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PTC police: Have they gone too soft?

Are PTC police too soft? Or just too busy harassing citizens to catch the real bad guys?

I was reading in the paper about the robbery that took place at the PeachMac store at The Avenue on Jan. 26. And how the police were able to pursue the suspect’s vehicle that left the scene, but terminated their pursuit along North Peachtree Parkway because the suspect was driving recklessly.

Now this got me thinking: Did the police stop pursuit because they thought maybe innocent people might get hurt? Well, it was 2 a.m. on Peachtree Parkway, not many people out at that time of the morning, or was it because they figured it’s not worth getting the police car or themselves hurt for the $40,000 that they make a year?

The reason I can say this is because of the countless cases that the police in this city have not been able to catch the real bad guys when there has been risk of serious injury involved.

Case in point: Last year suspect shoots victim in condos off Peachtree Parkway, escapes on foot with gun by way of three ponds, police unable to catch suspect at that time.

2. Suspects beat down and killed victim in front of Red Room bar, police unable to catch suspects at that time.

3. June 28, 2008, 2:36 am. Suspect steals victim’s work vehicle in PTC. The victim leads police to suspect’s home, where they find the vehicle in the driveway. The intoxicated man flees the house through the woods on foot. The victim asks police if they are going to pursue the suspect. Officers said no, he may have a weapon that we don’t know about and somebody may get hurt.

I’m sorry, but I thought that was the job of law enforcement to catch the bad guys. I say if this had happened in Atlanta, they would not have given up the pursuit so easily.

We have all seen “Cops” on TV where they run the bad guys off the road with their cars and use tack strips to blow out their tires for lesser offenses.

As a citizen of Peachtree City, I see all the time where the police are harassing innocent citizens. Whether its speeding traps on Ga. Highway 74 or police on Ga. Highway 54 at the Walmart entrance or pulling people over because they think their window tint is too dark.

And God forbid you drive an old beat-up truck or van — that’s a sure way to get pulled over.

Policing in Peachtree City has become a money-making business. And we need to go back to the days when the officers’ job was to “Protect and Serve.”

Ask yourself when the last time was you saw an officer helping serve someone, rather than harassing someone.

In my opinion the PTC police are too soft, and they have gotten used to their cushy job, and when there is real crime — not speeding tickets — they are too afraid they might break a nail or actually have to get out and earn that paycheck that we the people pay them with our taxpayers’ dollars.

With that being said, I know there are a lot more residents that are tired of the over-policing. I also know people that have moved away for that same reason and a lot more that would like to. It’s a sad day when the police are driving away the good citizens that pay their salaries, just to make a dollar.

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I am not in favor of high speed chases except on open four-lane highways until the perp can be stopped ahead.

That is our real problem in Fayette County and the Cities, we have no good system for setting up very quick road blocks, etc.
We waste money and time with one helicopter and the poor communications involved.

Yes, all cops right now are watching intersections, etc., for a reason to issue a $100 or so ticket. That is those not at desks or elsewhere other than available for patrols. However, that would not be a bad thing providing the bad stuff was done first. Hang around these bars, etc., a little more would help---don't worry about the complaints of owners!

We are also manned with half as many officers during criminal hours as we are during the day--also three times as much supervision.

Now as to the $40,000 salary, that is OK for a starting salary these days, along with health insurance and a pension and a great deal of time off.

An officer should be able to get to $60-70 thousand in ten years if he is properly evaluated and I think maybe they do with promotions to too many sergeants, Lt.s and majors, etc.

I also have no objection to an officer killed or severly disabled getting a pension of 50% or so for the family. Maybe even $50-100,00 paid on existing debts for the family---not cash!

There are better management ways to do things.
We need more cops whose attitude is different than many now. By that I mean they have no need for a uniform or a gun to carry, even though they must.

I think PTC police did not pursue the Peach Mac burglars because a few years back a man died in front of Stein Mart due to a high speed chase. His light turned green and he drove in front of the woman being chased and he died, there is still a memorial there for him. I wish they could have caught the perpetrators immediately in the Peach Mac burglary, but a person's life lost is not worth catching burglars.

