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New Fayette district voting map is proposed

Timing a concern as qualifying starts March 3 for two county commission posts and two school board seats

A proposed new district map for the Fayette County Commission and the Fayette County Board of Education, crucial to enacting district voting here, has been proposed by a U.S. District Judge.

The new map is necessary to comply with the May decision of U.S. District Court Judge Timothy C. Batten which declared the county’s former at-large voting system violated the federal Voting Rights Act.

[View that pdf by clicking on the "attachment" below.]

Batten’s ruling requires the county to switch to district voting and adopt a five-district map that creates one majority-minority district to virtually guarantee that a black person will win election to the county commission and the board of education.

The big question is whether any new district voting map will be enacted in time for this year’s elections, as qualifying for the primary election starts March 3. That’s just two weeks after a hearing on the court’s proposed map which is slated for Feb. 18.

If the new district map can’t be enacted in time for primary qualifying, there is a chance that U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten could order a stay on qualifying and/or set new dates for the election.

The good news is that the majority-minority fifth district seats are up for election this year between Post 5 BoE incumbent Leonard Presberg and Post 5 commission incumbent Allen McCarty. Also up for election this year are Post 4 BoE member Bob Todd and Post 4 commissioner Steve Brown. Todd said Monday night he would decline to seek re-election.

The plaintiffs in the district voting lawsuit asked the court to adopt a district map that excludes the Post 5 incumbents from the fifth district to cut out the advantage an incumbent has in seeking re-election. The new map does not take that wish into account, as Presberg and McCarty’s homes are part of the new majority-minority fifth district as proposed by the court.

That fifth district stretches into two directions east of Fayetteville, cutting deep into north Fayette County for a wide swath of land and continuing westward in the unincorporated county and then south for a bit into the town of Tyrone.

The court sought the assistance of the Legislative and Congressional Reappointment Office of the Georgia Legislature in creating the proposed map.

The district voting lawsuit was filed more than two years ago by several Fayette citizens and also the Fayette County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which argued that the county’s at-large voting process was a significant barrier to electing a black representative to the county commission and the board of education.

Batten agreed and last May ordered that Fayette County switch the commission and board of education elections to a district voting format. The change means that Fayette residents will no longer be able to vote for all five members of each governing body. Instead they will only be able to vote for the geographic post corresponding with where they live.

It also means that voters will only head to the polls once every four years to vote for county commission and BoE members instead of once every two years, since they will only be able to vote for one of the five seats on each governing body. Seats on the board of education and county commission are for four-year terms.

The district map is an essential component of district voting because the special district must be drawn to comprise a majority of black voters, which would — in the court’s theory — guarantee that particular district will elect a black candidate.

While minority candidates have run in recent years for office on both the county commission and board of education, they have been unable to win acceptance of many voters beyond the precincts dominated by African-American electors.

Batten in his order decreeing the switch to district voting noted that no African American has ever been elected to the board of education or county commission here.

The end result of the at-large voting was that black residents were “denied meaningful access to the political process on account of race or color,” Batten wrote.

The board of education in February 2012 attempted to settle the lawsuit with the NAACP by proposing a new map and adopting district voting. Although the court initially approved that settlement, the approval was rescinded after the Fayette County Commission objected. Batten later indicated that he was unaware the commission had not agreed to that settlement.

While district voting will limit the number of candidates a Fayette voter will be able to cast a ballot for, it will also make it more difficult for all Fayette voters to attempt a recall vote of an elected official. To recall a candidate, Georgia law requires that the citizens signing the recall petition, and those who are allowed to vote on the matter, be a voter in that particular district.



Just ridiculous. Not sure why this is even acceptable way to draw maps like this.

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You think this map is ridiculous just wait five or ten years and see how the boundaries will shift.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

the desired result?

I would love to be a fly on the wall if/when a Black Republican takes this district.

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I thought the key word was "guaranteed" result. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to watch how this new district will influence the county because if they don't get their way they'll play the race card thingy.

A black republican is still viewed as an Uncle Tom. As witnessed on this board.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Ah - come on Cyclist - some of my most beloved relatives and friends are Republicans. Why I even celebrated Christmas at a party with the Herman Cains. Blacks are against any hint of glamorizing or returning to Jim Crow types of practices. Other than that - its jobs, taxes, education, etc., etc., etc. Blacks have proudly served their country in time of peace and war; serve their communities as law enforcement officers, etc., etc., etc. An Uncle Tom is one who supports returning to Jim Crow practices - and who supports those who do. Maybe some 'whites' see a black Republican as an Uncle Tom and not quite qualified to represent the party.

