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Senoia-PTC cart path link off council agenda

A proposal to authorize linking Peachtree City’s cart path to Senoia has been removed from the agenda for tonight’s city council meeting.

In another last minute agenda change, council will consider a $125,000 increase in the budget for the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater to allow it to book “higher level acts” as the amphitheater celebrates the 20th anniversary of the summer concert series.

The expense is expected to be offset by an increase in summer concert series revenue and sponsorships, according to a memo from Amphitheater Manager and Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Nancy Price.

The increase also covers an additional spotlight concert for the Diva Half Marathon event coming to the city along with three “co-presented” concerts.



If they can show legitimate examples of what the extra $125k will buy compared to what is now budgeted, I would hope council would listen and make an informed decision. Tastes in performances vary, but it would be nice to see if the better talent would increase revenue and spending in restaurants.

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Where in the Sam Hill is the path to the PTC ball fields? We got us a mighty fine cart bridge over Line Creek behind Gardner-Denver and a tunnel under 74, complete with two coats of ashpalt on top, and still got butt kiss. Finish up this job first. Chop Chop.

Especially if we can keep the carts off the fields.

TinCan's picture

Or maybe that is what you intended.

1. butkis

Doing absolutely nothing.

"But we did nothing, absolutely butkis that day

Is always what I have seen.

Is another one, but, butt, buttt I always knew it as bupkis, too.

Who would think today's game is played by candy arses.

Butkus was great but I agree with Larry Zonka when he said "I'd rather face Butkus than Nobis". Tommy Nobis on a better team would be in Hall of Fame today!!

I vote YES.

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Just kidding Nancy, I know how the cash flow works on the bookings and it is a fine idea and one more thing that elevates the image of the city. I'm all for it. It will definitely sell more tickets.

Billy Joel and Elton John together do a really good show. But you are probably after a younger demographic.

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