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Survey tests tax hike for county recreation

Fayette County residents receiving county water bills are being asked to participate in an online survey on how to address future park and recreation needs.

What is not mentioned in the water bill notice is that three of the final four of the survey’s list of 38 online questions are queries about support for raising county taxes for new or improved recreation facilities.

In addition to asking for each participant’s “wish list” the survey also asks whether the residents favor paying for recreation improvements via a 1 percent special local option sales tax, a bond issue or more taxes.

Covering the wide variety of recreation offerings from youth and adult sports to cultural and education programs, the survey seeks input on the various activities that each household participates in, and it even asks about whether recreation fees are considered to be too high or not.

The survey is available at It will close at midnight Feb. 15, so residents are encouraged to participate as soon as possible.

The county is undertaking the survey this year in an effort to shape the programs, activities and services the department will offer in the future, according to the survey’s introduction.

Information on the survey was mailed to all Fayette County Water System customers as part of the monthly water bills, but that left out residents who use well water and thus are not water system customers, which has drawn complaints from some residents.

The survey on several occasions leaves room for residents to allow additional comment beyond the initial response sought.

Residents without access to a personal computer are asked to call the parks and recreation department for assistance at 770-716-4320.



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The question of placing a Parks and Recreation Dept. notice in Fayette County water bills was presented before the commissioners on Jan. 12, 2012. Agenda Item #7 on that date read: “Approval of the Water Committee’s recommendation to insert an informational flyer into customers’ January water bills concerning the Parks and Recreation Department’s Needs Assessment Survey.”

It is my understanding from talking with some folks within the commission that they were unaware that the survey contained questions pertaining to a recreational SPLOST, bond issue, or additional taxes for recreation.

There are many questionable aspects concerning this issue.

Why weren’t the commissioners informed of all the questions in the survey, especially the questions concerning the SPLOST, bond issue, and additional taxes for recreation?

Who is responsible for providing the commissioners with a complete information packet on each Agenda item?

Do our commissioners usually approve issues with such little information?

Three citizens brought this issue to light. The first person to recognize that a whole lot of Fayette citizens were being left out of the loop was one of those who received the notice in his water bill. He realized that folks on well water wouldn’t be notified.

The notice wasn’t put in the newspapers until a citizen raised the question during the Jan. 26th commission meeting. Commissioner Brown asked County Administrator Jack Krakeel if the newspapers had been requested to publish the notice pertaining to the parks and recreation survey. When Mr. Krakeel said that it had not, Commissioner Brown asked to have the survey noticed placed in the newspapers.

Why wasn’t the survey notice placed in the newspapers at the same time water customers received it in their water bills?

If a recreational SPLOST, bond issue, or additional recreation taxes come to fruition; ALL Fayette citizens will have to fund it. Why was the general public left out of the loop?

This isn’t the first time a questionable SPLOST, bond issue, or additional taxes tried to fly in under the radar in Fayette County. The West Fayetteville Bypass appeared on our 2003 Transportation SPLOST ballot as “Road, Street, and Bridge Purposes.”

Will we be asked to vote on funding a SPLOST to cover “Parks and Recreational Purposes” this coming November with no other explanations?

The commissioners approved a flawed survey that the citizens of Fayette County are paying for when the greater majority of those taxpaying citizens were not even informed that the survey included the question of a potential SPLOST, bond issue, or additional taxes.

This lack of transparency within our county government smacks of a couple of previous administrations here.


What is Fayette county missing? An aquatic center. We are one of the very few counties that do not have an aquatic center. While other counties continue to build beautiful aquatic centers that will serve the entire communtiy of all ages and abilities, we continue to argue of repairs of a city pool that is shared with the entire county. It is pitiful when you compare what others have around us. You wonder why our population is decreasing??? A strong recreation program brings families to your area. As an example, please follow this link to see what Cherokee county has. Forsyth county just built the same facility. What do we have? Kedron.... with a bubble... day... maybe....

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the absence of a swimming facility is not why our population is in retreat.

Families move into areas where:

1. they feel safe
2. there is a plan for social stability over the long haul
3. there is community and political leadership
4. there are excellent schools with proven academic achievement
5. there is community involvement and cohesiveness from parents

Families move out of an area in the absence of these factors.

Perhaps the absence of a swimming facility is a reflection of the absence one or more of these factors, but without having them, no one really knows. What are you doing to turn it around ptcfins?

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