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Turf wars ahead?

A petition drive is underway to gauge community interest for installing synthetic turf at the large athletic fields at all five Fayette high schools.

Supporters are hoping to collect 5,000 signatures in a bid to have the estimated $3.2 million cost added to the next education sales tax program proposed by the school board, said organizer Sally Herman, a parent of two lacrosse players at McIntosh High.

The final decision on the matter rests with the Fayette County Board of Education, which is currently faced with a shortfall in the upcoming budget year of more than $6 million across the system.

School officials, Herman noted, are concerned that the project could rankle enough voters to doom the ESPLOST, which depends on the approval of county voters. The goal is to present the signatures to the school board at its Feb. 13 meeting.

Herman sees a variety of benefits to the fields, even for residents who don’t have children in high school athletics. The turf fields would help boost property values and keep Fayette County an attractive place for those moving to metro Atlanta, as other high schools in metro Atlanta have gone to artificial turf, Herman said.

Coweta County is also slated to add artificial turf to its three high school stadiums, also funded by an ESPLOST, she noted. Cobb, Forsyth, Fulton and Gwinnett high schools with turf fields had theirs funded by an ESPLOST, Herman said.

“It is imperative that Fayette County gets these turf fields to continue to be competitive with our neighbor to the west and our neighbors to the north,” Herman said.

The turf fields would only account for about 4 percent of the ESPLOST, with the rest going towards academics, Herman noted.

There was consideration given to raising the money privately, but that plan was set aside over concerns it wouldn’t be able to meet the $3.2 million goal, Herman said.

The chief athletic benefit of the fields will enable more practice and game time, as they drain quickly after (and during) a rainstorm when grass fields would be too muddy to play on, Herman said. Projections are for field use to increase from about 10,000 hours a year to 28,400, Herman said.

That’s a pretty significant benefit considering that at McIntosh during the rainy spring season, some JV games have not been rescheduled because there isn’t enough field time available, Herman said.

The additional field time would also be helpful for local recreation programs, she added.

While each field will cost about $600,000 to install, they will only cost about $7,000 a year to maintain, compared to $28,500 a year for a grass field, Herman said.

Broken down over 10 years, including installation, the total cost for a grass field is $480,000 and the total cost for a synthetic turf field is $670,000, she noted.

Volunteers have been around the county seeking signatures, but the effort is challenging because of the holidays and also a lack of a centralized location to approach a large number of people, Herman said.

“We are not able, obviously, to get ahold of everybody for this petition,” Herman said. “We’d love to but it’s just not possible.”

In addition to having volunteers all over the county seeking signatures for petitions, the effort also has a page on Facebook where residents are encouraged to post their comments about the concept whether they are for or against the project.

“We want to hear the naysayers too,” Herman said. “... If people can let us know what they’re thinking, that’s going to answer our questions.”

The Facebook page can be found by typing the following phrase in the search field: “Turf fields for Fayette County georgia high schools.”



1. 28,500 per year to maintain grass fields. Did I read that wrong? Sounds kind of steep or maybe exaggerated. Is there a maintenance workers entire salary hidden in that figure?

2."There was consideration given to raising the money privately, but that plan was set aside over concerns it wouldn’t be able to meet the $3.2 million goal, Herman said." ---When it gets tough just give up and have someone else pay the bill.

4. Is it any emergency? Can we maybe wait until we get some of our current budget issues resolved first?

3. Other then the fact that the FCBOE is broke; this turf idea sounds great. Especially if we're talking about the same stuff that Ga Tech has on the soccer fields. My knees love running on that stuff.

Our schools are unquestionably a huge draw for people to Fayette County and they have done a lot for our property values. However, a lot of that has to do with the quality of education kids in Fayette county receive. I know our schools aren't perfect. But you know what; last year I took a Biology class at GMC. There is nothing like sitting in a room with a bunch of Fulton County raised students to make you feel like the smartest person in the world. As long as Fayette County keeps producing well educated students we will remain competitive regardless of our turf.

a million bucks that is burning a hole in his pocket!

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you will want to pass a law to take it away from him before he's able to donate it on his own?

After all he needs to pay his fair share right Ninja?

And who knows better how to spend Dar's money than the State! Certainly, not Dar.

