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Balance page with left-wing cartoons

I am a regular reader of your newspaper and a resident of Peachtree City. I am also a member of a rare breed in this county — a Democrat.

Why does The Citizen publish two conservative political cartoons weekly instead of a more balanced approach with one conservative and one liberal cartoon?

I understand your audience in Fayette County is overwhelmingly conservative, but I would certainly enjoy the conversation that might ensue if your paper allowed an alternate viewpoint.

Although I am often at odds with your newspaper’s columnists, my parents taught me many years ago to always listen to the other person’s opinion, if for no other reason than to strive to be a educated citizen. Perhaps others might have a viewpoint I have not considered.

I feel sure there are many appropriate liberal cartoonists who could offer a balance to your editorial page.

Thank you for your consideration.

Susan Naschke
Peachtree City, Ga.

The editor replies: Alas, Ms. Naschke, the mediasphere is awash with left-wing viewpoints. Consider this page a tiny levee in the enveloping flood.



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So, I see by the editor's comment that the Citizen has no interest in being "fair and balanced." With the chronic complaints about "biased media," it seems ironic that one of the most chronic vehicles for complaints will simply admit that they intend to continue to completely biased. So, I guess the desire for a "fair and balanced" media will never invade Fayette County.
I would have thought the Editor of the Citizen would jump at the chance to bring an impartial media to us. Well, I didn't really think that. The Citizen has been one of the most biased media outlets in the country.

Start your own liberal leaning newspaper in Fayette County.

I eagerly await my free copy.

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Is The Citizen licensed by the state or federal government like radio and tv stations? No.
Do they have a bunch of paid subscribers who have some expectation of balance since they are paying for the product. Well no.
Are they even the legal organ for the city or county and the recipient of thousands of dollars in legal ads and notices where there might be some expectation to kowtow to the officials who vote on the legal organ each year. No and no.

Methinks it is a private business that creates its own revenue through advertising and produces a product that is governed only by the marketplace. Anyone needing a liberal bias in their newspaper can get the AJC in the driveway for an excessive delivery fee or online.

Live free or die!

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With all the MSM bias that favors the Dependency Class of this nation and you have a local paper that caters more to the Productive Class and you get your panties knotted up because WHY????? Do I sense more hypocrisy and intolerance from the Left?

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

At one time long ago providing the news was considered a public service. There were lines that the media did not cross. In those days radio, TV etc took a loss in profits to provide the news. Today the news department is expected to make a profit. So each one picks an audience and serves that audience in a way that makes money. If you don't like the way the Citizen reports, there are plenty of more liberal leaning papers out there.

I certainly agree with Ms. Naschke that The Citizen editorials discourage critical thinking by unanimously promoting only a radical right viewpoint. If left wing perspectives are a bridge too far, perhaps Mr. Beverly could print some moderate Republican voices like David Brooks or George Will who usually inject some sanity into their arguments. The tea bagging Grove City faculty and hyper-religious essays of Cal Thomas offer pure predictability. Most disheartening are the Oreo trio of Sowell, Williams, and Willis who have forgotten the struggle that permits their opinions to be printed in any Southern newspaper.

Since many of The Citizen readership appear never to venture too far from Fox “news,” a modicum of rational conservatism may encourage at least a sliver of contemplation. Cal could consider it a public service to open a thoughtful conversation since radicals on either end of the political spectrum abhor thought provocation.

But I am certainly not going to complain here about not getting them. Last I checked, the paper is FREE...

And here you go again with your "tea bagging" fascination. Must be a fetish.

One commenter on this forum invited Ms. Naschke to read other newspapers since “ . . . there are plenty of more liberal leaning papers out there.” Another reader suggested that she start her own liberal newspaper. I doubt that Ms. Naschke finds these ideas appealing since they don’t meet her stated objective—that is, providing readers one publication that presents two opposing views. I agree that providing two opposing slants on an issue within one newspaper would be a refreshing alternative to the polarized (both left-wing and right-wing) journalism that is so prevalent. An editor’s decision to publish one-sided political cartoons is a disservice to open-minded people who enjoy reading and mulling over opposing viewpoints in one newspaper.

[quote]Although I am often at odds with your newspaper’s columnists, my parents taught me many years ago to always listen to the other person’s opinion, if for no other reason than to strive to be a educated citizen. Perhaps others might have a viewpoint I have not considered.[/quote]

Thanks fellow Democrat! The Citizen has allowed me to post my individual point of view for many years without being denied access. Join me sometimes in posting a different point of view. There are a few of us here who do try to communicate respectfully and share a different viewpoint . No opinions may be changed, but at least a different opinion is heard. Welcome!!

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The Citizen used to carry an occasional Mark Shields column if I remember correctly

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