I have also seen police officers helping broken down motorists and during a car accident I was involved in, they were very helpful. I personally received a ticket years ago for something I felt was "bogus" - sitting in the median in front of Pike's nursery waiting to merge into northbound traffic on 74. The police officer said my car was not perfectly parallel to 74, so I obstructed traffic. I was not happy, but that's life, pay the ticket, move on!

If people move away because the police are around doing their job - goodbye! I would rather see the police than wonder where they are!

I like this comment. That accident was horrific and could have been prevented. While there are totally bogus "off the top of the head" tickets (driving too close to a sidewalk??) we do live in a generally safe city and I, too would like to commend those officers who I see helping broken down motorists and doing good deeds like that.

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If memory serves, I believe that the chase was not by PTC police. Maybe Lutherville or one of the other small towns in that direction.

Just one more reason to build a wall around PTC.

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This is actually in the printed version of the paper. Very bad idea to let someone spew like this anonymously after he obviously got a speeding ticket or a DUI. Borderline libel. And mostly untrue.

To answer one of Mr. Angry's questions, I often see poice officers helping people. Last two times were Saturday - changing a tire on Parkway South and Sunday - helping a girl who fell off a golf cart - on the cart paths. The officer was actually patrolling on the cart paths (near the thug area) in a 4 wheeler which in itself is helping.

And driving a beat up van or truck? I'm sure we have an ordinance that forbids that since we are Peachtree City, motto - Proud to be Served.

And people moving away because of overpolicing? Come on. Where did they move? Egypt? That is so bogus. Or maybe they were criminals.

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She says--- "Very bad idea to let someone spew like this anonymously..."

What the hell have you been doing all these years with your anonymous blogs? Ha...Get over it...

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Newspapers are supposed to have a higher standard than blogs and forums on the internet.

But, enough about that. Here's a revenue idea for PTC Police. Every Wednesday AM ticket the cars that are parked in the "Library only" spaces 2 hours before the library is open. All these people are in court for a previous offense, so the cop could just bring the tickets in to the offending drivers before they pay their first fine and they could tack the parking fine onto that. How about that? 20 spaces, $50 per offense, might even get 2 people in some spaces. No manpower problems, easy money, no high speed chases, what could go wrong?

from the managers to the police department to the citizens. This "bubble" that people try to protect is going to blow up in your face. It has already started. It's not the real world. Beat up truck or van? I will drive what I want when I want. Who cares what a person drives? People shelter their kids and when it's time to grow up, they do not know how to do anything for themselves. In my opinion, the whole city has gone soft.

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[quote=mudcat]To answer one of Mr. Angry's questions, I often see poice officers helping people. Last two times were Saturday - changing a tire on Parkway South and Sunday - helping a girl who fell off a golf cart - on the cart paths. The officer was actually patrolling on the cart paths (near the thug area) in a 4 wheeler which in itself is helping.[/quote]

Where is this thug area?

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and along the southside of Village Park. The thugs also cut through Village Park on their way to Taco Bell, so that path north of Village Park as well. They used to actually mug kids on bikes and in golf carts, but now the police patrol there frequently.

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That part is true. I was pulled over several times just for "a check and see" while driving a 88 Ford Thunderbird. Since I have changed cars to a 2010 car, I have not been pulled over one single time. I drive exactly the same, I have the same spotless driving record, and carry the same legal insurance with the proper tags and plates. The only difference is the car. I can find no other way to explain why I was pulled over many times in the "old beat up" vehicle and now that I have a shiny new one I have not been stopped?

I drive a clunker. I was recently stopped at night because tailights should evidently have 2 brightnesses(sic). Mine only have the 1 level known to mechanics. My tag light was out even though I had checked it earlier & it works now. I did not want to get out and make an issue of such a lie. From what my children have experienced in their teens and my experiences (No tix's that have stuck), this is about as close to a Police State as I care to live. I have known people to be stopped for their day-time running lights out. Just a courtesy stop. HEY, how about writing my tag down & sending me a letter! A former PTCPD officer went to another jurisdiction & he told me Wed court is a game show to see which officer can walk away w/ the most fines. Not just in PTC but I don't know when policing became a "Profit Center" on the balance sheet. Aside would be that more and more cops are being shot & killed and I think there is a serious correlation to this type of aggressive policing and the punitive punishments..another blog.

