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Minute fix gets testy in PTC

The correction of minutes from a previous City Council meeting is without fail a mundane task that garners a quick motion, second and unanimous approval. Until Thursday night that is. Peachtree City Councilman Eric Imker dragged out the video and audio of the meeting to prove an error, and lobbed criticism at Mayor Don Haddix for using the incorrect information in a recent newspaper column in an effort to discredit him.

The recording from the Aug. 19 meeting made it clear that the city is projected to need a .213 mill property tax increase each year for the next four years. But Haddix in his column a few weeks ago said that a .5 mill increase was needed each year.

At one point, Councilwoman Kim Learnard had city staff display on the projector the budget documents which are available to the public on the city’s website, which showed the projected .213 increase, not the .5 mill increase suggested by Haddix.

“Everything is here in black and white,” Learnard said.

Despite that contention, Haddix and fellow councilman Doug Sturbaum voted against the motion to amend the minutes to fix the inaccuracy.

The “no” votes stunned both Imker and fellow councilwoman Kim Learnard, who joined Councilwoman Vanessa Flesich in approving the minute correction.

“The video was clear it should have been .2 instead of .5, yet you didn’t approve the change,” Imker said.

“After five and a half months,” Sturbaum shot back. “Read your minutes.”

Sturbaum then suggested that council needed to bury the hatchet on the issue since budget talks will begin anew at the council’s March retreat.
“I don’t want to hear it again. We’re closing the debate on this,” Sturbaum said. “Let’s move forward.”

Learnard interjected that council “will absolutely move forward with the truth. And here it is in black and white.”

Haddix, in defending his vote against correcting the minutes, noted that council adopted a millage rate at last year’s meeting, but did not vote on the future millage rates, which were projections calculated by city staff.

Neither Haddix nor Sturbaum disputed that the correction suggested by Imker was inaccurate.

At one point, Learnard specifically asked Haddix if he “wanted to take the opportunity to clarify any past comments,” either spoken or written, about the budget numbers.

“No,” the mayor replied, eliciting a sigh of disapproval from Learnard.

“Are you sure?” Learnard replied, following up by quoting the error in Haddix’s Jan. 19 column as published in The Citizen.

Haddix replied that the projected tax increase is not set in stone.

“It is not an approved budget ... All five of us have our different ideas, and our different plans, and plans are always subject to change every year,” Haddix said.

In his presentation outlining the error before the vote, Imker rapped Haddix for not accurately remembering the city’s “most important budgetary decision” of last year.

“What I take exception to regarding this whole miserable issue is the mayor’s obvious repeated use in recent months of that one sentence both verbally and written, when he should have known this is not what I said or advocated,” Imker said.



Wrong title. Haddix and Sturbaum have lost any credibility they had up to now. Gone for good as far as I'm concerned.

The article fails to mention that Imker said the mayor had every right to use the flawed minutes sentence. But Imker is still right. The mayor was definitely knowledgeable of the right numbers yet tried to use the wrong numbers in a decitful way. Then on top of that, not to approve the change to correct the error is simple arrogance. I'm really surprized Sturbaum fell in line, as usual, with the mayor. This brings grave doubt on the dual Doug/Don integrity. I thought Strubaum was trying to show he was an independent thinker and not just a guarrented vote for the mayor every time. Bye bye to that theory.

MK - It seems I lost the bet. Where do I buy you lunch?

Mike King's picture

I am impressed with your integrity, and in lieu of buying me lunch, the next time you eat out, tip the difference to a server who is working their way thru school.

Fair enough?

"Pseudologia fantastica may present as false memory syndrome, where the sufferer genuinely believes that fictitious events have taken place, regardless that these events are fantasies."

Even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence in written and video form, Dandy Don could not state the truth. Worse yet, Lap Dog Doug just shook his bobble head and went along, and then tried to move things along to cover it up. Now we truly know the caliber of men directing our city!