[quote]A black republican is still viewed as an Uncle Tom. As witnessed on this board.[/quote]

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I'm happy that you have beloved friends and relatives that are Republicans. But like I said, I witnessed the use of that name by those that have liberal/progressive leanings on this board.

BTW, what's your take on the Rev. William Barber calling Congressman Tim Scott (R-S.C.) a ventriloquist's dummy?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

[quote]Rev. William Barber calling Congressman Tim Scott (R-S.C.) a ventriloquist's dummy?[/quote]

I'll have to look that up.

It's easy to find.....

<a href=" leader likens black GOP senator to ventriloquist’s dummy</a>

Look at how democrats treat African-Americans that are not democrat and it literally proves just how racist they still are. Oreo cookies were thrown at Michael Steele, Mia Love was called a “house ni**er”, Condoleezza Rice was frequently insulted with terms like “Republican ni**a,” “spray-on Negr@,” and “token.” Clarence Tomas, Ben Carson, Allen West all being called "Uncle Tom", "House Ne*ro" and now Sen. Tim Scott being labeled “ventriloquist dummy”.

Take away the party and this is the racist mind-set of most democrats.

Read Mr.Steel's explanation. He has remained a loyal Republican - but honest in his description of what happened some 40 years ago when the African American community felt that the Republican Party catered to a 'racist' segment of the party in order to garner the 'white male vote'. The murder of Emmet Till and Civil Rights workers in the south was traumatic for the 'black' community. For a political party - the party of Lincoln - to embrace the city where Emmet Till was killed was a stake in the heart of the black community - administered by the Republican Party and ensured Clinton's election. My great aunt warned us (the younger generation at the time) to remain in both political parties and active in both. The name calling is not admired by many - Uncle Tom/ N lover - are terms that are used to divide - but they are terms that are used by Americans far too frequently. I admire the Willis's in FC - for they express their support of the basic principles of the Republican Party - without adhering to the questionable stand of some Republicans on 'social' issues. Mr. Garvin's rants are just as despicable to me as I'm sure my 'rants' are to many here. The name calling occurs when we become angry and tired. When Republicans justify policies that would return American practices to Jim Crow days - the name calling begins in both 'white' and 'black' communities for different reasons. However - this young 'black' Senator is not the first 'black' Republican senator since Reconstruction. Did you ever hear of Senator Brooks? He was admired by both black and white Americans.

I doubt that you have ever been in the company of Americans in the Democrat Party. Your hatred is like a bad aroma that people find offensive. Your words exude arrogant ignorance -but you remind Americans of the past ugliness that we must overcome. Thank you.

You don't like having the hateful, vile, despicable words of your own racist, hate-filled party thrown at you. Just like your buddy Gort, when someone publishes the words from your own 'president' or from your own party, and you don't like those words, you attack the messenger.

Typical, bedwetting RACIST liberals you both are.

I don't know 'Gort' - but he has the right to react to being called a 'name' as I do. (As you do) Unfortunately or fortunately, it 'is the National Republican Party that is being labeled 'racist' and 'sexist' in 2014 - and you are certainly adding to that perception. Here in Fayette County, Republicans are secure - and if you surveyed the communities here until recently, there was a black conservative presence - but it hasn't been Democrats who have fought against the Voting Rights Act. Name calling is a sick given. Repeating the 'party line' which makes some citizens viewed as second class because of the color of their skin - is a political loser. But keep posting Mr Garvin; RWM; and G35. You often validate Gorts claim regarding GOP ventriloquists.

Even though Mr. Garvin shared some information - I have never heard of the Reverend William Barber or Congressman Tim Scott. I guess he was the first black Republican elected to Congress from South Carolina since Reconstruction. I was mistaken to think he was a Senator. I will do some more research and get back to you. There are Republicans of color in Fayette County. Some have spoken against SOME actions of the local NAACP - but I have not met any who agree that ALL blacks are on welfare, cheat the government, don't want to work, etc. etc., etc. I have been accused on this board of wanting to move to Fayette County because it was 'white'. When 'restrictive covenant' was lifted from housing in Los Angeles, my parents moved where their income permitted - and lived in integrated neighborhoods. That is all that I have known - and what I expected to find in a Weiland Development in Georgia. I was never taught that all 'whites' were racist and evil - but my father insisted that I travel in the South as an 11 year old - so that I would have an honest picture of America the beautiful. My family and friends - of all colors - have worked to make the words of our Constitution become a reality. The work has not been in vain - but there is still work to be done - in Georgia and throughout our country. I'll get back to you regarding Representative Scott.