Dar has been harping about the city NOT taking is free gift! What is a fair share? I don't even know that that means! I know who Cher is, but not fair share! Dar seems to know how to spend his money--he seems to want to give it to the city. I guess that will make him happy! Ask him about that, not me!

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me it's not true!

YOU can't tell us what "fair share" is?

You the Ninja can't define this?

What happened to your Goldie Locks "just about right" government philosophy?

Pats by 7

This project actually has Dar written all over it. I wouldn't be surprised if Sally Herman is just his puppet. Her arguments in favor of this thing are very similar to Dar's Ice Palace arguments. Her use of scare tactics to drive her point is very Dar. For example; “It is imperative that Fayette County gets these turf fields to continue to be competitive with our neighbor to the west and our neighbors to the north”. Also, why would she even think privately raising that kind of money was a reasonable goal in the first place. Maybe Dar, offered up his one mil.

Actually, Dar has nothing to do with this. This is a project I embraced due to my boys being in lacrosse and having to travel to the north side of Atlanta for the last 3 years (btw, if this goes through, my boys will probably be already out of high school). Cobb, Fulton, Forsyth, Gwinnett and now Coweta County ALL have turf fields that have been paid for by an ESPLOST. We need to stay competitive. My guess (a guess ONLY) is that most high school athletic fields WILL have turf fields. It's more cost effective, more hours can be played on it and you don't have to worry about rain or droughts.
Private Funding: I believe between the various corporations and businesses in Fayette County and a fundraising push in the community that it could have been successful...a LOT of work, but successful. Not because of any person in particular, but because it's something that will enhance schools in Fayette County.

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[quote]Private Funding: I believe between the various corporations and businesses in Fayette County and a fundraising push in the community that it could have been successful...a LOT of work, but successful. Not because of any person in particular, but because it's something that will enhance schools in Fayette County.[/quote]

Then with all due respect I suggest that you go to work and get that private funding. This is not the right time to be asking for taxpayer money. And I would suggest that you do your homework here because if enrollment continues to drop you may be spending money on a school that could be closed at some point down the road.

All in all don't you think the idea of 2 nice stadiums shared by the high schools here would work? With astro turf and all of that freed up time that the fields could be used? The savings could be used to keep a few teachers.

To answer your questions:
1. $28,000 - $5k mowing/maintenance, $1K equipment, $4K fertilizer/herbicides, etc., $8K reseeding/resodding/top dressing, $8K water, $500 sprinkler repairs, $2K line paint.
2. In this economy, families, businesses and communities are strapped...a penny SALES tax will be funded by anyone that shops in Fayette County (not just Fayette Co. residents). Many, many of us from Fayette County go to Sam's, Ashley Park, NCG, etc. WE are helping to improve Coweta Counties schools (athletic fields, textbooks, etc) with their current ESPLOST penny sales tax.
3. This ESPLOST is for the future - May 2014 thru April 2019. The ESPLOST cannot cover personnel costs. It is ONLY for capital gains; textbooks, buses, facilities, etc.
NOTE: We need to not only maintain our facilities (including athletic facilities), but we need to stay competitive with Coweta County and our neighbors to the north.

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Please read the links provided earlier and see the expenses for artificial turf vs natural then rethink your reply

As we all know, there is a wealth of information on the internet. The grass vs turf costs I received were from a couple different sources. The quote I received for turf maintenance was for $7K/year

How does the cost of a synthetic turf field compare to a natural turf field?

Purchasing a synthetic turf field may seem expensive initially, but the field pays for itself over time, proving to be a highly cost-effective investment. Synthetic turf fields are typically utilized for about 3,000 hours of play per year, with no “rest” required, the equivalent of three to four well-maintained natural turf fields. In addition, synthetic turf maintenance costs are two to three times less than natural turf, since no mowing, irrigation or chemicals are needed. Because of its consistent availability, a synthetic turf field is also a reliable source of rental revenue for schools and communities.

According to Cory Jenner, a landscape architecture professional in Syracuse, N.Y., the cost of installing and maintaining a synthetic turf sports field over a 20-year period (including one replacement field) is over three times less expensive per event than the cost of a grass field over the same period of time. This is because many more events can be held on a synthetic turf sports field. “Financially speaking, artificial turf is more cost-effective over time,” Jenner said. This cost per event advantage is validated by other authorities and field owners.

