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PTC seeks economic development deal through county

Peachtree City may soon have a new economic development staffer through a contract arrangement with the Fayette County Development Authority.

A contract, which would pay FCDA $75,000 for one year in return to compensate for that new employee, has been prepared by city and authority representatives. Thursday night the city council put the contract on hold so additional details could be worked out.

According to the contract, the employee’s primary responsibility would be “to work with existing businesses and industries in the city so they are best able to grow and expand within the boundaries of the city,” according to the contract.

This option would be in lieu of the city hiring a new economic development coordinator on its own.

Under the contract, the new staffer would be required to develop relationships with “existing business leaders, elected and appointed leaders and workforce professionals in the city in an effort to serve as a resource and main point of contact for business inquiries.”

The city funds must also be used to develop and implement a business retention and expansion survey and also provide the city with regular written reports on activities and occasional presentations to city leaders, according to the contract.

The contract also calls for the city to provide office and meeting space for FCDA so it can have a permanent presence in the city.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

I really hope one of the details to be worked out is to get council, the mayor and city staff focused on what this new person is supposed to do. Working with existing businesses is a Chamber of Commerce function. Attracting new businesses to PTC is an Economic Development function. Maybe if council and staff get that straight, that idea would filter down to the employee who is apparently not going to really be an employee. This thing seems doomed to failure due to a lack of skillful leadership - not to mention a waste of money.

And no, we don't need another stinkin' survey.

Live free or die!

some time. Just noticed the nominees submitted and, I imagine, approved for the Ethics Committee--see Imker's choice was Mike LaTella--that sure answers a lot of questions. Such as, why are we no longer given the pleasure of his pithy remarks here and also to his saying time after time that he had no connection whatsoever to Imker, while he was touting him to high heaven on this site.
Also, just curious as to how much these nominees are checked out, especially for a committee with the word ethics attached? I am sure they cannot have a criminal record but what about other things--should behavior not be a consideration? Sure hope no committee member with a short fuse erupts at a citizen causing the city unnecessary bad publicity or a law suit----

Mike King's picture

Heaven forbid! With the track record of our mayor regarding lawsuits, we surely don't need to pour gasoline onto the fire. Somehow, however, I believe you'll not have a problem with Mr Imker's ethical behavior, but should the ladies on Council give him the go-ahead, Eric could be complicit in mayoral abuse.

Ethics Committee? Anyway I would put my money on the ladies rather than Mr. Imker if it came to physicalities. Never under estimate the fairer sex when it comes to flexing our muscles. LOL.

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