He is indeed a Senator. Elected to the House and appointed to the Senate by the S.C. Governor upon the resignation of Sen DeMint.

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D_Mom, this was a trick question, the most correct answer is,..

“All GOP Congressmen are ventriloquist's dummies.”

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

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Think about all that effort and disruption when their precious new district is represented by a non-black. Even better a woman - because a female candidate would overwhelm the propensity to vote along racial lines. A woman (regardless of race would get 70-80% of the female vote.

Republican or Democrat who cares- well except the Dems - but sticking it in the NAACP's eye would be hilarious.

Live free or die!

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It really doesn't matter who wins that district. Even if it's Cynthia McKinney. One voice on the board is but 1 of 5. The damage being done here is the pitting of the districts against each other instead of one board working together for the good of all. Did anyone notice that a group of parents want a charter school in Fayette? Isn't this funny timing? Could it be that they don't feel that this is a good move for the school system? Will Fayette's best and brightest leave the public school system? What will be the future effect? Does the NAACP care about the kids? Why haven't they stated how this will improve our school system? Could it be because they know it won't? Could it be that they don't care as long as they get their way? Having said all of that I will agree that it would be funny if a republican won that district. I wouldn't care if what his/her color is. I'd still laugh if a white democrat won. But I fear that regardless of who wins that district, the school system will suffer. Big time.

NUK_1's picture

Since we all know blacks vote as a monolithic block of 90+% Democrat(Al Gore got more black votes than Obama did in his first run for Prez), this I guess is how you "fix the problem." Ensure you get a black Democrat elected no matter what! Yes! That is the solution! Good grief.

Don't blame Clinton or Obama for Batten being a total stooge....he's a George W appointment.

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They made certain that none of the incumbents are sharing a district on either the school board or the county commission.

PTC Observer's picture

is following the law, the Civil Rights Voting Act. That Act makes it necessary to draw voting districts based on color and language. They are also required to make districts roughly the same based on population. Therefore, you get some pretty weird voting districts. The fact that most blacks and Hispanics are Democrat is a reflection of how a political party plunders to their "needs".

For example, the 8th Congressional District meanders from the border of Florida to just South of Fayette County, in an effort to be in compliance with the law.

So, what to do? The lines of congressional and other voting districts are adjusted based on the political party in power. That's why the Democrats are so worried about the outcome of the 2010 elections that swept Republicans into the majority and governorships of many states.

"According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, Republicans gained about 125 seats in state senates and 550 seats in state houses -- 675 seats in total. That gives them more seats than they've won in any year since 1928."

So, based on the "gerrymandering" that has been going on since 2010, what's in store for the 2014 and 2016 elections? Time will tell. It doesn't spell good news for the Democrats at least in both houses of Congress. The Presidency, well that's another matter.

Pardon my ramble, but my point is don't blame the court.

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On some level I get it. Need more blacks to vote so we get a black in office? Fine, mighty fine. Just do it.

How about we do something easier and more 'user friendly' so to speak.
What about just telling the builders and developers to designate certain areas Black only, White only, Asians, Hispanics, etc. I draw the line at irish need not apply, but all the rest makes sense to me.

If you want people to vote based upon race on skin color, why not divvy them up ahead of time and save the courts and the taxpayers all this money that we are now spending to force a district onto the peoples instead, why not force the peoples into a district?

Now that i'm thinking about it, I seem to remember real estate people doing exactly that back in the 1980's. I also seem to remember some group objecting to the gentile guidance of soft expectations back then. I think they called it steering.
Hmmm, steering. Putting people of the same race in the same neighborhood. People who may think and socialize and vote in a similar way living near like-minded people. What could possibly be wrong with that? Wonder who objected to that?

Now we have another group (or is it the same group?) trying to force same thought voting based upon skin color by negating the anti-steering policies forced on builders and developers 30 years ago. Are you kidding me? What in the world can we ever do to please these people? What's next? Every working white family has to provide a bedroom and food and a college education to at least one black kid. Is that what you want? What else?

Live free or die!

There are some in Fayette County. Your (Morgan)'s narrative is insulting. But thanks. Maybe Black Republicans will show up at the next Democrat meeting. In FC, Democrats are also integrated. . . They just aren't insulted by their fellow party members .