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I'd be interested to hear from a school system that has had a synthetic turf field for at least 10 years and is approaching the age of replacement, what is their experience. How has the field affected sports injury rates, is heat an issue in the summer/early fall (especially in the south). Is the replacement cost really as low as advertised, or are there additional costs incurred such as rebuilding the base (see the bubble for the Aquatic Center).

Often the information you find on the internet is biased in one way or another - Veritas's link is to a company in the midwest that installs natural sod, so they are biased towards grass. But I suspect that a lot of so-called experts that promote artificial turf come from the industry that is trying to sell you the product. I'd want to hear from users who have lived with the product for a long time and can really identify the pros and cons.

BTW, Georgia Tech switched from synthetic turf to natural grass at Grant Field in 1995, after using a synthetic surface for 24 years.

See the letter from the McEachern Athletic Director. They've had their turf field for 8 years. Lots of great info in his letter.

Mrs. Herman.. I feel your pain (and envy).. Cobb county is on top of recreation! They have multiple natatoriums too. I use to live there and miss it... this is why our population is declining..families see what they can have in other counties... until Fayette county understands this.. the decline will continue!!

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193,936,493.00 revenue Faye

929,886,097.08 revenue Cobb

Just sayin .......

I understand... and as long as we are an anti-growth county our revenues will not increase. Look at the development that is happening just over the county line....

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You missed the growth spurt by about 15-20 years, back then we were the other county. But with PTC being built out and the recession we are on hold. You have to understand, as I'm sure you do, its construction that drives a county like ours so we're basically done for now. Maybe in 10 years, maybe.

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Last time I checked the University of Arkansas and the University of Missouri weren't in the natural sod business

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Artificial not so cost effective or safe .... Try talking to someone with experience not artificial turf salesmen
You do know Cory Jenner is on the "synthetic turf council" a sales organization for synthetic turf.

Comment on the Turf Fields for Fayette County Facebook page:

Full disclosure: I'm in the turf business. However, the benefits are clear: safer for the players (it has kind of a built-in cushion), no weather delays, the surface is always playable so kids get more exercise, less costly to maintain, long-term financial payback (resurface is significantly less costly than the first install), saves lots of precious water, eliminates the need to use herbicides and fertilizers and the run-off into our lakes, no pollution & CO2 emissions from mowers, etc etc.

Also see
Synthetic Turf Council

VERITAS: In addition, please read the email from the McEachern Athletic Director (most recent post). It answers a lot of questions from someone who is maintaining a turf fields (8 years).

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I don't have questions I have answers with links from people with vastly more experience with synthetic turf installation ,maintenance  and financial than anything you have replied with. 
University of Arkansas turf maintence manager 
University of Missouri extension turf grass 
Redhen turf ( they sell natural and synthetic)
Etc etc  way more experience ...
I've done the research and coached several sports at the middle school
High school and rec levels for a number of years and played on both . I suggest you really research and become educated on the subject
Not info from  A salesman not from an High school AD who lobbies for his synthetic field.

So, I provide Again for you some research.

With all due respect, I have educated myself on turf vs. grass, not only with people in the industry and people that actually utilize turf fields, but also by doing a lot of on line research (as you have). There is information all over the internet on the pros and cons. I would bet that each of us can post many links to reputable sites that are either "FOR" or "AGAINST" turf fields. One is not "more reputable" than another.

I am doing this for the Fayette County community. I truly believe Fayette County needs turf fields at ALL five high schools. I'm sure you've read my comments below as to why I feel this way. Again, I have no personal stake boys will be in college by the time something like this comes to fruition.

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[quote]I truly believe Fayette County needs turf fields at ALL five high schools.[/quote]

Why, if turf increase time available for use, do we need 5 fields? Again why not follow Clayton's lead and have 2 nice stadiums for the high schools to share? We need to look for ways to save money in today's environment.

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Unfortunately some are more reputable. University studies far outweigh in reliability and unbiased fact than studies done to sway opinions for financial gain. University systems have no vested interest one way or another as they are not in the business of selling natural turf or synthetic turf. Once again pay close attention to the sources supplied. Artificial turf is nice don't get me wrong but are in no way a cost effective alternative especially in today's financial situation facing the BOE. My problem is the seriously flawed and misleading rational you use to try and bolster your position.

