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PTC making progress on Hwy. 74S warning light at Baseball-Soccer Complex

Peachtree City officials are continuing to work on plans to install a flashing yellow light to caution motorists approaching the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex on Ga. Highway 74 south.

The Georgia Department of Transportation, at the behest of City Council and a number of letters from residents, recently relented and said it would approve the light.

The light is seen as crucial to avoid a potential deadly traffic crash, as Hwy. 74 is in the process of being widened to four lanes. Once complete, that will require cars leaving BSC and heading north on Hwy. 74 to shoot across the two southbound lanes of what could be some very fast-moving traffic.

City officials were hoping for approval for a full traffic signal, but the DOT has repeatedly said that traffic studies do not show enough volume to allow a light.

The city is hoping to have the blinking warning light operational by the first tournament at BSC in March, said Interim City Manager Nikki Vrana.

City Fire Chief Ed Eiswerth has said if the widened road opens without a signal at the intersection, when a crash occurs it will be significant.

The city, which has acted quickly on the matter, will be paying for the light itself and also must pay for the power connection. One possibility being investigated is for the light to be solar-powered, as it could cost $16,000 to run a power line to the location.

The light will be located at the northernmost entrance to BSC, as the southern entrance will be made a right-in, right-out intersection once the highway is widened, officials have said.



for the light on a 4 lane divided state highway? The city? This is a state highway for crying out loud!

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