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State court employee charged in theft

Fayette County State Court Solicitor’s employee Sabrina Ann Miller has been charged with felony theft by taking of more than $3,800 in funds from her office at the Fayette County Justice Center. Additional charges could be forthcoming.

Miller between the dates of Jan. 1, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2009 is accused of stealing $3,836.48 in funds that were the property of Fayette County, according to court records filed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The funds taken by Miller represented a breach of her fiduciary obligation, records said.

The charge of theft by taking-fiduciary is a felony.

There were two warrants issued for theft by taking charges. The first occurred on Dec. 30 when Miller was said to have taken and cashed a $300 money order from the solicitor’s office in an October 2008 incident. Miller at the time posted a cash bond of $5,000.

A subsequent warrant for Miller was issued on Jan. 14 for taking funds from the solicitor’s office from 2007-2009 valued at $3,536.48. Miller was released on her own recognizance based on the posting of the previous cash bond.

Solicitor General James Inagawa on Tuesday said the the issues first came to light when discrepancies arose with administration fees relating to the pre-trial intervention program. At that point, said Inagawa, the matter was turned over to investigators.

The investigation into Miller’s activities might not be limited to only one charge. District Attorney Scott Ballard said Monday that there exists a likelihood of additional charges against Miller by the time the investigation results go to the grand jury, probably in March.


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