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Steele takes a beating at Fayette GOP breakfast; Frady should resign

I want to applaud Commissioner Steve Brown on his recent presentation to the Fayette GOP. It was truly an example of truth speaking to power.

I noted commissioners Hearn and Horgan were present and both were clearly attempting to connect with the people. They would not be there if it were not for the fact they fear us, the “Take Back Fayette County” people who got Smith and Maxwell defeated in the recent elections.

Both Commissioner Brown and Commissioner Allen McCarty condemned the County Board of Commissioners’ pursuit of the West Fayetteville Bypass and rightly tagged the road as a useless special interest developer project. The crowd agreed with them.

Commissioner Brown pointed out one example after another, slide by slide, of how certain local politicians are driving our county off of a cliff.

We already know that Chairman Herb Frady, Commissioner Lee Hearn and Commissioner Robert Horgan are opposed to open government. They totally refused to pass Commissioner Brown’s proposal calling for anything the Board of Commissioners votes on in a meeting needed to be on an agenda open to the public 24 hours prior to the meeting.

There’s only one reason the three of them wouldn’t pass such an obvious good thing, and we all know why. Their actions are deceitful and don’t want the good people of Fayette County to know what they are attempting to pass without proper notice.

The mayor of Fayetteville, Ken Steele, looked like a fish out of water at the Fayette GOP meeting trying to defend his actions of past years. It was my first time to see him in person and I was not impressed.

He insisted to everyone that he opposed mass transit buses running throughout Fayette County, but Commissioner Brown wedged the mayor between a rock and a hard place by revealing the mayor voted in favor of mass transit in our county every time it came up for a vote.

Commissioner Brown also pointed out Mayor Steele voted in favor of a formula using our regional sales tax dollars from Fayette County to pay for MARTA and the other mass transit organizations in the Atlanta area.

Now I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but the people at the Fayette GOP breakfast at the IHOP, including me, were noisily expressing their distaste for Mayor Steele’s votes as our representative to the regional government. Plain and simple, this is NOT the direction we want our county moving.

The local GOP Chairman David Studdard, an attorney and former City of Atlanta police officer, gave the audience the benefit of his numerous experiences as to why we don’t want to hook into Atlanta mass transit. The audience, through their thunderous applause, agreed with Mr. Studdard.

Commissioner Brown denounced the censorship actions of Chairman Frady against him, saying the county staff acknowledged he followed all the rules and should have been allowed to speak.

In my book, Chairman Frady should receive an official reprimand and be censured by the other commissioners through the county’s ethics process. Also, in my opinion, Chairman Frady should resign as chairman. He is truly an incompetent chairman. (Notice I did not call him a buffoon.)

It did my heart good to see the people of Fayette County starting to wake up and take a stand. We’re running out of places to move. Fayette County is as good as it gets. We had better be prepared to fight the good fight and protect what we have and not let a bunch of hooligans or buffoons ruin our good thing.

David Barlow

Tyrone, Ga.



what is missing here is what inquiring minds really want to know. How was the maple syrup and did anyone use their IHOP coupons?

I guess these folks didn't need that 2nd cup a coffee after Comm. Brown got done with them, now did they?

Sounds like he's gonna do the same thing if you look at the FC BOC meeting agenda for this Thurs. evening. The last item listed is under Reports: "Commissioner Brown to to speak on matters related to the WFB, a project of legitimate County business and discussed in many prior meetings"

Just in time for Valentine's Day. Come one and all and feel the love.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Sure he should be allowed to speak, but does anyone believe he will say something new? Something that hasn't already been printed in his adoring local newspaper? I mean look at that thing that appears in the end of your driveway today - wall to wall coverage of Brown (a former or maybe still a columnist).

Once again, he is on the losing end of a very firm and established 3-2 vote. The 3 are misguided and probably trying to hide something, but Brown poking them in the eye with a stick is unlikely to produce anything other than resentment. The boy is good at grandstanding, but how does that help us?

Live free or die!

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It could be that he takes his whining to an unprecedented level.

On the other hand, should Frady get smart and take WFB off the table by defunding the remainder of the project, old Steve would certainly be at a loss. As another blogger said, if Steve doesn't have this to wail over, what would he have to contribute?

Maybe he could exhume his district voting position.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Don't tell me Brown is for district voting. I mentioned that during his campaign as a joke, but surely even Brown is smart enough to avoid that briar patch.

BTW, one of your many fans wanted you to run for Imker's seat so I added you to the viable candidate list that is posted elsewhere

Live free or die!

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Old Stevie dropped his support of district voting after he realized the political winds were not at his back. I believe it was within a year ago that he pronounced his support of the same.

Of your list the most qualified and competent, to me anyway, would be Scott Bradshaw. I personally would like to see him run as he would provide adult supervision to the "Romper Room" we have now. Other than Scott, if we could get that old curmudgeon, Spear Road Guy, to run we possible could fix the problems created over the past ten years or so.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but my priorities have changed.

I think you're saying "handicap trumps hassle!"

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Actually, I'm thinking more on the line of guiding a tractor through fields, fishing, and having more of an occassion to grab a cold one from the cooler on the porch.

It was good to see you the other day.

Ah yes, I forgot--the SC Gamble!

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It ain't much of a gamble since this particular piece of property has been in my family's name since around 1745.

But pulling a cold one from the cooler on the porch does sound enticing, now doesn't it?

I didn't mean about the property but the gamble anyone takes with organic farming. can one grow organic soybeans? Of course I endorse the "cooler/porch" approach. But coolers also function well on a boat or bankside, or pierside, along with that lawn chair! I have prior experience with each application!

Scott B. is a very nice man and intelligent enough not to run after the fiasco at the Tennis Center, and have to fight those anti-developer people!

Since everything is now dead in his business, wonder what he is doing?

Maybe Steve Brown will actually get to speak this time around. Someone from the Republican executive committee said there will be a video camera taping Old Foul Mouth Frady at the meetings.

I don't know what Morgan wants Brown to do. He's definitely fighting for the issues he campaigned on. The other bloggers are probably right and the three leftovers will bite the dust in 2012 and we will have progress.

from what I've seen and heard, not just on the blogs here, there is definitely a need for someone to call into accounting the FCBOC. Let's get all this out in the open so decisions can be made if the voters have been deceived in any way or laws broken. It's nasty, it's humiliating to some, it's a black mark of our county, but if it can get us a better govt. with more accountability, then just let's suck it up and do it.

My concern, as with others, is, once that is over with, do we have true leaders left over who can take us forward in a more positive and truthful manner to keep our county running efficiently and openly for all of us. That will be the challenge I am most concerned about.

If Chairman Frady wants to exert real leadership, he will learn to sit UP in his big leather chair and speak clearly and loudly enough that those who are there can actually HEAR what he has to say. He isn't even visible, much less audible at these meetings, which does not gather him any favor with those who take the time to show up and listen/participate. Intentional on his part? Who knows.

Mr. annex first and ask questions later is coming to the end of his rein in the center of the county.

Three cheers for Commissioner Brown for pinning his butt to the wall for lying about the mass transit.

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of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

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