Robert W. Morgan's picture

my comments reflect the open and stated agenda of the NAACP. Their goal is to get a black county commissioner and maybe a BOC member elected in Fayette County regardless of what the voters want. To do that, they assume the following:
-a majority/minority (read black) district must be formed so there are more black voters than any other - 51%, I believe.
-white voters must be confined to only one district because they will never vote for a black person - qualified or not.
-unstated, but clear to all, black people will vote for the Dems every time - following the Dems like sheep. What other conclusion can you come to? That blacks will only vote for blacks? Gotta pick one - there is no third choice.
-the black area is being created by gerrymandering after decades of integration where blacks and whites live along side one another.

if that's what they want, how big a step is it to create exclusive black neighborhoods? Remember it only takes 3 votes to do some pretty crazy things.

I'm insulted by their assumptions and arrogance. Black republicans have nothing to do with it unless they want to speak up and renounce the racism exhibited by the NAACP. Think that will happen?

Live free or die!

G35 Dude's picture

Of course your comments are insulting. You tried to use logic. How dare you? LOL I really think this is a political issue more than a race issue. This is the only way the Dems can a foothold in Fayette County. If all the NAACP wanted was a black man to get elected they could field a conservative black Rep like a Herman Cain or Allan West and watch it happen. But that doesn't help the Dems. Tell DM that and she'll say that you're still racist as these men aren't leaders of the black community. I.E. they're not black enough.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I would much rather have a qualified black commissioner elected under the current system than have a Democrat of any color or an affirmative-acion black commissioner elected under the new system. I know that's a lost cause and we will have a weaker county commission and BOE because of this judge and his foolish map, and that is a real shame. Furthermore, i seriously doubt if they will get a black or a Dem elected from that new district. The 51% means that all blacks vote for the same candidate - and you know for sure that there will be more than one black candidate emerge OR blacks will have to turnout far more than whites. Don't think either will happen.

My real concern is that the marginal voter who occasionally votes now will give up and stay home when he realizes his vote has been devalued by 4/5. Kind of like your retirement account be devalued - and your insurance coverage being devalued. What is it with Dems that want to devalue everything?

Live free or die!

G35 Dude's picture


G35 Dude's picture

My big concern is that now each elected official will vote to protect his district rather than vote for the good of the whole. When it's time to allocate monies or close schools the official with the most clout will take care of his district rather than do whats best for all concerned. The irony is that the system that we use now has resulted in Fayette having one of the best public school systems in the state. And this is why many of these people came here to begin with. I've yet to hear a DeM explain to me how this will improve on that. All you hear from them is "What are you afraid of?" These people have an attitude of entitlement. If they want it they should have it regardless of how it will impact others. They don't care if they devalue the whole as long as they get what they want.

G35 said "What are you afraid of?", two words,
Nuf Said.

All blacks fit Clayton County demographics? I used to believe that all southerners were like Duke Dynasty. Certainly some in this discussion are - but I've met very, very few in Fayette County. Whew!! LOL

G35 Dude's picture

Is that a show about the Duke Lacrosse rape case?

Sorry for the mistake. LOL! Must check carefully for these mistakes - since there are such highly intelligent persons who scrutinize every word when they can't offer a cogent response. :-) To try to defend racism is futile in the 21st century - and an embarrassment to the American way of life. Those of us who have been carefully taught to distrust fellow Americans because of the color of their skin are disappearing. The gentlemen of Duck Dynasty are representing a segment of American society (that is not necessarily 'racist') - and receiving a great deal of attention (and money). Their brand is among the best sellers in our country and elsewhere. Intelligent marketing. Those of us 60 and older have been carefully taught - and often rewarded for our attitude towards those of a different 'race' and/or culture. Our children and grandchildren, for the most part, will regard our actions and attitudes as questionable and divisive. However, our actions will not be hidden from history - and those of us who tried to justify laws and actions which denied opportunity for Americans to use their talents equally will be judged. Actually, it's a credit to FC that over the years - as in many places in the south, red-lining did not create separate living areas in most areas. Races lived side by side or in close proximity ). MLK played with the white children in his neighborhood until it was time to attend school - when the races were segregated by law. It's a joke to most that the 'gerrymandering' is so very obvious in order to possibly elect a district representative of color. FC has a high percentage of its black population registered as Republican (which is not surprising since the majority of FC residents have similar educational/financial backgrounds and many enjoy living in united (American) communities) - but thanks to some of the comments here (which is being shared) that may change. I hope not.

G35 Dude's picture

You want a cogent response to this?