Can you explain what difference it makes what the Mayor said or didn't say about how much our taxes may change over so many years?

Did he say that you said it? Maybe that is his opinion?

I don't get this talk anyway about keeping on raising our taxes in a recession which is likely to still be here for 5 years!

Where are the plans for cuts in expenses or borrowing to meet budgets?

It is amazing how well a city can run for a few years if there is no money, and no possibility of getting any more except by taxes.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

What exactly are they hiding? A difference of opinion is understandable but disputing taped evidence? Why? What is the deal here?
Are they just fueding because they can? Or is there a real issue?

Immature twerps. Grow up.

Live free or die!

There is no hiding, Dandy Don is just too busy trying to show he is a glorious leader of the free world and cannot realize how sad and pathetic it is. Most distressing is Doug. He has shown how far he will go to support Dandy Don in his idiocy. I suspect that Dandy Don just made a mistake when he related to public, in a public forum, that the rate was 0.5. This in turn prompted Imker to have a small coronary as it was well noted that the rate was 0.213. The budget of course was his baby and it had been called ugly. Of course, this was done in an equally public forum. So, Dandy Don then uses his public forum to try and show Imker is wrong and he is right. Ah ha! Imker is right, and of course he has to use his public forum. Immature, unprofessional - Sure. Lacking integrity - most certainly.

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"Despite that contention, Haddix and fellow councilman Doug Sturbaum voted against the motion to amend the minutes to fix the inaccuracy."

It's obvious that Mayor Haddix has a separate agenda that only he and Mr Sturbaum are privy to. I mean, when confronted by irrefuttable evidence, these two remained obstinate and voted to disallow the truth. Granted, the man has his faults, but when the Mayor and Doug Sturbaum openly attempt to cover the mayor's prevarication, something has to give.

Most honorable men would resign rather than be caught covering up a lie.

I expect the Mayor's answer at any time now.

I think it is what he knows we need (.5 mil X 5) since there will be little if any layoffs. He thinks the .21 mil X 5 won't cover the expenses.

Could be that he expects as Mayor to say just what he wants and let it go at that just like the Fayette Chairman.

Maybe we misheard him, ya reckon? He doesn't care either way.
He considers you a foreign object in his eye.

If I were you and ever saw the Mayor and Brown together, I would run like the dickens!

Mike King's picture

I agree, we're about to hear the Mayor's take anytime now. There's no mistaking the truth now that it's public knowledge the mayor has decided to alter facts and have the gall to vote against the obvious.

Maybe it's him who should run, and hide.

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[quote] it's public knowledge the mayor has decided to alter facts and have the gall to vote against the obvious.[/quote]

I did not see where Mayor Haddix altered the facts by quoting incorrect meeting minutes; granted, it turns out he was using incorrect information in his Citizen article, but I do not believe he wrote the minutes that he referenced. He did not vote against the obvious, he voted to not ammend 5 and 1/2 month old meeting minutes, when all of the needed information was going to be documented and referenced in the minutes from this last meeting.

I have to admit there's never a week I don't pick up the newspaper just to see what the city council isn't doing.

Kim is the nagging queen. Vanessa is a little stupid elf. Eric is bloated stinky gas bomb. Doug is hidden under the dais somewhere. Don is always right whether he is or not.

The only significant thing this crew has done is significantly raise my taxes. Why aren't you running for Imker's spot Mike??? Think about it. You couldn't do any worse than what Imker's doing now.

Mike King's picture

It's your turn! I tried and was turned down, I don't apply twice. Besides I gave my word that I would not.

Your qualifications make you a viable candidate. Let's face it, it's been awhile since a leader sat on that dais.

NUK_1's picture


Oh well, with goofy letters to the paper and these kind of shenanigans every meeting, maybe they will have a little less time to over-manage PTC.

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Please Beth, get ready to run for council. We made a huge mistake last time and we will correct it if you run. Go against Doug this time. He's really vulnerable.