Heat study from BYU

"Full disclosure: I'm in the turf business."

Szh443, Are you in the turf business or are you quoting someone from your Facebook page? The comment above was structured in a way I found confusing. If so, what is your role in the "turf business"? How do you benefit from this professionally? Being as you don't benefit from it personally, since your youngest will be in college before the turf is installed.

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Come on, 3.2 will only bump the deficit up to a nice round 10 mil. Maybe we can get a T(urf)SPLOST or a NG(no grass)SPLOST or a WTH(what the h---)SPLOST or maybe all three for good measure. We should probably stop when the SPLOST total hits, let’s say, 25%.

The ESLOST is a penny SALES tax...only those that spend money in Fayette County will help pay for it. All the people who work in Fayette County regardless of where they live would help every time they chose to go to lunch during work.

WE do the same whenever we spend money in Coweta County (Sam's Club, NCG, Ashley Park, etc.). WE are funding Coweta County's ESPLOST and helping THEIR schools, but we can't do it for ourselves? The same goes for very dollar you spend in Cobb, Fulton, Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties. You are helping fund their schools' ESPLOST.

Again, it's a penny SALES tax. You only contribute if you spend money here in Fayette County.

How do turf fields increase home values? And if folks use turf fields as a deciding factor on whether or not to move to FC, I say that's absolutely ridiculous and they should stay where they are. This may be a good idea to pursue upon economic recovery--not now. And oh, NO MORE NEW TAXES! Or why not just ask the FC Parks & Recreation folks to add you to their list--that oughta work!

People send their kids to schools for more than just academics...parents want their kids to be well-rounded. Sports, band, drama, etc. assist in making a well-rounded student. Turf fields is a sign that a community believes in maintaining and upgrading their current facilities. Yes, it is imperative to keep competitive -- competitive with the north side of Atlanta and Coweta County.

Other draws: There will be more opportunities to hold tournaments here in Fayette County vs. always traveling to the north. More hotel rooms will be sold, more restaurants eaten in and more. Fayette County can begin to draw clinics and tournaments from around the metro area and even around the state (more centrally located). All of these help the community and housing prices.

In addition, the athletes will have almost 3x more playing/practice time on the field.

The proposed ESPLOST is slated for May 2014-April 2019.

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Really ...Astro turf really .... Really BOE in the hole and 3.2 mil for astro turf ... Please explain how this 1 saves money and 2 even crossed a semi rational persons mind with the current budget crisis facing the BOE... I suggest supporters get their facts straight by researching .....
Please read this

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Let me get this straight, folks relocate to Fayette County for high school athletics? Somewhere along the way the quality of education seems to be much more of a draw, but in any case now is certainly not the time and Fayette is not the place.

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a grass tax.

You wouldn't want the people that use the service to pay for it would you?

They certainly don't want to, they want you to pay for it!

I agree that academics is a HUGE draw. That's why we moved here. But we also know that a well-rounded student is more desirable than just a studious one.

And yes, some people do move to Fayette County for sports. What a benefit to have not only a great academic draw, but also a draw for the athletics. We have state champs/finalists in boys' AND girls' soccer, multiple high school football teams in addition to a great lacrosse program. Younger students feeding into the 5 high schools will also benefit from having turf fields, not just the high school students.

Note: We're looking to the future. The ESPLOST is for May 2014-April 2019

szh443 you should be so happy that you at least have football fields. Football is one sport that seems to have plenty of money.. Have you seen Starrs Mill's scoreboard?? I am a parent of a swimmer... do you know what they have? NOTHING!!! They "share" an eight lane pool that has been closed this season due to a forever ending project to replace a bubble. The swimmers have to practice at 5 AM in the mornings because AGAIN they have to SHARE 8 lanes with all users of the same pool. So seriously..... you really think that artifical turf that only serves the ones that play that sport is deserving??? Don't get me wrong.. I am for all sports and I love football and support them everytime I go to a game.. however, I am sick of football being the premiere sport. The other athletes in other sports count as well. They have the same dreams and goals as any of the football players. They work hard if not harder than any football player. So just be happy with what you have. THis is not an appropriate time to be asking FCBOE for 3.2 million dollars!! You want to know where many Fayette County swimmers of gone? They too have won many championships, we have many swimmers attending top universities on swimming scholarships and going to Junior Nationals and the Olympic qualifiers... I'm sure there are parents in other sports that can share their own success stories with you as well. My point here is YES atheletics is important but it must be balanced!! Not everyone that moves to Fayette county are football players.

