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PTC may hire own in-house landscapers for parks, roads

A proposal to improve Peachtree City’s landscaping results involves the city hiring four full-time and two seasonal/temporary employees to handle landscaping along primary and secondary roads, along with city facilities and parks.

At the same time, the city would use three different companies to handle specific tasks: highway landscaping maintenance, right-of-way tree trimming on primary and secondary roads and landscaping for subdivision and city landscape islands.

The proposal will be detailed for the Peachtree City Council at its regular meeting Thursday night at 7 p.m.

The private companies would be paid a total of $278,000 and it will cost the city $170,000 for the new in-house crew and necessary equipment for the rest of this fiscal year. In 2015, the cost of the in-house crew will rise to $223,000, according to calculations by Community Services Director Jon Rorie.

The city’s landscaping results have suffered since it let go of its in-house landscaping staff and moved to contractors starting in 2009 as part of a budget-saving plan. Rorie categorized the results as “marginal at best, with common complaints regarding how the city does not look as good as it used to.”

The city has 12 municipal facilities needing landscaping services along with 12 city parks that will be served by the new in-house staff, Rorie indicated. Those crews will also handle landscaping on the 37 primary roads including Peachtree Parkway, MacDuff Parkway, Kedron Drive and others.



This should have never happened in the first place. Just because ol "Dandy Don" couldn't stand that the city employees were more loyal to Randy Gaddo than himself he fired them all under the guise of saving the city money. I was wondering how long after the "part Stupid Mayor" was gone that someone with some sense would reverse this poor and personal driven decision. Lets bring back the Beautiful City that we all fell in Love with.

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Everyone is accountable for specific areas. Pretty easy to monitor who is getting the job done and who is not.

I predict 4 workers will not be enough and by next summer the in-house crews will double in size. Lot of parks and things to keep up with.

Live free or die!

No one has been happy with the way the city has looked recently. Mr. Munford, you provided the new estimated costs for this year and next based on a new staff and supplemental subcontractors, however the article did not include the comparison cost we are presently paying now using subcontractors only.

In addition, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While RWM might prefer red flowers, Vanessa and Mike King might prefer a royal purple color at City Hall. Is there a matrix regarding minimum expectations?

While it's nice to have full control, realities always play a roll in these decisions. Without all the information present, it would be difficult to make a reasoned decision.

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Before the city goes off and starts hiring a bunch of people to take care of the "marginal" results, let's get some metrics in place.

Who will be responsible for what?
How will it be measured? ie citizen complaint rates, areas covered in a day, a week, a month.
Pre and post inspection to determine needs vs. results? Who will do it? A citizens volunteer group?

I am all for improving the visual beauty of our city, but I am just as concerned that a "few" will turn into "many" to get a subjective job done. We're not talking about a small sum of our money here.

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