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PTC closing in on finalists for vacant city manager slot

The Peachtree City Council will meet Saturday at 1 p.m. to rank their top three finalists wishing to become the next city manager.

The next step on the process will be for council to vote on its final selection at a public meeting in the near future.

On Saturday, council will be reviewing the applicants who have been recommended by a panel that has been sorting through the applications. That panel has included interim City Manager Nikki Vrana, City Attorney Ted Meeker, the city’s Human Resources administrator and LaGrange City Manager Tom Hall.

Georgia law requires the top three candidates be selected and for the city to release documents related to those persons at least 14 days prior to a vote on selecting the final candidate. City staff has indicated that each finalist will receive notice and that some of the candidates may bow out prior to the candidates’ names being announced.

The city received 71 applications for the top management position. Officials are hopeful of having a new candidate on board by the first of March.



mudcat's picture

And I hope we don't get #2, but the others woud be fine with me. Chris Venice as well.

NUK_1's picture

Not sure if Rapson would even be remotely interested enough to apply. I'm thinking Jim Williams, Beckett and then someone else, maybe from out of state.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

After all, Don Haddix's role model (Brownie) fired Williams 2 decades ago, so that would not be a good idea. Beckett? Maybe. I'm guessing someone out of state will get the job.

Rapson would be great, but Haddix would be scared of him because of his past history here.

Live free or die!

NUK_1's picture

He left to go be City Mgr at Fairburn. I'm not aware if Brown tried to force him out, but it was definitely a promotion and also more $$$ for Williams to leave.

It won't be Rapson, he didn't apply. Hopefully not Jim Williams either.

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