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Sheriff Babb: Stay off roads today

Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb said despite the many traffic issues on roads around the county on Tuesday there were no traffic fatalities and no serious injuries.

“The real heroes were the school bus drivers,” said Babb Wednesday morning. “They did a great job getting the kids home.”

With temperatures in the teens Wednesday morning and a forecast high only in the mid-30s, Babb recommended that motorists stay off roadways unless absolutely necessary.

Babb cautioned that, if driving is necessary, motorists use particular caution on roads with steep grades.

Babb said deputies are patrolling roads today, noting that many of the patrol units are outfitted with tire chains for extra traction on icy roads.



Steve Brown's picture

Public Works and Public Safety crews from the county and the cities really stayed after it all night and all day.

We were in much better shape than other areas where stalled cars kept their equipment from moving down the road.

PTC Observer's picture

I agree they kept the roads open and did a great job.

Now the school system, there's a different story, they dodged a bullet and put some kids at risk. Hopefully, the superintendent learned something Tuesday.

and patting yourself on the back, Mr. Brown. We knew you could find an outlet to promote yourself in this weather event.

Pls explain how you see this comment as 'self-promotion' --I see a 'kudos' to the county workers.

Incorrect with your weather prediction and unable to comprehend the obsession for some politicians to market all opportunity to see their face, name and statements in print, I believe working out serves you best. No hard feelings. Pump iron and stay safe.

Either you didn't read my post explaining my weather comment (NOT a prediction) or you just don't understand. And yes, I'm smart enough to stay home and what I lift while here is my business only.

PTC Observer's picture

Gym, I agree with you, as the chairman he should be publicly thanking our employees, but need to stop now so I can pump some iron.

Why does the BOE not be prudent this time and call off school tomorrow instead of waiting until it is too late again?

phil sukalewski's picture

Just received the phone call that TCS in Sharpsburg (which follows Coweta schools) will be closed on Thursday.

Phil Sukalewski

School has been cancelled Thursday.

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