[quote] I used to believe that all southerners were like Duke Dynasty. [/quote]

OK how about this. Webster defines racism as:

[quote]1: racial prejudice or discrimination 2:a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits[/quote]

Based on that I'd say that your post was racist and derogatory toward southerners.

We are involved in this discussion because of racist attitudes which unfortunately are held in this country. To deny this attitude exists is childish. If you feel that I as a black woman should not have racist feelings against a segment of our country that denied me the right to vote, hung relatives, and burned homes - well you must think I'm more of a Christian than I am. There are many, like MLK, who have found that love moves towards acceptance of the past and hope for the future. He was way ahead of me on the journey. Words/responses like yours - said with an attitude of pride, makes my journey a little harder. Your perception is correct. I had great fear of anyone with a southern accent, especially after my trip through the south as an 11year old child and my experience as a young adult in Nashville, Tennessee. G35, Americans of all colors may have racist feelings unfortunately. Only those who deny that racism exists in this country are working against the healing that is happening throughout our country. Not only white males are proud to be called Americans. Many Americans are taking steps to treat others as they would expect to be treated. Kum bah yah! Peace!!

brewster's picture

I grew up in Dixie and know exactly what you say - people looking at you and segmenting you into a group that have used fear and intimidation on your folk, either via Jim Crow or Gangsta Rap. Not stopping to realize that you had nothing to do with any of it - just being the wrong color.

The great thing that integration hopefully is achieving is that individuals are given the opportunity to get to know another person BEYOND the color of his/her skin. There are Americans who happen to be 'white' who speak out against Jim Crow practices - there are Americans who happen to be 'black' who speak out against racist Gansta Rap. Someday, hopefully, there will be no 'wrong color' in these United States - just WRONG ACTIONS BASED ON CHARACTER DEFICIT.

brewster's picture

Agreed. I think the source of all this suspicion, blame and finger pointing is how diverse soil conditions dictate how the seed of our future generations are sowed and reaped to produce this "CHARACTER DEFICIT".

G35 Dude's picture

OK I'll accept that as an honorable response. And while I can understand what you're saying I will disagree with you on one thing. You seem to think that we need to re-live the past to get over it. It's like picking at a wound. That makes it worse. It must be left alone if it's to heal. I won't say forget because we've both had experiences that we won't forget. But coming back to district voting I really believe that this will be harmful in several ways. It will pick at that wound, I fear, to the point of infection. And will harm the school system. To harm the children is not the way to improve the future or improve race relations.

[quote]You seem to think that we need to re-live the past to get over it. It's like picking at a wound. That makes it worse. It must be left alone if it's to heal. I won't say forget because we've both had experiences that we won't forget.[/quote]

<strong>By not forgetting, most people take steps to not repeat the action that caused the wound</strong> in the first place. History helps us with this demonstration - but sometimes we humans just keep making the same mistakes expecting a different result. The infection continues as long as we don't learn from the mistake - <strong>treating others as second class citizens due to the color of their skin.</strong> MLK focused on character - and he had followers from all walks of life, all races, all nationalities. Have you looked at Fayette County children in 2014? I have been very impressed with their handling of the ignorant attempt to cause friction at a football game by 'racist' adults. I have been impressed with their understanding that there are adults in their community that would compare their classmates with the criminals who happen to be 'black/white/hispanic'. To improve race relations - one must - like scientists, look at what has happened with 'experiments' of the past, learn from the mistakes if the desired results have not been attained - and take steps to not repeat mistakes. It's not politically correct - it is reality - the United States is a diverse country.

to have much more "racist" attitudes than any Southerners. I guess opinions vary...but that's my story.

They seem to have a derogatory name for every race in the book, and aren't afraid to use them.

That said, I don't see how dividing the County up into 4 districts improves anything. As others have said, it's just going to pit one district against the others. It will lead to you vote for my district and I'll do you a favor in yours. I don't like it and fail to see why Fayette needs it. We have been different from the rest of the ATL in a better way, schools, quality of life, crime rates etc...I hope we don't lose all of that. It will hurt all of our Citizens if we do. Blacks, Whites and all the others who currently make up our great County.

"Northern Friends"? Pray tell.

I know, it's a burden.

it weighs heavily on you. The bigger question is, do they know about this...gasp...friendship?