Yeah, one light, on all of the time when headlights on, is to show your rear-end.
When you press your brake pedal, then another bulb comes on brighter than the first and that means your brakes are on so that the dude behind you won't plow into your rear-end. Some of those are now mounted on the roof.

If your 1899 Dusenberg doesn't have such lights it won't cost too much to install two. Are the brakes mechanical, or hydraulic? Does it come with a crank?

Your on again off again tag lite is probably one of those that go out when a cop is behind you (detected by radar) so as to not allow him or her to read your tag number. You will need to see a geek to fix that.

I'm with you about the "profit Centers."
I suggest that the yearly inspections actually check for burned out lights, and that our taxes be increased to support the police department in the same amount as they collect by fines! The letter is also a good idea.

Does your stage name have any particular meaning?

Do you appear Mexican?

Some people can't afford 2010 vehicles!

I read where we are going to build gulags similar to Guantanamo prison to put illegals into who don't have "papers."
Try and stay out of those! You will get to pray five times a day but the food is terrible.

I've seen my fair share of both. There are some officers who are amazing and are in the right career but then there are the ones that ruin that reputation by tailing you too closely and aggressivly following you for no reason- just to wait for you to get nervous.

There are definitely pros and cons of the policing here. They may not have persued this particular theft because the risk outweighed the possibility that they will find these guys in the big picture. Where PTC police are known for harassing innocent citizens (of all ages may I add) they are very diligent in persuing ongoing cases and I do trust they will find whoever did this, it's inevitable. Criminals like this generally incriminate themselves.

I have a general rule either way: respect and expect respect in return. Follow all rules and play it safe. We all live here and know every road's speed limit and those "traps." Ignorance is not an excuse. They are here to serve and protect and there are some who exemplify that. Then there are the few that ruin that reputation. Everything isn't always black and white. Let's not let the few bad ones overshadow the general good job these guys do. Read the newspaper in the crime reports- PTC catches a good deal of legit cases so i'm not complaining.

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There are several agencies around Atlanta (and throughout the country) that do not chase unless it's for violent offenses. A smash and grab in the middle of the night is only a property crime.

I am on the fence about open pursuits policies. I believe officers should be (and usually are) trained well enough that they should be able to make the decision on whether or not a pursuit needs to be terminated.

I don't believe the OP's story about receiving a ticket based solely on what was stated. I'd bet the vehicle was out in traffic creating a hazard for passing cars.

Regarding all of the stories posted... how many were solved?

And the comment about 'citizens that pay their salaries'.. really? The officer pays taxes too so does that make them their own boss? And do you actually know how much of your tax dollars goes to that officer's salary?

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan


So let's get the offense right.... no crime against person here: ROBBERY

As for the chase, every "good" agency has a pursuit policy. It has to do with safety of the officer(s) and of the public. So Hooray for the PTC PD and their adherence to their standards.

And yes... I am former law enforcement.

Thank you.


You go up N. Peachtree Pkwy & the only way out is at 74 almost to Tyrone. Where did they go? BatCave in Smokerise? Radios don't work? I can't think of a worse escape route. And how many cars could there have been on the streets & highways to confuse the police of all depts?

I too wondered why they couldn't have radioed for backup to be on the lookout for the vehicle to enter Hwy 74 at Peachtree Pkwy. More than likely they were headed toward the interstate.

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If you guys think that you can police better than the current officers on staff, why don't you apply for a job with them?

I'm not sure if PTC allows ride alongs, but why don't you call and see if they do? I know FCSO has them.

I love how people are so quick to tell police officers how to do their job when they really have no clue what it is about. Policing in communities like this is often times more difficult than a department that is so busy they can't even find the time to pull a car over.

The peachmac store should have taken steps to better ensure their store wouldn't be burglarized. Did they really keep their inventory out in the open? I see security at the Avenues during the day.. where is it at night? Criminals go after the easy targets... evidently this store was an easy mark.

Don't blame the PD for what was the responsibility of the business owner.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan

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