open store where you are going. There are reports that many stores are closed, including the Walmart in Peachtree City.

Law enforcement officers are on the roads, helping direct sand trucks from public works to the icy spots where the gritty stuff is needed.

In the last several minutes, a wreck was reported at Ga. Highway 54 and Sandy Creek Road, and the Crosstown and Robinson Road intersection was added to the list of areas that need sand attention in Peachtree City.

There were some reports last night of motorists leaving their cars stranded along the road. If you have any traffic-related snow pictures, please send them to us at

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