You do have one other, from way, way farther north. But I won't tell anyone and will not burden you with it. I don't want you to have to throw around that "N" word any more than you have to already. Someone might think you are using a derogatory name for them.:)

Robert W. Morgan's picture

for sure the new affirmative-action commissioner from the new majority/minority district will be focused on maximum tax money grab for his new district and that is expected and even understandable. Then what will happen next is the other 4 guys will start pushing back and eventually decide to play the grab game themselves. Does anyone see that as an improvement of any kind? Are you kidding me? We are going backwards not forward.

And its not just county commission, the BOE will experience the same thing. What do you think is going to happen when they have to close a school in anyone's district? Or redistrict some kids to some unpopular school?

2 years ago the idea of Peachtree City creating their own school system would have been laughed down. Now, it starts to make some sense.

Live free or die!

District voting will of course become a money / power grab and therefore, it will be imperitive that the right type of person step up as commissioner and board member. Each district will need someone with a strong personality and perhaps bigger financial backers. For instance, who would win a debate? Steve Brown or Randy Ognio? Dr. Todd vs Gov. Mary Kay?

Each district will now have to step up and vote someone strong into office. Could you imagine what problems will occur with the new ethics provision that now permits commissioners to go direct to county employees? You got it, favors.

I grew up in a city with districts and without term limits. One neighbor was the republican chair. A few doors down our district commissioner. Both men were in power while I was in middle school and continue to lead 30 years later to the benefit of my parents district. My parents certainly benefitted from this.

Perhaps with term limits, this type of power grab would be better for the county as a whole .

[quote]These people have an attitude of entitlement. If they want it they should have it regardless of how it will impact others. They don't care if they devalue the whole as long as they get what they want.[/quote]

<strong> These people</strong>. There you have it! Nice G35 feels/expresses in public that there are people of color who feel 'entitled' to equal opportunity in our country - and 'they 'devalue' the whole as long as they get what they want. My grandparents worked hard when given the opportunity of an education - as well as my great grand parents. In certain areas of these United States they were not allowed to use their skills as other Americans were - because some thought the color of their skin devalued the efforts of others who were enjoying the 'freedom' in these United States . There are a lot of 'dummy ventriloquists' in this country. They repeat the standard line - not realizing / or realizing how divisive their words are. Glen Beck is waking up - and without losing his sincere conservative message, is stopping the vicious hate rhetoric.

The NAACP followed the law in challenging a practice that has denied persons of color for generations a seat on county governance bodies. There are those that claim this history is not due to racism. Those persons were not able to prove their case.

Interesting , there was a segment of this country who felt entitled to separate but equal and Jim Crow practices, with very little thought on how it impacted their fellow citizens. Some appear uncomfortable when those who were/are negatively impacted now speak out, backed by the law.

G35 Dude's picture

I must be getting under your skin. LOL You can re word my statement and play your cumbaya word games all you want. The people that want to change the system that gave Fayette County one of the best public school systems in the state do have an attitude of entitlement. They don't care what affect this will have on our kids. I stand by my statement. (Not your version of it) That goes for anyone black or white that favors district voting. Not once have you or anyone else explained to me how this new system will improve our school system. Or how black kids have been harmed by it. I've explained my logic as to how I believe it will harm the system many times. For once remove your black vs white shades and look to the future instead of the past. Tell me how district voting will make our schools better for ALL kids. And grow up. Stop being so sensitive. There are other colors in this world other than black and white. LOL

I don't know you - but your words are those that have been used by Jim Crow advocates for years. Your words are received not with your spin, but with my experience as a minority and a woman. Your intent may be 'noble', but at least recognize how someone with a different experience in these United State hears what your words expresss . I have learned 'why' white males feel as they do regarding certain issues - you appear to want to express that only your spin on an issue has credibility.

DM you are starting to sound more and more racist. The gerrymandering is about guaranteeing a DEMOCRAT candidate get elected (which you can not argue that African Americans are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican). The map is a joke!! Why not districts based on HS boundaries..that would be more fair and balanced.

Denied? What do you think I'm denying? Please clarify. As for your suggestion regarding HS boundaries - sure makes sense to me! I wish I could make the statement that I'm not racist - but at my age, I would be lying . My attitude towards Southerners in general has changed greatly since moving to Georgia. I am not as racist as I was as a younger person. After my experience as an 11 year old in the South and that unbelievable horror in Nashville, I was very distrustful of southerners. Was there racism in California? Of course. But like southern black families, children were protected from the ignorance of racism as much as possible. Racism had the backing of the law in the south - and was a way of life ( separatism). Why in the world do some feel that 'blacks' should not harbor racist feelings as well as 'whites'? As my Canadian cousins point out, it is the American way. But we're improving!


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