Pretty clear to me that Kim needs to be the next mayor. How soon can we vote on that?

Someone needs to convince Beth to run against StarkDumbAsHell in the next election. This latest shenanigan he and Donnie Darko have pulled should be a wake up call to the citizens of PTC. I've said it before on here, one of the greatest political travesties here in PTC was not electing Beth into office the last election. We royally screwed up! Intelligent, does her homework, sensible and not prone to rash statements or conclusions. Let's correct that mistake and put her in office the next election and get rid of the Haddix lap dog. Besides, isn't there a prohibition against pets in City Hall and the Council Chambers?

No, Beth does not need to run against Doug. Think about it. In Dandy Don's absence, Doug becomes mildly sensible, and maybe he will be sensible and not run again. What we need to do is recall Dandy Don and replace him. We can not afford another three years of him.

mudcat's picture

Very hard to get the signatures on a petition and harder still to come up with a legitimate reason for the recall.
Pretty high bar to reach.

Better tactic is ethics violation, as it is quicker and easier. Problem there is that none of them have done anything unethical. Remember stupid and immature and inexperienced and unfocused and clueless are all different things - and different from unethical.

Best course of action is to get Doug out of there (Beth being the logical one to do it) and then let the 3 ladies run the city. Imker and Haddix can't agree on anything so there would be a lot of 4-1 votes and Kim would be the driving force - sort of a defacto mayor. Haddix might even get so creeped out after a year of that he could quit.

The 2 of you have lost total credibility with the people of Peachtree City.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

They won't take it, but is good advice. Sturnbaum has been bitten by the power bug and even though he is a naturally shy person, he's loving the spotlight. He's running again and beating him will be easy. Not with Beth Pullias as some have urged, but instead with a complete newcomer (and sorry mudcat, but not for sure another woman) who can bring a LOCAL. AND I MEAN LOCAL business perspective to this city council. Someone who can explain to the others why local businesss need support, how to do that and above all - influence some leadership and responsible behavior into the council. Here are some people - any of whom would be better on council than the 2 up for reelection or daresay the goofy mayor. If you know them, encourage them.

Bill Mc Donald
Scott Bradshaw
Arnie Geiger
Tom Selmer
Susanne Heil
Bill Hooper
Costas Solokas
Becky She
Bobby Vassey
Donna Turner
Donna O'Kelley
Roy Huff
Mark Gray
Pat Broderick
Scott Rowland
Jim Fulton
Jim Cole
Marsha Cole
Sandra Jungers
Allison Chambers
Paul Yellina
Dar Thompson
Mike Lorber
Mike Amos
Mike Carroll
Dan Gibbs
Virginia Gibbs
Bob Truitt
John Barrow
Rick Viall
Jim Watkins
Jeff Warlick

I'm totally kidding about 2 of them, but you'll have to figure that out for yourself.

Or suggest others if you want. I think we deserve better than those who are representing us now.
The city is full of good capable people.

Live free or die!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Shelby Barker and Todd Strickland woud be good additions to the candidate list.

Edited Wednesday: And so would Mike King

Live free or die!

How did you get that list of names? Did you look under "developer" in the Rotary phone book???

I'm just thankful your candidates keep losing. At least inept Imker and Huffy Haddix are only fight over the minutes and not whether to sell city property to the big box developer!!!

Arnie Geiger would make it mandatory to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. DUIs would skyrocket. :)

I hope you are happy. They never fail to impress. Total embarrassment to themselves and our fair City.

I will say it again you will NEVER be happy not even if one of you fools ran. Know It All Idiots. Give the mayor some support sometime.

DarkMadam's picture

I was very vocal about what would happen if Haddix were elected mayor. I took a verbal beating on a daily basis. Now I see that some are starting to see what I was saying. If I were less of a person I would have titled this "I told ya so". Some just have to learn the hard way, but I am glad you have learned.

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