Let me just dream for a minute.... We could build a pool or pools for the schools that the swimteam can use. Also, when the swimteam is not using it, ALL students can also use the pool for leisure or exercise using their school id's. If we are going to use ESPLOST money for atheletics.. let's start with the programs that REALLY need it! We do not live in the 90210 zipcode. I know a pool is only a DREAM and will NEVER happen at the school or county level.. but I can DREAM.. Goodnight and sweetdreams...

Ptcfins - As a matter of fact, my boys have only played one season of football and they are not planning on playing again. We are by no means a "football family". However, there are so many activities that are played on the main school athletic (football) field, that it's unfair to say it's just for football. Some of the other activities are graduations, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, boys soccer, girls soccer, band, track and field and more.

I agree that if one looks at all the sports and activities in the schools, they ALL work hard and make sacrifices. Football, by no means, is the most deserving of anything. The money being earmarked for schools needs to benefit the largest number of students as possible (especially in this economy). I know baseball wants new fields, some of the schools don't even have tennis courts, MHS has problems with the height of their ceilings which causes issues for volleyball players...there are a lot of needs and not enough money. Maybe 16 years ago, but not anymore. However, we can't just stop spending money on our schools. We need to continue to maintain them and to also upgrade them to keep competitive (not saying to just spend willy-nilly). One thing that people keep forgetting (not necessarily you) is that it costs less money to maintain the synthetic turf fields and it can generate money for the county by having clinics, camps and tournaments throughout the year (I know the same can be said for other sports as well).
Again...I want to clarify, we are NOT a football family. We enjoyed it when the boys played, but we do not live and breathe all.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am currently on a committee reviewing the proposed ESPLOST and swimming pools DID come up in the conversation. It is well known that there is a large swimming community in Fayette County and that there is not a school facility for the swimmers.

I realized after my post that you were not a football family. Sorry for the confusion. We can both agree that improvements need to be made. It is hard for me to push the $ for a field that serves all current activities when there are other needs. I spent all weekend in Columbus drooling over plans they have for a huge recreation complex that includes a natatorium. Swimming pulls hundreds of families in a community for mulitple days. We were one that had to get a hotel, eat out, and shop between our 4 hours meets.. two sessions a day.. Southern Crescent Aquatic team, here in Peachtree City is hosting the 14 and under State Championship meet at the end of the month where USA swimmers from all over the state will be competing for 3 straight days. We will be bringing in a LOT of revenue but guess where it is going? FULTON COUNTY! Why? We cant hold a meet here.. We are holding it at Georgia Tech. I understand your envy of other areas.. I too am very envious. I apprectiate your effort..however, it wont fly here in Fayette... call me selfish but I would much rather have a swimming facility. It's not that we want a better one... we simply do not have one.

fields and ignore all the foreclosure signs, etc. and decide to move to PTC I am all for it. (Sarcasm, intended). I think there are many many things we need to consider with our schools and our city as a whole without thinking of putting in turf with our economy the way it is---if we were flush, maybe. Speaking of flush, is everyone else as incensed over our water and sewer bills as I am? Was out of town for 22 days in a billing period with all water turned off at main valve and my bill was only two dollars leaa than for a regular billing. Was told there was no problem and that was the correct amount for the bill---the basic bill for my property is only two dollars cheaper than if I have showered, cooked and washed clothes for 30 days instead of eight! Go figure---

Veritas's picture

Ms.Herman and turf supporters I strongly suggest you read and become informed...

Busy Bee's picture

Aside from the fact that it would be insane to spend $3.2 million extra when the FCBOE is contemplating teacher layoffs, the above links in Veritas's post provide some things to consider when contemplating the switch to artificial turf:
1) Artificial turf fields are hotter than natural turf fields. Here in Georgia there is already high risk for heat exhaustion/heat stroke during August football practice, even without increasing the on field temperature with artificial turf
2)Artificial turf can increase risk of knee, foot, and ankle injuries in athletes.
3) There is a lot of maintenance required for artificial turf, including raking the field after use.
4) Artificial turf must be replaced after 8-12 years due to compaction of the playing surface and worn out seams, both of which can cause injuries to athletes if not fixed.
5) Artificial turf must be protected by tarps or plywood when the field is being used for non-sporting events, such as graduation. High heels can damage the turf. This can be time-consuming and expensive.
6) Seams sometimes tear or wear out requiring repairs by a specialist.

How about recycle her through Financial Peace University! Dave Ramsey might even kick in a deal for free!

- Looks and feels like natural grass - all year round, no matter the weather
- Unmatched durability and drainage - better than natural grass
- No need for pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides
- No watering - protects our precious natural resources
- Low maintenance and upkeep (over a 10 year period, it costs LESS than grass)
-Reduce carbon emissions from mowing, weed-eating, and edging
-Maximizes playing time
-Increases revenue generation potential (clinics, camps, tournaments)
-Offers the most proven, durable and safest product in the industry
-Provides a consistent artificial turf surface for superior all-around performance
-Minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries (there is virtually no difference between the number of injuries on turf vs natural grass)

There is absolutely NO reason to be considering a $3.2M expenditure of tax dollars for something as superficial as artificial turf. This would not enhance the quality of education in ANY way that I can see. When teachers are being furloughed, facilities are falling into disrepair, technology is behind, many instructional programs aren't available, and class sizes are increasing, what does ASTROTURF do to help? Good grief! If you put your name on the petition, I would suggest removing it if you haven't thought all of this through.

In addition, how is it reasonable to spend $3.2M on a supposed enhancement of something that is already available at every high school countywide(our fields are already just fine), when there are a large number of kids in the varsity swim program that have no place for a swim meet? They have no facilities except to "rent" an pool with limited lanes, and no spectator seating, from Peachtree City which must be shared by ALL high schools, community users, recreational leagues, etc. They have to be at the pool at 5:00 AM so they can all fit their practice and conditioning in. Did anyone see the picture of the large team of the extremely competitive, happy and fit swimmers from Starrs Mill in the Citizen today?

Note: I am in no way suggesting that School Board taxes (ESPOLST) should pay for an aquatic facility any more than I think those taxes should pay for astroturf.

PTC Observer's picture

there is a professional swimming league, equivalent to the NFL, then and only then will you and others get a publicly funded swim facility that meets your needs.

The NFL is a crony capitalist enterprise, supported by the public from grade school to super bowl. Nearly all professional sports activities wouldn't have the margins they have or pay the salaries they pay without the financial support of people that have no interest in them.

Pats by 32

What is the difference in sports between swimming and baseball, soccer, basketball, and football. Furthermore, an aquatic center is not only for swim teams. My mother is one of many disabled that aquatics is the only form of exercise they can do. I would think with the amount of senior citizens that live in this community there would be more support for this. Very unfortunate that we are the only metro county that believes in this. Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth, Fulton, Hall, Gwinnett,DeKalb, Covington, Coweta, Douglas, Carrol, etc. ALL have swim facilities.

PTC Observer's picture

I feel your pain, sounds like you have a lot of other places to live if you choose to, point seems to be lost on you.

he never has any fun so he tries his hardest to prevent others from having any! He is desperately trying to build a time machine to take him back to 1789, when there were no pesky things like aquatic centers, football fields, and freedom for blacks and women to worry about! Harmless but a bit testy he is!

I too can't understand why PTC does not have a property swim venue! Perhaps you could contact those nice Porsche people up in Atlanta to finance one for us! Germans understand the value of being having property stroke technique!

It is amazing how out of touch some folks can be to even consider spending $3.2 million on astroturf. Teachers are taking 5 furlough days next year and a couple of science teachers are being cut from each school. Even floating this idea shows incredibly narrow focus or maybe some personal benefit, who knows?

None of an ESPLOST goes towards personnel. It's a penny SALES tax that goes towards capital; textbooks, facilities, etc.
FYI - Turf fields would only be 4% of the expected income generated from the proposed ESPLOST.


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